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August 2011

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This newsletter includes: The Power of Perspectives

  1. Herbie's Helpful Hint
  2. New ASK LESLIE on Homepage
  3. Mishmash of Value:
    1. Leslie and The New York Times
    2. Civility Died at Bob Evans
    3. Cupcakes Not Always Just Dessert
    4. Big Marketing Budget Envy
    5. The Death of 2-a Days
  4. Live and On TV
  5. Come and Be Apart of Our Community

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I. Herbie's Helpful Hint (named after my Dad)

My Dad used to say, it doesn't matter how your name is spelled as long as someone is talking about you. Recently at the Cleveland City Club, I asked OSU President Gordon E. Gee a question and did not first introduce myself. So when the exchange was sited in THE NEW YORK TIMES, I am simply described as "a woman"! Even if they would have spelled my name wrong, it would have been better than "a woman".

"In Cleveland, Gee attempted to lighten the mood with humor typical of his tenure, his crutch for extreme discomfort. A woman told Gee her father had been a water boy for the football team years ago. "I'll probably be one next year," he said. Nervous laughter followed."

See #1 below for details of the question and answer.

Lesson Learned:

In communication we control 3 and only 3 things. In life we control the same 3: ourselves, what we say, and our environment to a degree. I could not have controlled whether or not The New York Times used my name, but I could have controlled that I introduced myself before I asked my question.

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II. New ASK LESLIE on Homepage

Each month we are featuring a new ASK LESLIE on my website's homepage. This month's featured segment is 2:17 seconds chock full of helpful information on how to answer the dreaded "So What Do You Do" question. Click here to hear three specific, brief, practical steps that you can implement each time you answer the question. http://electricimpulse.com/ Each ASK LESLIE video segment is also on my You Tube channel

One of my Ask Leslie segments is on my home page. Additionally all Ask Leslie segments are on my You Tube channel. I would like to draw your attention to the segment that answers the often dreaded, "so what do you do question". You are asked this question at networking events, on an airplane, at your kid's ball game. How do you answer effectively? What can you accomplish with an answer? How long do you take to answer? Click here to become an expert in 2 minutes

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III. Mishmash of Value:

1. Leslie and The New York Times

Early in his comments, OSU President Gordon Gee referenced "a world class system of compliance". My question, what specific steps did OSU take to attain this world class system. His answer stunned me. He said the system had not been broken, the people were broken. Compliance people stopped after one question. They did not dig deep enough with the second and third questions.

Lesson Learned:

Anyone that has worked with me in a coaching relationship knows that I talk about the follow up question. In a perfect world, you need to ask two follow up questions to each question to know you got a truthful, consistent answer. Framing the question allows you to get both specific answers and identify consistency in answers. My Rules of Communication obviously apply to all forms of communication, even compliance interviews.

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2. Civility Died at Bob Evans

Early one morning I went to Bob Evans for a breakfast meeting. Half-way through the meeting I realized I had lost an earring. Later that day I stopped back at Bob Evans to if my earring had been found. The hostess told me to go check the booth. A woman was sitting in my place, a very empty plate in front of her. When I explained that I was looking for an earring, she refused to get up

Lesson Learned:

You hear about it, but when you actually see the loss of civility take place in front of your eyes, it is still shocking. Can you imagine someone asking for your help, and you refusing? Whoever the woman was, and I have blocked her out of my mind, did her refusal to look around her seat, protect her value?

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3. Cupcakes Not Always Just Dessert

Many of you know that I am a fan and loyal to Whiteflower cupcakes I found myself in Hudson one day and ended up being disloyal to Whiteflower. I bought cupcakes at Hudson's cupcake shop! Let's just say that their customer service fell far short of customer delight.

Lesson Learned:

We protect the value of our product or ideas in ways that have little to do with the actual product. The owner and staff service spoiled my cupcake experience. My "bad taste" had nothing whatsoever to do with "taste". Their communication did not protect the value of their cupcakes. Does your communication protect your product or idea?

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4. Big Marketing Budget Envy

For our July Happy Hour Event we partnered with Earth Fare, The Healthy Supermarket. The W. Market store is the chain's first store north of Tennessee. Brandi Neloms, Community Relations Director, shared the store's marketing philosophy and numbers. Her monthly marketing budget is $500. They don't buy ads. What they do is leverage social media and face-to-face communication.

Lesson Learned:

I think most of us have fantasized about an unlimited marketing budget. And have probably thought about what we would do if we had the budgets that we think others have with which to market. Maybe it is just budget envy. Here is a large retail venue with an annual marketing budget that isn't worth all that much envy. And they have made a pretty large footprint in a small amount of time. Maybe the time we spend on envy we could spend on leveraging the marketing we could be doing to communicate our value.

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5. The Death of 2- A Days

I am sad to see the death of 2-adays in the NFL. They became a casualty of the agreement signed after the recent lock-out. 2-adays are part of the fabric of the American sports culture. To this day I remember stories from high school football players about the infamous 2-adays.

Lesson Learned:

Maybe 2-adays needed to go. But what does it say about our culture when it is banned at the pro level while 2-adays live on at the college and high school level. I am sad to see the passing of an American Icon. Maybe there is no lesson.

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IV. On TV and Live

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