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February 2012

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This newsletter includes: The Power of Perspectives

  1. Herbie's Helpful Hint
  2. New ASK LESLIE on Homepage
  3. Mishmash of Value:
    1. Best Buy Is Not the Best Buy
    2. The Death of Intellectual Curiosity
    3. Real Life Niche to Grow Rich
    4. Where Are the Survivors Buried
    5. The Natcha Journals
  4. Live and On TV
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  6. Come and Be Apart of Our Community

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I. Herbie's Helpful Hint (named after my Dad)

My Dad always said that it didn’t matter what they said about you, as long as they spelled your name right. Recently Akron Life & Leisure magazine asked me to have my picture taken for an article on the KNOW in which they were nice enough to include me. After the magazine “hit the newsstands,” I received an envelope in the mail. I noticed my name was misspelled as I tore open the handwritten envelope. Someone, anonymous of course, had photocopied the picture and wrote a note to me, “H is for hideous.”

Lesson Learned:

You might be wondering why I would share what could have been a private story. Two reasons. 1. We are always figuratively one envelope away from an alternate reality. We could be one envelope or one phone call away from a life-changing client or one envelope away from someone thinking we are hideous. Life can change for the better or worse in a moment. 2. The sender did not spell my name right. But I did get coverage and my Dad would say that was most important: someone was talking about me. Are people talking about you?

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Each month we feature a new ASK LESLIE: a short video that will help you be more effective. This month's featured segment on my home page answers in 2:24 the ASK LESLIE question, how do we create champions. Take two minutes to learn something about champion leaders that you did not know. www.electricimpulse.com

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III. Mishmash of Value:

1. Best Buy Is Not the Best Buy

One Saturday night my home laptop died an unexpected death. As I was to find out, the hard drive died along with the computer. So once I got through the grief period, I set out to buy a new laptop. BUY a new one is the important word in the sentence and the shopping experience. I went to Best Buy where two “salespeople” worked so hard to be user-unfriendly that I walked out of the store, across the parking lot, to HH Gregg.

Lesson Learned:

I was not window or price shopping. I was going to buy a laptop that night. The two Best Buy un-salespeople kept throwing up roadblocks and additional costs. They forgot they were selling a commodity. I went to HH Gregg where I was met by Davor Mierzvinski, a salesperson and U.S. army vet. He listened, helped me, helped me quickly, went above and beyond by offering to try to get the info off my dead hard drive. When that was not possible, he invited me to bring my office laptop and he transferred all of my files for me. Are you making it easy for people to buy from you or a challenge to buy from you?

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2. The Death of Intellectual Curiosity

Sarah Palin was pretty clear that she had no interest in learning more about domestic and international affairs. A lack of intellectual curiosity is not confined to Alaska or politics. Recently, an area division head boldly and proudly said that he had no interest in coaching because he had no interest in changing. This from the head of a division that has under performed for years.

Lesson Learned:

Mitt Romney improved greatly in the Florida debates after hiring a new coach. Tiger's level of play took a nosedive after he fired his swing coach. Either you are interested in learning and growing or you are not. There are different ways to learn. Some people can self learn and others benefit from one-on-one. The important bellwether is whether or not a person wants to learn period, from whatever source. Think about that as you hire and promote. Do you continue to be curious?

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3. Real Life Niche to Grow Rich

A hotel, the Duke of London, made a strategic and tactical decision to appeal to women travelers. From the sizes of the bedroom slippers to the female staff members that escort guests to their room, women drive their strategic plan. Yoga mats feature orchids and fresh flowers adorn the hallways. Traffic from women guests surged 30% as a result of this initiative. Hotel chains in Copenhagen and Vancouver have followed suit. Addicts come in both sexes. In another example, a rehab facility chose to cater only to male addicts.

Lesson Learned:

The concept of niche to think and grow rich is more than a book or a philosophy. When you cater to one segment you do not sacrifice other markets. Want to surge 30%? To whom can you niche? Once you decide on the niche what would the initiatives look like?

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4. Where are the Survivors Buried

I always sit in the front when I attend a seminar. It helps keep me engaged. Recently the speaker called on me to assist with a mentalist trick he used to begin the day. My job was to turn over the pages of the flip chart. I did not know that the flip chart had several fake bottoms. I felt like I was asked the age-old question, where are the survivors buried. I would hit the cardboard end and think that was the end of the chart. I felt like my dog consistently looking for the back seat in a two–seater car.

Lesson Learned:

In life we run into roadblocks. They usually mean a detour on our journey not an end to the journey. Is that detour a fake bottom of the flip chart or is it truly the end? Are you blinded to other options? Can you identify an alternate reality?

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5. The Natcha Journals

Natcha, Miss Natcha Vallarta, is my now 6 month old four-legged stow away I legally brought back from Mexico. She brings energy to everything and to everywhere she goes. Whatever your profession, energy is huge. When I let her chew on my shoe while I am wearing it-I am the one who needs a trainer. Energy needs to be well directed.

Lesson Learned:

There is a common weakness that threads itself through my clients, regardless of their position or title. It is a lack of energy when they are at the podium literally or figuratively. Without energy nothing good happens. Think of a country without power, without electricity or running water. When you are speaking literally or figuratively look for ways to inject energy. When you inject energy you protect your value.

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IV. On TV and Live

Live: Come and Join Us Can we keynote an event for you?

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V. Come and Be A Part of our Community

Come and be apart of our community:
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