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April 2013

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This newsletter includes: Lessons of the Wall

Mad Men, the AME hit series, returned for its 6th and final season this past Sunday night. The much anticipated opener was titled, The Doorway: characters go into doorways, are stopped by doorways, and are framed by doorways.

This newsletter is titled, The Wall. I am going to address lessons learned from my Wall. When I moved to my current office space, I had a wall built to create a storage section. The wall ran down the middle of my office. Three weeks ago, I had the wall removed.

  1. Stay on Your Cutting Edge
  2. Herbie's Hint
  3. Mishmash of Value:
    1. Sometimes You Need to Build Walls
    2. Sometimes You Need to Tear Down
    3. Tearing Down Can Be the Easy Part
    4. Big Vision - Small Tasks
    5. Come and See "No Wall"
  4. A Page from Natcha's Journal
  5. See and Hear Me Speak
  6. Come and Be Apart of Our Community

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I. Stay on Your Cutting Edge

I have heard about Annie Jennings for most of my career. She is a nationally known PR goddess. I am excited to have a featured post on her home page. Read my most recent post about CYT, Coach Your Own Team.

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II. Herbie's Hint

With my book, Herbie's Hints, I was going to cease this section of my newsletter. But it seems it was missed by some readers. So, what the heck. Let's hear what my Dad would think about my Wall. My Dad was of the "just tear off the Band-Aid" belief. Once he decided on something, his philosophy was just do it, long before NIKE coined the phrase. There was permission to get, and options to pursue. But once I made the decision to tear down the wall, I know he would have said, just do it.

Lesson Learned: Is there something on your list or on your mind that you can just DO?

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III. Mishmash of Value: Lessons of the Wall

1. Sometimes You Need to Build Walls

First I could not envision office space without storage. After 4 years, I could not wait to tear it down. I could not envision an office without a place to hide "stuff". Where do you hide the vacuum cleaner and all of those old tax returns? So I had a wall built to create storage space on the other side of the wall.

Lesson Learned:

Sometimes we build figurative or literal walls to keep some things out or to keep things in. Augusta, the golf club that hosts the Masters, did not allow women as members until 2012. You could say they built a figurative wall around their membership. They used to insist that all of their caddies were black. You could say they built another wall. Perhaps we need to review our walls from time to time to see which ones need to come down.

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2. Sometimes You Need to Tear Down

Somewhere in the first year in my office I started Video and You. My once perfect space started to become less than perfect. The long and narrow space was less than perfect for Video and You and the newer Master Class. When I put up the wall, these offerings had not been conceived, not a gleam in the eye. It was time to clean, carry, and configure.

Lesson Learned:

Whether it is a speech or a wall, sometimes you just have to live with something to know if it works for you. Sometimes you have to take home a dress and try it on at home to really know if it works for you. The same with a speech. I tell clients you have to "try it on" to get comfortable with it and to know what changes may need to be made. I had to live with the wall to find out I could live better without it.

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3. Tear Down Can Be the Easy Part

Mentally the decision to tear down the wall was the hard part. Really, to say YES to taking a hammer to my beloved wall was hard. But as it turns out, physically having the wall cut down was pretty easy. At least it was fast if not easy. Six hours and the wall that had valiantly stood there was gone. Often it is not the things we think are going to be difficult that are tough. And the things we think are tough end up being not so tough.

Lesson Learned:

Cutting the wall down was not so hard. Then the pieces had to be moved to one rather small dumpster. Thank goodness for spring break and a few strong boys who were not in school. Then the dust, that great dry wall dust. Through-out the process, I kept saying I had to wait until the wall was down to figure out how to use the space. Now what, the wall was down and I had no formal plan for what to do with the space other than to keep moving forward.

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4. Big Vision - Small Tasks

Many times through the process I would ask myself, WHY did I do this. Many Sundays spent painting or putting things together- thank you Moshe. I needed to stick to the vision I had for that space. How I could better help people whether at a video session or in their own one on one session or perhaps a group from one company. It would have been easier to leave things the way they were.

Lesson Learned:

Decisions take a mental toughness. A vision, a vision for your company or your career, starts big. Then you need to break it down into small tasks. And stay the course. There are always reasons to stop. Can you keep the mental toughness to keep moving forward?

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5. Come and See "No Wall"

Come and see my office without the wall. Really, come and see it. One reason I took down the wall was to be able to work with small groups of people, perhaps from your company. I can now seat, coach, present, talk and easily work with more people than I could before I had the wall cut down. Of course, there is another Honest Mirror because as you know, coaching is an Honest Mirror.

Lesson Learned:

We rely often on email, text and social media. We sometimes even convince ourselves that these forms of communication are communication. Regardless of your profession, age, or title, often there is no substitute for face-to-face. How can you add or substitute in-person in your daily or weekly life?

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IV. A Page from Natcha's Journal

Before lunchtime and late in the afternoon, Natcha hangs out by the front door of my office waiting for her friends that are going to lunch or leaving for the day. She has figured out that if she sits in the window it increases the odds that they will stop and pet her. One day Diane, our mail lady, saw her and stopped in for a doggy kiss. Natcha was so conflicted! She would not get off of her bench no matter how much Diane called her. I have taught and taught and taught Natcha to not go out of our office into the vestibule. To an unknowing Diane, she thought there was something wrong with Natcha because she did not run out of the office. It is so easy for our messages to be misunderstood.

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V. See and Hear Me Speak

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