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 This newsletter includes: The Power of Perspectives
 I. Herbie's Helpful Hint   
II. Who Said It?
III. Mishmash of Value:
1. Listen Up Young Leaders
2. An Unusual, Unorthodox, Untraditional Update
3. Letter to Bernie Kosar
V. Live and On TV 
VI. Answer
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 I.  Herbie's Helpful Hint (named after my Dad)
My Dad used to say that if my sister or I came home from school with a poor grade,
we would not be punished. Why you might ask? Because, he would say, the walk 
home with the anticipated news would be punishment enough.
Lesson Learned:  Recently, a CEO shared with me that a member of his team had tried to hide from the CEO bad news about a prospective client. Although the walk home was a long one, I never thought about not sharing my report card with my parents. Do the members of your team willingly share news-both good and bad-with you?
II. Who Said It? 
"No one circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills."
III. Mishmash of Value
1. Listen Up Young Leaders
Members of Gen Y are kind of like the weather. Everyone complains about them, but no one can do anything. Gen Y is approximately between the ages of 17-29.  They are our next generation of leaders. Imagine for a minute life from their perspective. They have been handed what I refer to as a post bailout world.
Lesson Learned: Can you imagine graduating to a marketplace that is not hiring? 
Or not hiring in the number and at the salary that it was a few years ago?  I wanted to tell young people, Gen Y, all the good about the world today. Think about it, they have not lost money because they did not make money, yet! Are they privileged but heavily burdened, or burdened but heavily privileged?
They need to select jobs where they can learn, select people around whom they can learn, and be ready.
2. An Unusual, Unorthodox, Untraditional Update
The request came from a long time client and sometimes advisor. "Leslie", he said, 
 "I didn't know you coached anything other than speeches. You should write in your newsletter about the other ways you assist people in reaching their goals."He did not know the different aspects of my business. So I'm taking his advice and in an unprecedented use of my newsletter, sharing with you my own lessons learned about my own business (that may apply to you.).
Lesson Learned:  No one wakes up in the morning with the goal to make our day, 

to give us business, to get us on their agenda. It is up to us to do the heavy lifting. I choose to use many avenues to get my message out:  this newsletter, writing monthly for Affluent magazine, quoted as an expert on various leadership and communication topics, the Happy Hour Club, hosting a live TV show, being a professional speaker. This client suggested that  I share what I do and how what I do improves individual and company performance.
a.   I think therefore I Coach
The philosopher Descartes said, I think therefore I am. I would twist it to say,  I think therefore I coach, about anything that has to do with communication. You can't lead if you can't communicate, and if you can't communicate, you can't lead. Period. I help people move an agenda forward in one-to-one situations, small group, informal and formal. If you need more presence or to perfect a  presentation, a stellar resume or to rise up above competitors, coaching works faster than anything else to improve performance.
b.  I think therefore I Speak
Whether the audience is your company, local or national association, I challenge the audience think differently. I don't believe in motivational speakers. I do believe in giving audience members speicifc, practical steps they can take to identify and develop their value.  It's rarely about being a good accountant or attorney, it is about your ability to discuss how your being a good accountant adds value to your prospects and clients.
c.  I think therefore I Strategize
Sometimes you need to get feedback from an outside perspective. The people in your organization often "drink the same kool-aid", have the same perspective. There is a great value in strategizing with someone who has the same perspective as your clients or prospects NOT your same perspective. Where do you find someone to think with, someone you can trust?

The request came from a long time client and sometimes advisor. "Leslie", he said, "I didn't know you coached anything other than speeches. You should write in your newsletter about the other ways you assist people in reaching their goals." Thanks Bill.
3. Letter to Bernie Kosar
A client is a good friend of Bernie Kosar, A REALLY good friend. This friend mentioned he was going to see Bernie that weekend, which happened to be the weekend after Bernie had filed bankruptcy. I asked my client if he would give a letter to Bernie that I wanted to write. He assured me that he would deliver it in person to Northeast Ohio's favorite QB.
Lesson Learned: Now that I knew it would be delivered, what did I want to say?
Think about it, if you knew you could write a letter to a person you always admired, hated, or whatever, AND you knew it would be delivered, what would you say? It was a very interesting exercise on my part, to decide with the scalpel of clarity what I wanted to say. If you never send it, deliver it, if it is never read, it is a very interesting exercise for you to undergo.
IV. On TV and Live
TV--Forum 360 with Leslie as host on Time/Warner
Upcoming Shows: Cleveland Indians shows taped at Progressive Field
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August 18          Cleveland Indian's Wives
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VI. Answer 
Chris Berman, played to the crowd at the 2009 Pro Football Hall of Fame inductions by asking them to recite their favorite catchphrase with him.
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