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December 2004

  1. 5 Business Lessons from Puerto Vallarta
  2. A Traditional Look at SANTA
  3. Live and On TV

I. 5 Business Lessons from Puerto Vallarta

Gallery Uno has an open air ceiling and several open windows.  One night as I walked by the closed gallery, a butterfly left inside, beat its wings furiously against a glass window. Freedom and life was just 18 inches away. The butterfly could not see freedom because he was trying so desperately to get to the light on the other side of the glass.

LESSON LEARNED: Sometimes we are so focused in one direction that we keep beating our figurative wings in that direction. Success may be inches away in another direction and we, like the butterfly, can’t see it.

The only way to get to the ocean was to climb over rocks. Once you made  it to the ocean in one piece, the snorkeling was great. Most of us want the easy ocean without the travails of crossing the rocks.

LESSON LEARNED: The rewards-observing the ocean bottom or business success-go to those who cross the rocks. Sometimes our rocks are literal and sometimes figurative: risks of entrepreneurship, financial challenges, failure. If we get over or around them tells the story of our success.

Once over the rocks I thought I was now on easy street . . . or easy ocean. Not for long. Through my mask I saw rocks, not fish! So I had to look out for the protruding ocean shelf or my elbows and knees would bear the consequences.

LESSON LEARNED: Just when you think you have cleared the rocks of turnover, closing sales, analysts, investor’s, there are always more. If we only look for the rocks, we’ll miss the beauty of the sights. If we look down at the fish, we’ll run into the rocks. Do YOU look for the rocks or the wider vista?

I don’t like ladders, bridges, or airplane window seats. So how did I end up six stories above an ocean in a seat made out of two straps and a ground crew that didn’t speak English? When I landed back on sandy terra firma one of the Mexican crew asked me if I was scared the WHOLE time. I guess the fact that I was wearing my shoulders as earrings was a clue.

LESSONS LEARNED: I wore my fear so clearly that it could be seen from six stories below by a total stranger. And you think co-workers or audience members can’t read you?

A new day, new challenge. Parasailing is one near death experience. The Canopy is many near death experiences. You fly on a series of 13 wire cables each 1/3 mile long, 450 feet over a rainforest.
It’s you, two straps, and a handle bar.

LESSON LEARNED: Is there something to be gained from reaching out of our comfort zone? Sometimes there isn’t the reward of a business lesson. Living through our self imposed tests is the reward.

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II. A Traditional Look at FAT Santa

What lessons can we learn from a FAT Santa?
We need to identify what it is people want from us and fulfill that need. If you are a banker, what does a client most want? Does a client want the best rate or the convenience of picking up the phone and moving money from one account to another without an appointment and a signature?

Do you know what your prospects and clients are REALLY buying from you? NEWSFLASH: More often they are buying VALUE not price.

Santa provides the value of past holiday memories and the hope of mystical future ones. He symbolizes goodness and joy and authenticity. What do you represent?


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III. Live and On TV

Open to the Public
HBA University
December 9, 2004 8:30-11:30
Holiday gift for everyone in attendance!

Green Chamber of Commerce

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