Electric Impulse Communications, Inc. Newsletter

December 2003

  1. The Holidays and Presentation Skills
  2. Jay Leno In Akron
  3. Live and On TV

I. The Holidays and Presentation Skills

1. The Holidays Showcase Individual Strengths


To successfully position yourself in your field first you need to gain an honest assessment of your strong points:
as an individual and as a company.
Santa has correctly positioned himself as the jolly fat guy.
Imagine if Santa went to Dr. Phil, Oprah, or his family doctor seeking advice on his physique.
“Get real, eat heart healthy, start an exercise regimen” might  be responses he would hear.
Santa on a weight loss plan would lose popularity because his looks and his perceived joviality are two of his strong points.
The skinny European version of St. Nick has never gained popularity in this country.

What presentation lessons can we learn from a fat Santa?
We need to identify what it is people want from us and fulfill that need. If you are a banker, what does a client most?
Does a client want the best rate or the convenience of picking up the phone and moving money from one account to another without an appointment and a signature?

Do you know what your prospects and clients are REALLY buying from you? NEWSFLASH: They are buying VALUE not price.

Santa provides the value of past holiday memories and the hope of mystical future ones. He symbolizes goodness and joy and authenticity. What do you represent?

2. The Holidays Showcase Team Effort

Santa is the front man,
but where would he be without his REINDEER?
Rudolph gets the most copy, but could he pull Santa all by himself?
And Chanukah tells the story of the Maccabees not one Maccabee!

The holidays are an appropriate time to acknowledge the team behind and with you. Whether you are RUDOLPH OR  BLITZEN, every leader needs a team and every team needs a leader.

Your clients benefit when you embrace and present this concept because they know that the problem you are going to solve for them:

finding the best mortgage rate,
the house of their dreams,
the best insurance policy, 

will be solved with the help of your team.

3. The Holidays Use Pizzazz

Can you picture a Thanksgiving without the smells of dinner?
Or Christmas without carols?
Or a beautifully wrapped present that you could not touch?
The holidays use all of our senses: smell, taste, hearing, seeing, touching.
Do your presentations use multiple senses? 
How can you add the use of one more sense to a presentation?

Didn't the sleigh always make noise on the roof? 
Rudolph's nose is always bright red, you can picture the stork carrying the New Year's baby. . . All have pizzazz, and we love and remember the story through the pizzazz. Your job is adding enough pizzazz to be remembered and doit with an air of nonchalance.

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Jay Leno was in Akron as part of the first Akron Marathon festivities. WOW-did I observe a lot about presentation skills from him.  Now, you might say I am being picky, a normal audience member would not observe the specific things I will comment on.

You are probably right. BUT-a normal person in the audience would know the final outcome: was he funny or not. Just as you know whether a speaker is interesting or not, whether or not they keep you awake. Even if you don’t know WHY.The MAGIC is always in the “WHYS”!

After the monologue, I conducted my own very scientific exit poll. While people     said it was a nice night out, a night without kids, a nice way to end a very     successful first marathon, no one I interviewed raved about Leno.

Now I will tell you WHY.

1. HIS HUMOR WAS NOT PERSONALIZED TO THE AUDIENCE.                                               Except for his first remarks to Mayor Plusquellic, his comments could have been made anywhere in America. He talked about Jeffrey Daumer, without knowing he was from this area.  If his staff would have done their homework, they could have found many people or events on which to comment: LeBron, Purell, even Kucinich.                                   

Remember, the microphone is your friend. Leno held it by his waist. Consequently, it was very difficult to hear.  I know people around me were struggling to hear every word. And in a story,  if you miss an important word . . . you miss the joke.It is the responsibility of the speaker to make sure their audience hears the message. An effective speaker has to also keep in mind  other factors that effect their success:  

* this audience was made up of some runners and coaches from other countries. English is not their first language. The more difficult it is to hear, the more difficult  is is to “get the joke”.

* The evening was a celebration. Alchohol was served. As a speaker you have to know that this means that people may talk more to each other. Which means it is even more important to hold the microphone close to your mouth.

3. DID NOT PASS THE “WHY ME” TEST                                                                               Any speaker has to know and communicate WHY they were selected: what unique message do they have to communicate? While Leno was known before he became The TONIGHT SHOW Host, he is now known for that reason. Yet he did not talk about the show, the guests, what happens during commercial break, guests he would like to have, how he prepares, what makes for a “good” guest, embarrassing moments, questions he would have liked to have asked but didn’t.

Instead he resorted to old events such as OJ. Surely there is more current news that is of interest. While he talked about his parents in a lengthy bit on aging, we later found out that his parents died several years ago. Many of you have heard me quote Patricia Fripp that the art is in hiding the art. Using his parents may have been a rhetorical device to connect with his audience

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II. Live and On TV

Nordonia Chamber of Commerce  January 8, 2004
Noon at The Hometown Buffet



PRESENTATIONS THAT ROCK:  Thursday, MARCH 4, 2004 8:30- 11:30

These seminars are open to the public and are held at:
Homebuilders of America (HBA)
799 White Pond Dr. Email or call Dianne/HBA
330 869-6800 OR dianneb@akronhba.com

Civic Forum on the Air   - TIME WARNER CHANEL 23  Moderator Leslie G. Ungar

LAND: Preserving Our Future
Airs December 29-January 4
Guests: Chris Bunch, Elaine March, Amalie Lipstreu

Juvenile Diabetes
Guests:Stephanie Treubig, Mark Syroney, Bob Brecht
Re-inventing Your Business
Guests: Rachel Torchia, Norma Rist

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