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April 2014

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This newsletter includes: The Power of Perspectives from

  1. Herbie's Helpful Hint
  2. Ask Leslie
  3. Mishmash of Value:
    1. Opportunity and DeSean Jackson
    2. Grading Enthusiasm
    3. First Flash - 3 and 3 Rule
    4. Two Speakers-Two Choices
    5. A Different Bed for Each Guest
  4. Live and In the Person
  5. Lessons from CoachSpeak
    (temporarily The Tressel-Dennison Coaching Lessons)
  6. Come and Be a Part of Our Community

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I. Herbie's Helpful Hint

My Dad loved Oreo cookies. As some of you know, he believed that if it was any other cookie, it simply was not worth eating. For my new event, the FLASH Event, I decided to feature Oreo cookies along with my opinions. When I went to purchase the Oreos, I was shocked by the options: Oreo cookies with chocolate centers, peanut butter centers, berry centers, birthday cake centers, mint, double stuffed and then those irritating vanilla Oreos.

Lesson Learned:

As fun and fascinating as the buffet of Oreos was to behold, it would not have changed a thing. When my Dad said if it was not an Oreo it was not a cookie, I am sure he would have meant the traditional Oreo. These pink and green and brown imposters are just that, imposters. If it is not a traditional single cream Oreo, it is not a cookie. Know when to evolve your opinions and when to hold tight to a core belief: even if it is a cookie.

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II. Ask Leslie - Stay on Your Cutting Edge

Each month we will feature a new ASK LESLIE: a short video that will help you be more effective. This month's featured segment answers in roughly four minutes the ASK LESLIE question, should I use a teleprompter when speaking? Click here to hear my opinion.

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III. Mishmash of Value

1. Opportunity and DeSean Jackson

My theme this year is Opportunity Has a Shelf Life. There are many people that will tell you that there will always be another opportunity. Another opportunity to land that client, buy that dress, attend that sporting event. I will never say that. I don't believe there will always be another opportunity. Opportunity has a shelf life. Opportunity has an expiration date.

An event took place on the national sports scene that proves my theory. NFL player DeSean Jackson was mysteriously cut from the Philadelphia Eagles. Cut pretty much at the height of his career, no real reason was given. Rumors swirled and the courting of other teams began.

Lesson Learned:

It's DeSean's visit to inner-conference rival the Washington Redskins that proves my opportunity has a shelf life hypothesis. DeSean and his agent visited the team. DeSean then got on a plane but his agent stayed. According to what will become urban legend, the Redskins did not allow DeSean's agent to leave. Although a visit was scheduled to the 49'ers and other teams, Redskin management hammered out an agreement with the agent that night. DeSean was now a Redskin. The other NFL teams who expected DeSean's visit later in the week will be waiting for a very long time. He is not coming. Ever. And the reason why? Because opportunities have a shelf life.

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2. Grading Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is like pornography. While we may not be able to define it, we certainly recognize it when we see it. Or do we? There are levels of enthusiasm. There are degrees of enthusiasm. Enthusiasm may look different in different professions and at different stages of our lives. Very early in her career, Oprah walked into a hotel to register as a guest, and she broke out into song. It's hard to imagine an Oprah today calling attention to herself by singing her registration at the check-in desk.

Lesson Learned:

Recently I asked a coaching client to have work peers evaluate his enthusiasm. We all see the world through our own lens. If your enthusiasm level is a 5, to a ten that will seem low. To a one, that will seem high. Yet your enthusiasm did not change. People see us through their lens not our own. Your market, your audience; of one or one hundred, sees you through their eyes not your perspective. What grade would you give your enthusiasm?

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3. First Flash - 3 and 3 Rule

We held our first FLASH event. I would like to think it was a success! I have my clients implement the 3 and 3 rule each time they speak, host or participate. Three things they would do the same and three things they would do differently. So I applied my 3 and 3 rule to my event.

Lesson Learned:

We have 14 scheduled events in 2014. These events are on my website and we give much email notice. The idea of the Flash event is that you find out in a Flash about this event. #1 I would keep that concept, I think it is a good addition to the scheduled events. #2 I like the one hour time frame and #3 the 5pm time. I even liked the discovery of six kinds of Oreo's. I would add #1 a clipboard and paper for each participant (just in case I say something important), #2 I would divide the hour differently giving more time for all of you to talk to each other, and #3 I would probably leave Natcha home! What are your 3 and 3 for your next or last communication?

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4. How Two Speakers Owned Their Real Estate

Two speakers spoke within minutes from the same podium. The podium - their real estate - was placed on a stage four steps above the floor. Four hundred people sat in non-theatre style seating. Speaker #1 picked up the podium and placed it at floor level. As he did, he grumbled, "Can you see me?" I was in the last row. No I could not see him. Speaker #2 not only took the podium back up to the stage. She put the podium on top of a riser on the stage.

Lesson Learned:

Communication, and life, is about focusing on what you control rather than the things out of your control. Each speaker controlled the podium and they did it in such different ways. #1 chose to control his real estate so he would be seen and heard less. #2 chose to control their situation so they could be seen and heard as well as possible. Which would you choose? Do you control your real estate? Do you control it to be seen as empowered as possible?

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5. A Different Bed for Each Guest

When it comes to a bed, everyone has a different opinion. Some like a mattress that is firm, some like it soft, and some like it in-between. So imagine the challenge of hotels that try to cater to the whims of every guest. What do you do, offer a menu of beds from which a guest may choose? One hotel brand is trying to cater to the whim of each and every hotel guest. The Four Seasons partnered with Simmons to create three different mattress toppers. If a guest does not like the default mattress, they can request one of three covers that can be zipped on and off.

Lesson Learned:

As a hotel it would be a challenge to keep an inventory of multiple bed options. To keep multiple mattress cover options available seems much more do-able. All of your market has different needs and opinions as to their needs and how to fulfill those needs. How can you figuratively create "mattress cover options" for your clients, customers, patients, members, and guests?

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IV. Live and in the Person

Live: Come and Join Us Can we keynote an event for you?

April 24 Mid-Ohio ESC
May 8 Women's Council of Realtors
June 18 Brunswick Chamber of Commerce

Forum 360 with Leslie as host

Upcoming Show: The Magic of Zip Basketball
Guest: Coach Keith Dambrot, University of Akron Basketball Coach

Radio: WONE FM 97.5 Sunday 6 am, WAKR AM 1590 Sunday, 8:30 am

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V. Lessons from CoachSpeak

During Jim Tressel's 16 week class at The University of Akron, Jenny King was one of three female coaches to address our class. She spoke about Week 10. Not a huge golf fan, I thought this perhaps would be my least favorite speaker/coach. I was wrong. Two points she made I remember five months later. 1. She talked about the consequence of shaving just one shot off of each player at a tournament. She did the math, if 5 players shave off one shot each round of 4 day tournament = 20 shots. I thought that was fascinating, and similar to communication skills. While there are many tips and techniques to remember, when you can remember to implement 1, 2, or 3 they add up to make a difference.

As the head women's golf coach she said she was not a skills coach. She told us that all players have their own skills coach. Her job was more strategic. Isn't that true of any leader: of a team, a company or a country? Their job is to be more strategic.

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VI. Come and Be a Part of Our Community

We are always hosting some kind of event you can participate in for an hour or a day, in person or by phone
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