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August 2013

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This newsletter includes: The Power of Perspectives from The Browns Training Camp

  1. Herbie's Helpful Hint
  2. Ask Leslie - Stay on Your Cutting Edge
  3. Mishmash of Value:
    1. Make it an Event
    2. Who is Giving You Water?
    3. Orange Shoes
    4. Red Shirted Players
    5. Always something new
  4. Live and In the Person
  5. A Page from Natcha's Journals
  6. Come and Be a Part of Our Community

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I. Herbie's Helpful Hint

My Dad believed in the test drive. He insisted on test driving a car for a week-end not an hour. I kept this in mind when the lack of sun this summer pushed me to test drive a solution to solve my problem: how to get tanned legs when there was no sun. I discovered a whole new niche market of product to solve this problem. What I learned through my "test drives" is that all products are not created equal. I tried four different products: some color but do not cover, some cover flaws but do not tan. Some do both. Some ended up more on my exercise mat than on my legs!

Lesson Learned: All products, all professions and all professionals are not created equal. All lawyers or CPA's are not the same. Sometimes we need to "test drive" a product, a person or a company to find its strengths and test the fit.

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II. New Ask Leslie Video - Leslie's Rant

There are simple basics to beginning a speech. Right? But simple is not easy. The question is what makes a Wow a Wow? Click here to find out what makes a wow in my next Ask Leslie.

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III. Mishmash of Value

My first two cars were Orange and Brown. Not great colors for a car, but great colors for a Browns fan. My first real purchase when I started working was two Browns season tickets. I was both an official Browns Supporter and an unofficial Browns supporter who really was at the 4th longest NFL game ever, the January 3, 1987 - AFC Divisional Playoff Game. Here are my perspectives from an in-person attendance at the Browns Training Camp.

1. Make it an Event

I finally made it to the Brown's Training Camp which is open to the public. "Park at BW and walk" were the instructions posted on the Browns website. The walk to the Training Facility added to the carnival-like atmosphere. The Browns, and all NFL teams, have made the boring sameness of practice into a Big Event: concessions, Food Trucks, Browns paraphernalia, toddlers in Haden jerseys and Pittsburgh haters in abundance. They even conjured up sunshine on the day I was there.

Lesson Learned:

You can make anything an event, even Practice. Players don't even like practice. Footnote Allen Iverson's infamous, "practice, you mean practice?" The NFL jumped upon the opportunity to attract fans, extend the season, solidify support, and raise the profile of football in a season of baseball and golf. If mundane practice can be made into an event, what can you do to make an event in your business, profession, or industry?

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2. Who is Giving You Water?

I walked out of an office building one evening, straight past a carpenter type person working between wooden horses and lots of sawdust. I first wondered why he was still working. After a second glance I wondered why a one armed guy was a carpenter. I tried to mind my own business and continue to the car. Once there I turned around to ask the question.

Lesson Learned:

We all need something and someone to help us get what we need to be effective, successful, or at least quenched. So the question is who in your life is squirting water or handing water to you?

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3. Orange Shoes

As I looked out over the field, the players that first stood out were the players wearing orange shoes. Most players were covered in head to toe brown. The orange shoes were easy to see and seemed to make the feet move faster. Between players, coaches, support staff and security there was 80-100 people on the oversize field.

Lesson Learned:

At closer inspection,Joe Haden was one of the only players wearing orange shows. No matter your profession or wardrobe limitations, you can always figure out a way to stand out. What is yours?

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4. Red Shirted players

I did not want to leave until I saw QB Brandon Weeden with my own eyes. I scanned the horizon endlessly. With players the size of Barcevious Mingus it is difficult to see through them or past them. Looking for Weeden was like looking for this tall thin blond match among a field of fire hydrants. And then suddenly the players parted like the red sea and there he was, standing in a red jersey.

Lesson Learned:

Because there are so few quarterbacks, it is difficult to find them in a sea of orange and brown. Once I figured out to look for the red jerseys, it was easy. At some spas, first timers are given a different color robe so personnel are especially nice to them. Is there a way in your profession to literally or figuratively give people different color jerseys? Is it a help to differentiate your clients, vendors, or professional resources?

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5. Equal is Not Equal

Trent Richardson gets treated differently than Montario Hardesty. Richardson missed the first pre-season game and gets excused from practice on what seems like a regular basis. Seems as though Hardesty is holding onto his job by his shoestrings. Joe Haden gets treated differently than fellow DB Josh Aubrey. Every move and non-move of Brandon Weedon seems to be under the microscope. Other players exist way off the radar screen. That is just life on a team.

Lesson Learned:

Whatever the sport, players are not treated the same. The bigger question is not whether they are treated the same, is the treatment consistent? All players, employees, and students do not have to be treated the same. The treatment needs to be consistent. How consistent are you in your business and your career?

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IV. Live and in the Person

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V. The Natcha's Journals

Natcha has been in some kind of doggy obedience school for 12 of the 21 months she has been an American citizen. The latest classes we have attended are called "Tricks" to teach tricks rather than traditional obedience. It is part of my bigger strategy to keep her mind engaged in a positive way rather than undirected or misdirected negative energy. Aren't we all concerned with finding constructive professional development? Whether or not our professions require it, don't we benefit from continuing to learn, to challenge ourselves, to learn non-traditional lessons or in non-traditional ways?

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