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February 2014

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This newsletter includes: The Power of Perspectives from

  1. Herbie's Helpful Hint
  2. Ask Leslie - Stay on Your Cutting Edge
  3. Mishmash of Value:
    1. My Gift to You for 2014
    2. Scraping Windshields for Loyalty
    3. Words for the Dumpster
    4. What We Can Learn from J.W. Marriott
    5. Re-assess Before Say Au Revoir
  4. Live and In the Person
  5. Lessons from CoachSpeak
    (temporarily The Tressel-Dennison Coaching Lessons)
  6. Come and Be a Part of Our Community

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I. Herbie's Helpful Hint

My dad used to tell me not to wish my life away. I was always focused on a time far in the future. I would wish for summer vacation or wish for the next horse show. My dad would always tell me not to wish my life away. On one of Jay Leno's final shows, Matthew McConaughey thanked Jay for advice he gave him years ago as a first time guest. "Just want to be here", Leno told him. That is great advice for nerves and for life in general. And related to "don't wish your life away."

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II. Ask Leslie - Stay on Your Cutting Edge

We rarely talk about energy and we rarely talk about air. Not the "oh it's polluted" kind of air. Just air. Yet it is necessary to our existence and present in our life every day. Energy is kind of like air. We don't talk about energy. We can't move mountains on optimism alone. Click here to read how energy is necessary to make anything happen.

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III. Mishmash of Value

1. Opportunities Have a Shelf Life

Some of you have heard me talk about stalking a prospect outside of a men's room. I saw him go in, and knew he had to come out sooner or later. This particular case ended well, I was not charged with stalking and the prospect became a client and friend. But waiting for someone outside of a restroom is not even close to the bride in the 1-26 New York Times featured wedding story. The now-bride followed a guy off the subway, said "you are wearing gloves; I can't see if you are wearing a wedding ring, if you are not could I give you my business card?"

Lesson Learned:

When you really embrace the idea that each opportunity will not come your way again, then you are going to make different decisions. You will be more pro-active. This example is really, really proactive. But if you want to know what embracing opportunity looks like, remember this wedding story. Would you literally or figuratively chase your prospect from the subway?

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2. NY Times Jackpot

When I speak and when I coach, I tell everyone to read the Sunday New York Times. It is the only single newspaper that I know if that can update you on pop culture, travel, style, op-ed, sports, business, the arts, and current events in one paper. This is important to have tidbits of knowledge in order to connect with prospects, clients, and just people. Sometimes you read or scan the paper and you get nothing you can use and other times, Jackpot!

Lesson Learned:

Last Sunday was a jackpot. There were five articles that I was able to send the link to different clients or people with whom I just wanted to stay in touch. That's the thing about reading the NYT. Sometimes you won't use anything and other times you get a lot of material that you can share with people or just use in everyday discourse. Are you willing to invest a few hours in order to be better able to develop connections with your network?

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3. An Argument for Higher Ed

There is a poster that shows a five car garage filled with expensive cars. The tagline is Justification for Higher Education. Here is another justification for higher education. At the Golden Globe award ceremony Jennifer Lawrence won her category. In her speech she said to the audience, "Don't ever do this to me again". Really? You really want to say, don't ever nominate me again? At the SAG award show, Lupito Nyong'o won her category. A graduate with a Master's Degree from the Yale School of Drama she delivered a concise, sincere, touching acceptance speech.

Lesson Learned:

Sometimes the connection between the investment in education and success may not seem like a straight, solid line. These are two young talented actresses. When they had to say their own lines, their own words, no doubt about the benefit of education. Are you doing everything you can do to develop all parts of you?

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4. What Puppy Love has to do with You

I, and apparently 35 million others, could not wait for the Super Bowl to see the unveiling of the new Clydesdale commercial. Between Wednesday when the commercial was unveiled and game time, 35 million people viewed the commercial on YouTube. In one minute and one second, Budweiser does it again. They tell a great story. In a separate video showing the making of the commercial you can see the hundreds of people involved in telling a one minute story.

Lesson Learned:

It's not easy. It's not easy to tell a story and tell it well. It's not easy to be concise and to connect. Every year Budweiser succeeds. Which is why I, a non-beer drinker, have Budweiser commercials on my desk top. When I want to laugh I watch the Snow fight. When I want to cry I watch Brotherhood. When I want to be moved I watch their 9-11 Tribute. Do you want to master the art of telling a great story?

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5. Oscar Movie Rejected 157 Times

The Oscar nominated movie Dallas Buyers Club was rejected 157 times before it was made into a movie in 2013. The rejections spanned a 20 year period where NO was repeatedly the only response. Now it is a six time Oscar nominated movie.

Lesson Learned:

Sometimes perseverance is rewarded. Sometimes even in our own figurative or literal lifetime. Other times it is challenging to know if it is perseverance or stubbornness. I vote to err on the side of perseverance. When is the last time you were as perseverant as a heat seeking missile?

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IV. Live and in the Person

Live: Come and Join Us Can we keynote an event for you?

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V. Lessons from CoachSpeakmail

At the completion of the 16 week coaching class, I compiled 165 lessons learned from all 16 coaches that we heard from through-out the class. In one class, Coach Larry Kehres (who had something like a 96% winning record) had an interesting take on losing. He said don't blame players, blame coaches who oversaw practice and came up with game plans. How can you apply this philosophy to your own career or business?

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VI. Come and Be a Part of Our Community

We are always hosting some kind of event you can participate in for an hour or a day, in person or by phon
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Announcing FLASH EVENTS! We have scheduled 14 events in 2014. These are events that you can plan for weeks or months in advance. We are adding FLASH EVENTS that we will announce in a FLASH, with just a week's notice. These events will be shorter and cost less and be more timely. So if I want to address a current communication or leadership issue, I will email notice of a FLASH EVENT and off we go for Oreo's and Opinions.

February 27 Teleseminar #1
This teleseminar will preview the Oscars rather than review the Oscars. Join us in real time or any time after you sign up. 9 things to look for in the upcoming Oscars.

May 1 Video and You Breakfast - first early morning session
Participants asked for a morning session of Video & You so May is the only early day offering of this unique opportunity.

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Opportunities Have a Shelf Life . . .

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