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July 2013

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This newsletter includes: The Power of Perspectives

  1. Herbie's Helpful Hint
  2. Ask Leslie - Stay on Your Cutting Edge
  3. Mishmash of Value:
    1. Aero's Owner - Never Say No
    2. Not an Urban Myth - The One Armed Paper Hanger Lives
    3. Pound the Rock/a>
    4. Danny Green Almost MVP
    5. A Million Dollars for 4 Minutes
  4. Live and In the Person
  5. The Natcha Journals
  6. Come and Be a Part of Our Community

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I. Herbie's Helpful Hint

As you may know, my dad loved Oreo cookies. My theme this year, If It's Not an Oreo, It's Not a Cookie, came from one of my dad's "Herbie-isms." Recently I Googled Dances With Wolves. I loved the movie, the book, and the audio book. One of the most memorable scenes from the movie was the buffalo hunt. A most iconic scene was a buffalo charging the young Smiles-A-Lot warrior. My best friend Google tells me that the way they got the buffalo to charge was to offer him his favorite treat: a stack of Oreo's! My dad would have liked the practical aspect of getting the job done. It's not always the fanciest solution that is needed, but a solution that works.

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II. New Ask Leslie Video - Leslie's Rant

There are three simple (but not easy) lessons we can learn from Paula Deen's mishandling of the media firestorm surrounding the "N" word. Click here to read 4 lessons we can learn from the queen of butter.

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III. Mishmash of Value

1. Aero's Owner - Never Say No

The still new owner of the Akron Aero's Ken Babby was everywhere for the first six months of his ownership. He went to every company, event and probably baby naming within a 30 mile radius. I ran into him last week on an evening his day had started early having said YES to an area Board position. I said, perhaps in time you will say NO to some requests.

Lesson Learned:

He said I will never say NO. He went on to expand, as long as people ask I will say YES. Do most of us still feel that way? Do we always say yes to a request that will get us up early or keep us out for dinner or beyond? Do you still say YES to opportunities?

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2. Not an Urban Myth - The One Armed Paper Hanger Lives

I walked out of an office building one evening, straight past a carpenter type person working between wooden horses and lots of sawdust. I first wondered why he was still working. After a second glance I wondered why a one armed guy was a carpenter. I tried to mind my own business and continue to the car. Once there I turned around to ask the question.

Lesson Learned:

"Why did you choose this profession?" I asked. His answer was quick and clear. "Everyone has a handicap,' he answered, "Some are more obvious than others." WOW. It's not whether we have a handicap or not. We all have some kind of a handicap. It's whether we choose to be defined by the handicap. What is your handicap and do you take steps to overcome it?

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3. Pound the Rock

I rooted for the San Antonio Spurs in the recent NBA Championship. I thought they were an incredible example of 'team". Coach Popovich has a favorite phrase adopted from Jacob Riis stone cutter analogy. "Pound the Rock" Coach Pop says, because even when that one shows no signs of cracking, you never know under which blow it will finally break. To follow this philosophy he added, "We got a bunch of guys who aren't going to give in. . . I expect nothing less, and that's what I got".

Lesson Learned:

We all have the opportunity to "pound the rock". Even when opportunities don't seem to present themselves in our professional and personal lives, we have the option to keep trying. Do you keep pounding the rock and do you get what you expect?

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4. Danny Green Almost MVP

If the NBA Finals had ended after 5 games instead of 7, Danny Green could have been the MVP. He was stellar in the first 5 games of the Finals. He was actually selected by the Cavaliers in the 2009 draft. He was waived after his rookie season, and then the Spurs sent him to the D league. The problem was in his first couple of years he was good at everything, not great at anything.He improved his work ethic and selected some things to be great at rather than just good.

Lesson Learned:

In college he was a starting five member of a national championship team, scored 1,000 points, was defensive player of a game, and had 100 blocked shots. But that made him good at everything and great at nothing. Until he was willing to sacrifice parts of his game so he could be great at some things, his career languished.Are you willing to do what is necessary to be great at some things?

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5. A Million Dollars for 4 Minutes

A 4-minute movie was produced as a marketing piece to advertise a New York condo development. For years real estate gurus have produced videos in order to sell their prestigious addresses. What is different about this video is that it cost one million dollars. The producer flew in a crew from southern England, hired a tightrope walker, and bought song rights to Mama Cass. All this for a 4 minute movie to advertise 432 Park Ave. Do the math; this comes out to $4000 a second.

Lesson Learned:

Go Big or Go Home. Too early to know how the units sold or what the return on investment was for the developer. The real lesson to be learned is how can we emulate Big? How can you think bigger, do bigger, live bigger?

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IV. Live and in the Person

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V. The Natcha's Journals

I was always the disciplinarian. I housebroke her, took her to obedience classes, practiced with her, corrected her, and sometimes lost my patience with her. In her hiatus from school, I decided to actually just be her owner. I got on the floor with her and played. It made such a difference. In work and in life sometimes we need to figuratively sit next to an employee or client and other times we need to figuratively sit above.

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