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December 2010

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This newsletter includes: A Special Holiday Wish

In place of the normal format for my monthly newsletter I want to share with you one story. Just one true story. This story represents the value of effective coaching, holiday cheer, the meaning of the holidays, whatever holiday you observe, the celebration of the New Year and the new beginning that a New Year marks for all of us.

From Homeless to Therapist

A little over two years ago I met a Pit Bull named Harmony. My experience with Pit Bulls has always been very positive so I look forward to meeting a Pit Bull. Harmony was at the Greater Akron Humane Society, Paws-ibiities, waiting for her forever home.

I was hosting a TV show on the Humane Society and Harmony laid across my feet the entire show. She was a furry angel in a Pit Bull body. During the show I made a couple of pleas to the viewing audience on Harmony's behalf. I asked the Executive Director to let me know if Harmony did get her forever home.

A few months later I got a call. The paperwork had been completed for Harmony to get a real home. I was thrilled. I thought that was the end of the story.

Fast forward 24 months. Last week I walked into a meeting and saw a honey brown Pit Bull. As always, I asked the dog's name. It was Harmony. I said, "Harmony was a guest on my show two years ago." Harmony's owner looked at me with caution. He said, "I have owned her for two years." I said, "I know exactly when you adopted her!"

Harmony is now not only adopted and a member of her family in her forever home, she is a certified therapy dog. This makes her a four-legged therapist with a wet kiss!

Lesson Learned:

People and dogs need opportunity, additional chances, someone to believe in them and effective instruction. Then they can soar.

Wishing You a Magical Holiday and New Year!

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