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August 2014

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This newsletter includes: The Power of Perspectives

  1. Herbie's Helpful Hint
  2. New ASK LESLIE Videos
  3. Mishmash of Value:
    1. Purposeful: is the Word of the Decade
    2. How to Decide Value in the Corporate World
    3. Communication is Hard Work
    4. Simple is Not Easy
    5. How to Leverage Humor
  4. Live and on TV
  5. Come and Be a Part of Our Community
  6. NFL Hall of Fame Speeches

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I. Herbie's Helpful Hint

As you read this month's newsletter, I am at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanob, Utah. The 4-hour drive from Las Vegas is a reason why it has taken me this long to get to what I am sure will be heaven on Earth for me, and what is heaven for the 980 rescued animals of all kinds from dogs to horses to sheep to rabbits to goats to pigs that currently inhabit the 2,000 acres of sanctuary.

My Dad would say, what took you so long? He believed in "doing" what you really wanted to do and figuring out the "how' later. I remember the night he said he was going to the drug store and came back hours later with the first color TV of anyone in the neighborhood. He believed that we needed to have the TV and he would figure out the later how to pay for it.

Lesson Learned: I wanted to go to Best Friends for a long time. It is not easy to get there, can't just fly in and out. Finally I just decided to figure out a way to make it happen. My Dad thought that way long before Nike said it.

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II. Ask Leslie - I Just Cooked Up a New Batch of Chocolate Chip Videos

Every 18 months or so I make a new batch of videos for this newsletter, my YouTube channel, Facebook, and a myriad of other ways to get this information to you and people that don't even know they need my words of wisdom. We call this ASK LESLIE: each is a short video that will help you be more effective.

The process takes months from the time I select the topics, write the content, re-write the content, edit the content, select more than ten wardrobe changes-a different look for each video, different earrings, necklaces, rings, plan make-up and hair and so many other tasks to be as ready as possible for the taping. Then the videos need to be titled, graphics added, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera as Yul Brynner said in the King and I.

We are releasing these bright and shiny new 2014 videos all at the same time on YouTube and then will highlight each one through-out the year in this newsletter.

Click here to see the new videos on YouTube!

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III. Mishmash of Value

We spread out the ASK LESLIE videos every other month and intersperse blogs and podcasts in-between them. Here are five 2013 videos that we have yet to highlight in my newsletter. Please click on each one or the one that most appeals to you. This is like our mid New Year: out with the old and in with the new.

1. Purposeful is the Word of the Decade

You can choose to be purposeful in your communication or you can be the buoy on the ocean bobbing up and down waiting for the forceful direction of the next wave. There are three ways you can be purposeful in your communication: gestures, your words and in your visual.

Lesson Learned:

When you watch this video you will quickly learn the importance of your value and how to communicate that value in a purposeful way.

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2. How Do You Decide Value in the Corporate World?

Here's a business Rubik's cube. A company has three equal partners: The partner bringing in the business, the partner who does the business, and the partner who arranges the finances. Which one brings the most value? The correct answer is that it depends. It depends on where in the business cycle the business is in.

Lesson Learned:

Where in the cycle is your business? Are you bringing the value that is most needed at this time?

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3. Communication is Hard Work

One observation I hear consistently from clients, "I didn't realize how hard this communication stuff is." Communication is hard work, there is no substitute. Whether you are preparing to lead a team or a meeting, giving a presentation in a ballroom or a board meeting, communication is hard work.

Lesson Learned:

The good news is you are not a slow learner; the bad news is it takes work. Kate Upton, 4-time Sports Illustrated swim suit model said every shoot got easier. It will for you too after you watch this video.

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4. Simple is Not Easy

In communication we talk, coach, and instruct many times in 3's. While these 3's may seem as simple as 1-2-3, simple is not easy. Perhaps that is why people are often surprised by how much work is involved in communication. Simple is not easy.

Lesson Learned:

Your road, your journey to being a more effective you, will accelerate when you embrace the simple truth that simple is not easy.

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5. How to Leverage Humor: From an Anti-Humor Point of View

When you hear me talk about humor, you might think I was Scrooge or the anti- humorist. I am not against humor; I am against amateur speakers telling jokes. So what is the answer? How do you provide lighter moments without telling jokes? How do you provide lighter moments without hurting your own value? You do it by telling stories. YES to humor NO to telling jokes.

Lesson Learned:

Humor is a great way to connect with an audience. Jokes are not. Watch this video and you will remember: YES to humor and NO to telling jokes.

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IV. Live and On TV

Live: Come and Join Us Can we keynote an event for you?

September 13 Hudson Job Search Retreat October 17 Executive Networking Keynote

Forum 360 with Leslie as Moderator

We are excited to announce that this Fall we will be back on TV on PBS - channels 45 and 49. Stay tuned for more details. We will also remain on the radio thanks to Rubber City Radio Group. One of my favorite upcoming shows is with a Cleveland resident who was one of the attorneys on the Warren Commission!

Upcoming Shows:

Making Your House Safer - airs on July 20
Guest: Mike Clar, Bath Police Officer

Radio: WONE FM 97.5 Sunday 6 am, WAKR AM 1590 Sunday, 8:30 am

**Past shows can be seen my Website.**

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V. Come and Be a Part of Our Community

We are always hosting some kind of event you can participate in for an hour or a day, in person or by phone
*Follow Leslie on Twitter for discounts to all offerings!*

August 28 at 4 PM Teleseminar CoachSpeak
**Follow Leslie on Twitter for FREE ATTENDANCE to the teleseminar!
Ask questions during the call with #SeeUrValue

September 19 - HorseTalk: Lessons in Leadership
A horse is the best mirror of your communication and leadership skills that you will ever have the opportunity to see your reflection. Join a unique group of people- no riding or horse experience necessary or even helpful.

October 2 - Video and You Happy Hour
Join us and see how other people see you. You will have the ability to learn by both doing and observing. Eat, meet and greet at the happy hour of 5 o'clock.

October 30 - Master Class: Leverage Your Opportunity
The process is simple: total immersion in one 4-hour class. The goal is attainable: catapult 2 or 3 levels of excellence to a place of expertise you did not know you could get to so fast.

Email us at Leslie@electricimpulse.com for further information or to RSVP to one of our events. For more information visit our website at www.electricimpulse.com

Opportunities Have a Shelf Life . . .

       What You Need For Success in 2014!

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VI. NFL Hall of Fame Speeches

If you look at the enshrines through one lens, you could say this is their moment and they should be able to speak for as long as they want. If you look at the enshrines through another lens, they have to follow the rules of communication just like anyone else including presidents. Each inductee is given a ten minute time limit. Apparently they actually can take as long as they want.

Four minute clips are going to be made of each speech anyways. My vote for best speech this year, although they all had some highlights, is Chris Carter. Because his energy trumped all others. Skills, and stories and heartfelt sentiments being equal, energy wins.

So the question becomes since it is after all - all about them - can they take as long as they want? The answer in my world, is NO. It is not fair to those in attendance who have made plans, or have long drives ahead. It is not fair to the enshrines that follow the long winded ones, and it makes for a weaker speech. The rules are the rules and they need to be followed by all.

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