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April 2010

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This newsletter includes: The Power of Perspectives

  1. Herbie's Helpful Hint
  2. Who Said It?
  3. Mishmash of Value:
    1. What Would You See If You Looked in an Honest Mirror?
    2. What Do Hillary, Dershowitz, and Graham Have in Common?
    3. 100 Tips in 100 Days Update
    4. My Afternoon as a Lobbyist
    5. Explaining Umemployment Numbers
  4. Live and On TV
  5. Case Study:
  6. Answer

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I. Herbie's Helpful Hint (named after my Dad)

My Dad was famous for writing letters to the editor, writing his congressman, senators, and mayor. He probably holds the record for having more letters printed in the Akron Beacon Journal than any other person alive or dead. He believed Americans not only have the opportunity to express our opinion as citizens, he believed it was our obligation to express ourselves in a civil way. And since he had served in WWII in the European theatre, he did put his life on the line behind his mighty pen.

Lesson Learned:

My Dad never had the opportunity to go to "the Hill". I thought of him when I had the chance to "lobby" recently in D.C. My Dad believed we all have a voice either verbally or in writing. Are you using your voice?

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II. Who Said It?

"No one wants to read 'War and Peace' emails. Ditto 60 PowerPoint slides for a one-hour meeting."

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III. Mishmash of Value:

1. What Would You See If You Looked in an Honest Mirror?

If you're anything like me, your last gesture before leaving your bedroom each morning is a fast review in a full-length mirror. Even with that final glance, have you ever wondered what others see when they look at you? Do they see what you see both literally and figuratively? What do they see and hear when you speak? Whether you are speaking to your board, your bank, a prospect, client, media, or an interviewer, do they hear what you hear? For the whole article, click here

Lesson Learned:

At "Videotape and You", a program offered at Electric Impulse, eight strangers convene for a video session. Six months worth of improvement, education and entertainment quotas are fulfilled! Three lessons learned in the last session: 1. passion can come across as anger, 2. pay attention to your words and make sure your verbal and non-verbal reflect those words, 3. you are actually using less emphasis than you think you are using.

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2. What Do Hillary, Dershowitz, and Graham Have in Common?

At first glance, Hillary Clinton, Alan Dershowitz, and Lindsey Graham have little in common. Look again. Each were speakers at the recent AIPAC (America's Pro Israel Lobby) Conference in D.C. Each one, with a different style, was very effective. What they have in common is an understanding and an appreciation of their own unique style. Dershowitz was a professor at Harvard Law School at the age of 25. His command of language is amazing yet amazingly easy to understand. Hillary added a component to her speaking since she was a candidate. She connected at an emotional level with the audience and did it well. Graham used humor very well, which made him oh so charming.

Lesson Learned:

Each of these speakers was effective. Yet they were effective in different ways. They each understand that they need to correctly identify their value, and each has a different value to communicate. So do we. You don't have to teach at Harvard, be secretary of state, or a senator in order to add value. You just have to correctly identify, protect, and communicate your unique Inner Brilliance.

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3. 100 Tips in 100 Days Update

As a New Year's resolution, I committed to write 100 tips in 100 days, weekends excluded. I did not write them in advance. My plan was to write them as the days progressed. I am at Tip #73. The process has been interesting, fun, tedious, and unknown. Follow my tips on my Facebook page or at Leadersneedtospeak.wordpress.com or electricimpulse.wordpress.com

Lesson Learned:

Sometimes you just have to dive in, and figure out the details later. I could have waited and written the 100 tips first. Chances are it just would have never happened. What can you get started that you may be putting off?

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4. My Afternoon on the "Hill"

The grand finale of attending the AIPAC (America's Pro Israel Lobby) Conference was 7,500 descending upon the "Hill" to lobby each congressperson and senator. Workshops prepared you "to lobby". I volunteered to present one talking point with our two senators and congressman. After going to three wrong buildings, I had no time to pull out my notes or even take off my coat. I did not even know which senator's staff I was addressing. I tried to ask myself, did they look red or blue? I just had to present my point from memory when I was called to the front of the room. For the next appointment, I had five minutes trying to keep up, in 3" inch heels, running down three flights of steps, while verbally lobbying.

Lesson Learned:

There is no substitute for being prepared. You can practice a presentation, speech, or conversation. And then life happens. Your job is to be prepared. Develop the confidence and understanding that while speaking circumstances are rarely perfect, you can re-calculate and you will succeed in moving your agenda forward.

5. Explaining Unemployment

The last few weeks I have been interviewing for a new assistant. I now know, with observable measurable evidence, that 5% of the 10% who are unemployed are unemployed for a reason. Some were going through the motions of sending resumes, some told me how the employment would help them, few, very few, had follow up.

Lesson Learned:

I have always said the interview process is a communication journey. Few interviewees communicated their value effectively. Like any communication challenge, it really is easy to stand out with a few simple steps. Make sure your objective matches the job opening and a written thank you note still makes a huge impression. What a concept.

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IV. Tiger Talks

What happened: For five months Tiger refused to talk to the media on their grounds, an open forum with reporters. He has always been able to control the message, and kept trying. He said his life was private, much of the world did not agree with the world's #1 branding icon.

What He Did: He succumbed to pressure from the Master's to conduct an interview. Even though the Master's is a Pro-safe environment, he did answer questions for thirty minutes.

What We Learn: Within minutes of the end of the long awaited press conference, it was a non issue. No one on sports radio was talking about it. It barely made the cable news. It was not holding this conference that was a story, not the conference. The communication lesson is: face it fast.

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V. On TV and Live

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VI. Answer

Guy Kawasaki, managing director Garage Technology Ventures.

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