Electric Impulse Communications, Inc. Newsletter

July 2004

  1. One "Must" Place To Go on Summer Vacation
  2. Views from the Road     
  3. Live and On TV

I. Your Summer Vacation

In addition to heading for the beach, the big city, or a Boeing, I ask you to take a mental road trip.  Actually, this trip might take longer than you can make in a summer, but let's get a start!
You need to head to BENEFIT-VILLE. You, and most of the world, have been living in PROCESS-VILLE. I hear it in board meetings.  I hear CEO's, senior management, and salespeople talk about
the process: How long, how hard they worked on a project rather than the benefit to the prospect, board, or client.

Our VALUE is in the benefit that we provide:
How will the prospect be different as a result of your product or service?

As on any trip, we have to pack effectively or we spend time and money on correcting the problem.  On the trip to BENEFIT-VILLE you need to pack questions. 
Questions are how you will move forward to BENEFIT-VILLE.
Talking keeps you in PROCESS-VILLE.

Questions you might want to pack: 
(for more questions, visit www.summitconsulting.com)
Why are you considering this action now?
What is the probability of going forward?
Do you think we would be a good match?

As on any trip, the route is not always direct!  Even when you book a flight, you don't know if there will be an unexpected detour. Keep in mind that your criteria is not, AM I THERE YET? 

The question you want to ask is, "Did I do something today to move myself, a prospect, or a client toward our final destination?"

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II. Views from the Road

Picture this:  a glass factory in Murano, Italy.  It happened to be a holiday and only one glass blower was present to demonstrate the art of glass blowing.  The guide explained that we would see only
a very simple piece blown.  To create a sophisticated piece of glass required the whole team to be present.

Isn't it interesting that whether you are trying to create a piece of glass or improve company results, it takes a team to do the "heavy lifting."

Venice has more canals than I imagined.  Way more.  And when you are jogging in Venice, it means that you have to jog up the steps to cross over a canal, and then back down the steps, and then up, and then down, and then up...You get my point!  There was a large banner on a bridge over one of the canals, that said "You Don't Find Art Where You Expect to Find It."

I suggest this is true of more in life than Art.  You don't always find value where you expect to find it.  So start now on your journey to find yours!


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IV. Live and On TV

A.  Look for the air dates for this exciting show:  Regionalism
Time/Warner Civic Forum of the Air Channel 23
Tom Sawyer, Former Mayor and Congressman
Jim Crutchfield, Publisher Akron Beacon Journal
Bob Reffner, Partner Brouse McDowell and Team NEO

B.  In Person
* American Business Women's Association - August 23, 2004 - 6:00 pm

Topic:  Step Up, Stand Out:
Communicating Value in a Hypercompetitive World

* HBA University - September 30, 2004

Topic:  Step Up and Stand Out:
Discover and Communicate Your Value

C. Kilgore Trout Men's Sale - July 15-18
28601 Chagrin Blvd.

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