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 This newsletter includes: The Power of Perspectives
 I. Herbie's Helpful Hint   
II. Who Said It?
III. Mishmash of Value:
1. A Tiger by the Tail
2. What it Means-Donny Os
3. Retail – In Person and Email
4. Highlights and Good bye to 2009
IV.  Live and On TV
V. Answer
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I.  Herbie's Helpful Hint (named after my Dad)
I may have had training wheels on my bicycle longer than any other kid in my neighborhood. My Dad would spend time with me after dinner, night after night, prodding me to give up my training wheels. Giving up my training wheels required on premise help, a Dad trotting up and down the street behind my bicycle to give me confidence.He could have let me be 21 years old with training wheels but he did not.
Lesson Learned:  Everyone needs training wheels at some time in their life. Graduating from training wheels, literally or figuratively, requires someone’s patience to be there day after day, to cheer you on to your own wheels, and to catch you when you fall. Who is there for you? Are you ready to give up your wheels?
II. Who Said It? 
"Confidence is like oxygen to the economy.”
III. Mishmash of Value

1. Tiger By His Tail
WOW. The world must have looked different to Tiger these last few weeks. Through his career he controlled most everything in his life. His coach talked about him, so he was fired. A fan talks on the golf course and his terminator caddie gives him the death stare. Tiger wants to swear during a tournament so he does, regardless of his young fan base. So I suppose it should come as no surprise that he thought he could control the media, or more specifically the audience, the public, for whom the media truly works.
Lesson Learned:  Some of you have heard me talk about my Rules of Communication., Tiger is not exempt. Rule 1 is that there are rules. Rule 2 is that there are consequences when you break the rules. And rule 10 is that the audience drives everything. The audience, in this case the market Tiger cultivated, decides when they have had enough, not Tiger. Yes, Virginia there is Santa and Yes Tiger, there are rules.
2. What Donny Osmond Taught Us About Us
I write for a website that is a media outlet. Which means only media people: print, online, TV, radio have access to it. I write about any current event that I choose. I have written about Obama, Oprah, Braylon Edwards and the NFL, Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu and Meghan McCain. I have the ability to track how many people read each article. The article I wrote about Donny winning the Dancing with the Stars contest was about how competency takes you so far, and then you just have to be likable . . . in any profession.
Lesson Learned: I wrote this article on the day before Thanksgiving. It has been read by more people than any other of the 45 articles I have written in the past year. What does that say about what Americans want to read? For you the question is, are you relying solely on your competency? Flash: there are other competent options in your profession.
3. Retail – In Person and Email
This particular boutique emails to me their monthly newsletter and sales announcements. I assume the purpose of Internet marketing is to create sales. I walked into the small store. One person was behind the desk, I was no more than five feet away and talking to her when she picked up the phone and called a vendor, totally ignoring my presence.
Lesson Learned: One way to create sales is to get people into the store. The marketing worked, I was there in person. Yet, a phone call appeared to be more important than engaging me in even trivial conversation. All the marketing in the world will not succeed if people do not transform prospects into buyers. It is not the job of the prospect to buy it is the job of the seller to sell. Are you taking advantage of face to face time to engage prospects and clients?
4. Good Bye to 2009
The year was not all bad, really. How can a year that brought us Sully and The Miracle on the Hudson, Taylor Swift, the Kanye stunt, the Re-Deem team, Brett Favre returning again, the first African American president, Susan Boyle, a discussion on health care, the happy ending with pirates in Somalia, be all bad?
It was a challenging year. Executives, teachers, attorneys, marketing people, tech support, no one was safe from being escorted on that long walk out the front door. Stores closed and businesses cut back. Sometimes it seemed as though no one was hiring.
Lesson Learned: We learned to do with less, to be resilient, to re-create ourselves. And although we did none of those things because we wanted to cut back, we still learned. I think we all earned the right to wear, figuratively and/or literally, T-shirts that say, We Survived 2009. There is always a silver lining. Can you find it?

IV. On TV and Live
TV--Forum 360 with Leslie as host on Time/Warner
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Week of December 15      Life After Pro Sports - Guest: Derrick Ransom, Kansas City Chiefs
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January 14   Flashpoints: Working in a Multi Generational Workplace - Portage Career Center
V. Answer 
Lee Fisher, Ohio’s Lt. Governor and candidate for the U.S. Senate
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