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Boot Camps

2017 Boot Camps: March 14th and September 15th

Electric Impulse Boot Camps are an innovative and unique way to kick start your relevancy as a professional. We introduced boot camps to take a deep dive into one aspect of communication. Each boot camp spends three to five hours (depending on topic) learning and then applying what was learned because “it is not enough to know one must know and do.”

We will offer one 5 hour boot camp, one mini 3 hour boot camp, and our next generation boot camp: Camp Next (see details below).

Camp Next: Accelerate SUCCESS for the Next Generation of Leaders

Camp NEXT is a half-day experience for the next generation of leaders.

What: Can you imagine the boost you and your life would have if you were a 20 or 30 year old person with the expertise of someone twice your age?

With the idea of “camp for adults” we developed a new event for our NEXT generation of leaders.

This camp will focus on several topics that fit under the communication umbrella. Identify Your Value as a teenager or a college student interviewing for a specific major or internship or a new graduate entering the work place or a young adult moving up the organizational chart:

When: Saturday, May 13 from 12:00 – 5pm

* Please arrive at 12:00 for lunch

Our infamous lunch selections, snacks, take home info and gift will be provided.