Electric Impulse Communications, Inc. Newsletter

December 2007

  1. Herbie's Helpful Hint
  2. Who Said It?
  3. III. Mishmash of Value:
    1. What to Look for in the Presidential Primary Season
    2. Why Ford Didn't Strike
    3. Death of Common Sense and Cereal Killed It
    4. Why We Need to Be Better Than MLK Jr.
    5. Just for Fun
  4. Case Study
  5. Live and On TV
  6. Answer

I. Herbie's Helpful Hint (named after my Dad)

My Dad served in WWII in Europe. Throughout his life, I believe serving his country was one of his greatest prides. And continuing to see men and women at risk continued to be one of his greatest sorrows. Want to do a good deed before the New Year? Regardless of your politics, sex, religion or feelings about any armed skirmishes, you can use 21st century communication to do a good deed.

Lesson Learned:

Just click on http://www.letssaythanks.com and send a card to a serviceman or woman. Send as many cards as you want. Select a message or create your own, in honor of someone you loved, like I did.

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II. Who Said It?

"Debate is war. Words are our weapons." (Answer at end of newsletter)

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III. Mishmash of Value:

1. What to Look for in the Presidential Primary Season

For the foreseeable future, I will write about the communication skills of presidential hopefuls. Whether you think you are interested in the specific candidate or not, I use these examples because they are so public. A presidential primary season is like a mother load of communication gold. Have you ever wondered what to look for?

Lesson Learned:

Ten tips to watch the debates, soundbites, and interviews. These tips will apply to you too!

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2. Why Ford Didn't Strike

The agreement at Ford, unlike those at Chrysler and General Motors, was reached without a walkout or strike deadline. One union negotiator gave William Clay Ford, executive chairman, some of the credit. Alongside the chief executive, Ford, a family member of this family business, kept the board informed while being a special guest at the bargaining table.

Lesson Learned:

Even a company in 200 markets on six continents benefits from the personal touch and personal intervention. How can you make something happen by getting personally involved?

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3. Death of Common Sense and Cereal Killed It

Returning from Mexico, my "checked" luggage was checked by hand, as all luggage is in Puerto Vallarta. The security person found cereal in my luggage and confiscated it. I'm sure we are all feeling much safer now that cereal was not allowed to fly un-escorted through the friendly skies.

Lesson Learned:

Have we lost the ability to use common sense? Go to American Airlines website and it will tell you firearms, alcohol, batteries, and household flammables are restricted, but cereal is safe. Is there any way you are not using common sense in executing your duties?

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4. Why We Need to Be Better Than MLK Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. had it easy. All he had to do was be phenomenal in front of 100,000 people. That's not enough in today's world. Not enough, figuratively, for you, and not enough literally for presidential hopefuls. A political pundit noted that Barack O'Bama'a ability to speak in a formal setting to large audiences does not transcend to a debate scenario. The inability to be stellar in different situations has hurt his campaign so far.

Lesson Learned:

Candidates and YOU need to be effective in all venues of communication in today's world. It is not enough to be stellar at one or two communication outlets Not enough for you, not enough for them. You need to stand out in one-to-one, small group settings, and formal speaking opportunities.

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5. Office Max-The Store of 15 Frustrations

Answer these twelve questions and find out what kind of a car you are: http://www.tomorrowland.us/sportscar

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IV. Case Study


Owner of company and president of association has opportunity to speak at holiday dinner.


In the past, this opportunity was taken very casually with no preparation or thought put into comments in advance. Current president contacted me and wondered if it was an opportunity to create more visibility for him and the organization. As with many organizations, stellar as the organization is, it is still vying for more active members and for more members.

What Happened:

He does not like to speak in public, so he put off thinking or doing anything in advance. He sat down with me once. With little additional email correspondence, I wrote comments for him to give that would: make him sound more polished, elevate his status among members, and help create pride and interest in the organization.

Lesson Learned:

Every opportunity to stand out in your company, field or industry should be taken advantage of for personal and professional advancement.

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V. Live and On TV

Civic Forum with Leslie as host on Time/Warner Upcoming Shows:

How Israeli Security Makes Ohio More Secure: Week of December 2
Deputy Chief Lester W. Fultz-My amazing guest

Invigorating Education #2: Week of December 30
Superintendent Sylvester Small
Drumm McNaughton, Ph.D

Upcoming Shows:

The Tale of Two Futures: Sports and Northeast Ohio
David Gilbert, Cleveland Sports Organization

How to Read Presidential Primary Results
Professor David Cohen, Bliss Institute

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Channel 23 in former Adelphia areas Channel 15
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February 6, 2007 noon
Portage Career Center

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February 21, 2007
Precision Printing 8:00 am

The 10 Rules of Professional Presence

March 4, 2007
Lake County Journal

Leap Ahead in 2008 with Great Marketing

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VI. Answer

The Denzel Washington character in new movie produced by Oprah, The Great Debaters.

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