Electric Impulse Communications, Inc. Newsletter

December 2005

  1. Question
  2. 3 Business Lessons from Puerto Vallarta
  3. Mishmash of Value:
    1. A Traditional Look at SANTA
    2. Holiday Fest: What We Can Learn from Five Year Olds                   
  4. December Case Study                         
  5. Live and On TV
  6. Answer

I. Question

 What is the single longest running ad campaign in TV history?
(Answer at bottom of newsletter)

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II. 3 Business Lessons from Puerto Vallarta

  1. ZORRO

I thought it would be fun to see the new Zorro movie while in Mexico. Would a non-American audience laugh at the same lines? I didn’t get to find out because there was a total of 10 people in the beautiful, new, stadium seated theatre . . .and half of them were Americans. I did hear one line in the movie that can be applied to all of us. Zorro attempts to tell his long-suffering wife that he has to go when the bells toll,
“the people need me to be Zorro,” he pleads. A smart Catherine Zeta-Jones answers,
“No, YOU need to be Zorro.”


Lesson Learned:

Think about it, do you do things because you think your clients need you to do them or because you need to do them?


One morning I woke up and hundreds of pelicans were congregated on the rocks protruding from the ocean during low tide. Hundreds. We watched them all day and speculated on their presence. Finally, Chipotle, the fisherman, explained the feeding frenzy.
A school of killer fish was lurking off shore holding the bottom feeders hostage and making them easy prey for the pelicans.
Thousands of bottom feeders, afraid to venture back out to sea, stayed in the shallow waters. The pelicans gorged themselves. I wondered why the little fish stayed there, seeing their comrades being eaten all day. They stayed in shore to escape the killer fish, when it was the shallow waters that were their real enemy.


Lesson Learned:

I wondered, what strategic decisions do we make –thinking we are protecting ourselves-when really our decisions make us really just more vulnerable and less protected???



One of our friends called a Realtor to see homes for sale. On the phone the Realtor talked and talked, until finally the client-to-be asked, “can I talk?” Not a good sign. They decided to meet the next day to see homes. The only homes she would see were in pictures. The next day came, and he arrived. But not to show homes . . . he didn’t have a car! The third day dawned and he did show his prospects some venues. But in areas they did not want to live, and condos rather than homes. In other words, he didn’t listen.

Lesson Learned:

My friend Juan tried to tell me that the way we do business in the states is not the way they do business in Mexico. While the difference may seem greater between cultures, what about the culture of the company you are in or the companies you do business with? Do you adapt to their culture or do you expect them to adapt to yours?

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II. Mishmash of Value:

1.A Traditional Look at FAT Santa

What lessons can we learn from Santa?

Sometimes it’s good to be fat. We like Santa FAT. Europeans like a thinner version, but we Americans have always liked our Santa fat. Do you know what your market wants you to be?

Lesson Learned: We need to identify what it is people want from us and fulfill
that need. If you are a banker, what does a client most want?
Does a client want the best rate or the convenience of
picking up the phone and moving money  without an appointment and a signature?


1.Akron Holidaydest

A thousand people braved below freezing temperature to ---
Cudos to the students who wore nothing but their yule costumes in such cold. In one number, 20 students took the stage. Some were highschoolage, but two five year olds stole the show. Though they had no solo, they stood out. If a five year old can standout in a chorus,  you can stand out too?

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III. December Case Study


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IV. Live and On TV

Open to the Public
HBA University-How to Communicate and Market in the 21st century
December 8, 2005 8:30-11:45
Holiday gift for everyone in attendance!

Civic Forum of the Air

It’s Good to be ThinsURGERYoPTIONS
Dr .WalterChylst

An arly look at Ohio’s elections 2006
Dr. Stephen Brooks
Dr. David Cohen

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V. Answer:

The Trix rabbit, and his quest for Trix, is the single longest running ad campaign in TV history. Since 1960, using the same character, same selling line, and the same plot. Who says we have to keep recreating the wheel?


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