Electric Impulse Communications, Inc. Newsletter

July 2007

  1. Do You Have a Team? Don't Wait to Find Out!
  2. Your Communication Can Make a Difference
  3. Live and On TV

I. Do You Have a Team? Our team survival exercise will tell you

Do you want to know if you have a team . . . or just a group of individuals that show up at the same place each day? Executives have learned invaluable information through our team survival exercises. You don't have to go to the desert, but once your team survives this desert they can survive everyday's business survival challenges

Lesson Learned:

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II. Your Communication Can Make a Difference (ONLY read if you really know me)

If you have read this newsletter over the years, you know that while I express MY opinion, learned as it is, I ask you to simply think about lessons learned. For one of the few times, I ask you to take action. The subject is Michael Vick, and the degree of animal cruelty he is accused of committing or allowing on his property. I understand that innocent until proven guilty is a bedrock value of this country. But we have other important traditions, too. When a shadow as awful as this falls on a public figure like Vick, leaders take action, and it's not business as usual.

I also understand that as we have recently witnessed in the Duke un-rape case, all is not what it seems to be. Still, with love for animals as my bedrock, I ask you to cut and paste these two website addresses and at the very least consider sending an email to each.

The first one is the NFL, the second one is Nike.



Lesson Learned:

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III. Live and On TV

Civic Forum with Leslie as monthly host on Time/Warner

What's an ESOP?- Week of July 29
Riley Lochridge, CEO - COMDOC
Jeff Evans, CEO - The Willburt Company

Northside Renaissance - Week of August 12
Joel Testa - COO, Testa Builders
Kimberlee McKee-President, Downtown Akron Partnership

Summit/Stark/Cuyahoga Counties: Show will air on Channel 23,
Former Adelphia subscribers Channel 15 TV
Radio: WONE FM 97.5 Sunday 6 am, WAKR AM 1590 Sunday, 8:30
Sunday 9 am, M & W 9 pm

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