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December 2014

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This newsletter includes: The Power of Perspectives as Seen Through Treasures

  1. Herbie's Helpful Hint
  2. ASK LESLIE - Stay On Your Cutting Edge
  3. Mishmash of Value:
    1. Hollywood Came for Two Nights
    2. A Good Idea That Went Awry
    3. McDonald's Bruised Their Brand
    4. Know When to Fold 'Em
    5. Tech Meets the Very Traditional
  4. Live and In Person
  5. Lessons from CoachSpeak
  6. Come and Be a Part of Our Community

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I. Herbie's Helpful Hint

My dad had a nephew. When it came to this nephew, my dad kept waiting. Waiting until he went to college and then he would acquire what we now refer to as executive presence. Then he waited until he got his first job after college. Then he thought it would happen after he got married or after a promotion or after something. Presence is not an easy concept for anyone to acquire. One thing is sure; you can't just wait for it to find you. There are steps you can take to acquire a presence that is listened to so you have input at the table or whenever and wherever you want to have it.

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II. Ask Leslie - Stay On Your Cutting Edge

As you may know, Video and You is an event that we created a few years ago. Last year, we added a December session with the intent that people could give the session as a gift to themselves or give it as a gift, a unique gift, to someone important to them. That was the idea anyway, but we had no idea how the idea would fare in the busy month of December. Both last year, and this second year, this particular video session has been the fastest booking session of the year.

We also offer individual sessions. Watch below to get the idea of what happens at a one-on-one video session.

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III. Mishmash of Value

1. Hollywood Came for Two Nights

Puerto Vallarta is a tourist town with many seasonal and permanent x-patriots. Two years ago some theatre type people opened a little theatre holding 150 seats. It was struggling, nearly on the brink of closing, when a blonde woman rushed in looking for the owner. The woman was actress Linda Purl. She asked what she could do to help the financial situation. One week ago she and her friend actor Gregory Harrison performed two nights of Love Letters as a fundraiser for the theatre.

Lesson Learned:

Who would think that two Hollywood type actors would come to the south side of Puerto Vallarta and perform for free in a play? I remember Linda Purl as Matlock's daughter in the Andy Griffith southern lawyer show, and Gregory Harrison as Trapper John at the very start of his career. Maybe we all need to learn to think BIGGER. If two actors could come to this little theatre tucked away behind nowhere, what can you do to get the results you want or need to get?

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2. A Good Idea That Went Awry

The beach walkway in downtown Vallarta is called the Malacan: the ocean on one side and a street and stores on the other side. The street is one of only a few that went through town so you dodged cars in order to go shopping. Is there a more noble death than death for shopping? For several years store owners wanted the street on the Malacan to be closed to cars so it would become a walking area, a haven for tourists especially people on a layover from a cruise ship eager to spend money.

Lesson Learned:

That is not what happened. After years of work on the area, the Malacan was closed to cars. And the shops started to shrivel and die. One by one they closed. Some moved to the other side of town, the side that used to be the step child. Closed store fronts became restaurants and bars. And now the Malacon is not family friendly for parents and young children to stroll after dinner. What might not end up the way you think it will?

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3. McDonald's Bruised Their Brand

In early morning the city is home to walkers, runners, dog owners, skateboarders and surfers. About a mile walk from any direction brings you to the centrally located McDonald's. When you have to use a restroom, those arches are so welcoming. This year they made a new rule; bathroom for customers only. For 16 years anyone could use the facility. Now it is guarded more seriously than Fort Knox.

Lesson Learned:

Here's the funny thing. When it was free, we almost always got their ice cream cone after using the facility. Now that we have to purchase, we -the tourists-feel as though our American icon let us down. In a strange land it was a friend, a beacon from afar. Is it really worth it? Labor is cheap so to pay someone as guard is not expensive. But was it worth it to their brand? The arches were always welcoming. To thank them we purchased. Now they truly do seem like the ugly American. Are you being penny wise and pound foolish in any way?

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4. Know When to Fold 'Em

Six years ago there was a painting that Moshe liked. The woman, hopefully not the owner, held her price. It became a joke; every time we went to Vallarta we would go and see if that painting was still hanging on the wall unsold. This year the store moved, downsized and still dragged that painting with it. Here is the funniest part, same woman and she still does not want to negotiate. Perhaps it is time for someone to yell UNCLE or just walk away.

Lesson Learned:

Is there a moral victory to keeping a product for six years? Do we get too involved in winning rather than selling?

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5. Tech Meets the Very Traditional

The flea markets of Vallarta remain unchanged since we annexed California. Like the shuk in the Middle East, each vendor lords over a small 10 x10 area of often similar can't live without stuff. "Almost free" they offer to entice you to spend a small amount of time or money in their "stall". While the flea markets are under roof there is no air conditioning and no banyo or bathroom. So imagine my surprise when I saw one of the traditional stalls converted to an Internet offering.

Lesson Learned:

Among the piƱatas and pearls, genuine of course, was a makeshift table offering Internet time by the minute. Vallarta has its share of Internet cafes like most tourist destinations. What surprised me was its location right in the middle of the shuk styled flea market. The newest technology next to the most traditional way of conducting commerce. The flea market transaction begs for barter. Try bartering with a computer. The juxtaposition was startling. How can you use new technology next to something traditional?

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IV. Live and In Person

Live: Come and Join Us Can we keynote an event for you?

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V. Lessons from CoachSpeak

The Ohio State season began with a bang, not the good kind. The starting quarterback went down to injury. The loss to VCU was a bang too, seemingly killing any chances for the Buckeyes to do anything in their own conference let alone in a bowl game. Then in the next man up theory, the next quarterback was amazing. Then bang he went down. OSU stood poised for a Big Ten championship; trying to break into the top four to play for a national championship . . . with a third string quarterback. Through this whole season all the head coach had to say was the next man up theory, the next man will be ready.

Really, that's it? You lost your Heisman candidate, lost who was playing better than your Heisman candidate, your recruit, your secret weapon, and that's it, next man up? That is CoachSpeak.

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VI. Come and Be a Part of Our Community

We are always hosting some kind of event you can participate in for an hour or a day, in person or by phone
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December 16 Final Video and You of the Year Happy Hour
This is a unique opportunity to be taped, see yourself as others see you, make changes, then see improvement . . . all in two hours with dinner! This will be a special video opportunity because you can buy it for yourself as a gift or give this experience as a gift!

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