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July 2008

  1. Herbie's Helpful Hint
  2. Who Said It?
  3. III. Mishmash of Value:
    1. Developing the Diva Within
    2. Manya and the Bracelet of Yarn
    3. Laptops at Harvard - Booted Not Re-Booted
    4. Clarity and the German Cop
    5. McDonald's Going Feng Shui
  4. Summer Reading Suggestions!
  5. Case Study: Speaker Post Toast Masters
  6. Live and On TV
  7. Answer

I. Herbie's Helpful Hint (named after my Dad)

From the time I was a little girl I dreamed of showing at the Bath Horse Show.
Now I just sponsor a class at it. Although I went on to show at the national and international levels, this backyard show has always been special. Over the holiday weekend I went to watch the classes and perhaps reminisce just alittle. It wasn't hard to conjure up memories of horses now long gone, and my Dad running beside me with a handkerchief (for the horse), hairbrush (for the horse), and video camera (for the horse). As I watched a class I was reminded of a show horse dilemma and my Dad's advice.

Lesson Learned:

No one wants to make a mistake in his or her few minutes in the show ring. But my Dad used to say it was better to "go for it"; the best ride possible, and risk a mistake than be mistake-free and less than brilliant.
Do you still have your take-no-prisoner drive, even if it means making a mistake here and there? Or are you playing it too safe?

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II. Who Said It?

"Quite a few teams had more talent than us, but they didn't have the coaching, the preparation and the kind of enthusiasm we had." (Answer at end of newsletter)

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III. Mishmash of Value:

1. Developing the Diva Within

Women have challenges in the business world. Men have challenges too. From a communication and leadership perspective their challenges are different. At times, everyone gets in their own way, gets in the way of their message. Women get in there way differently. There are steps women can take to develop the diva within, identifying and then developing the skills that women possess to communicate effectively.

Lesson Learned:

We were taught back in elementary school to end our sentences in a lowered voice when they are statements, a higher voice when they are questions. Somehow, somewhere over the years, women have this reversed and end their sentences with a raised voice making everything sound as if it is a question. For example: this is the best solution sounds very different when said as, this is the best solution? For more tips on developing a confident voice, preview the article that will be featured in September's Affluent magazine http://electricimpulse.com/resources/

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2. Manya and the Bracelet of Yarn

Djerba, N. Africa, is a third world country. We stopped in a store that made hand made rugs, (for the whole trip you can go to my blog http://electricimpulse.wordpress.com/)
Three young women were working at a weaving loom, in traditional Arab head and body covering. And there I am sleeveless. I speak no Arabic and they spoke no English. One woman introduced herself as Manya. These women create elaborate designs in magnificent room size rugs, and they do it all from memory. Manya motioned for me to sit next to her on the wooden bench as she took my hand and showed me how to tie a stitch of yarn. After I tied this stitch she cut a piece of yarn and tied it around my wrist.

Lesson Learned:

Six weeks later I am still wearing that one piece of yarn as a bracelet. Fascinated that no one asks me, Leslie why are you wearing a piece of yarn? I am wearing it on my wrist as a reminder. A reminder that this woman, with very limited education, sitting at a weaving loom 12 hours a day, had the understanding and initiative to get me involved in the process. I was a bystander watching. And she, with limited verbal skills, was able to knock down that invisible fence between speaker and audience, vendor and buyer, and get me involved. What are you doing to get your prospects and clients to move from the sidelines to be involved with you?

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3. Laptops at Harvard- Booted Not Re-Booted

We have come to expect and accept that Harvard gets the best and brightest. So do Yale, Columbia, the University of Chicago Law School UCLA, and Michigan. Harvard and these other top schools have banned and/or reduced the use of laptops in classrooms: either banning them completely or making available a "kill switch" for professors to allow and forbid Internet usage at will. What is interesting in this news report is that if the best and brightest don't have Internet discipline, how can we expect the mere mortals we work with to fight the fight?

Lesson Learned:

The temptation to peruse the Internet is often overpowering. Many colleges are doing away with the temptation by making it impossible to connect. What if all of us and those with whom we work acted as though we could not connect during meetings and waiting times. Imagine no more Crackberry prayer position during meetings, luncheons, and dinners: imagine people actually paying attention to those present, and imagine perfecting real life communication skills!

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4. Clarity and the German Cop

Clarity is both a huge value and a much sought after trait. Ever listen to someone talking and when they are done you wonder, just what did they say? I have a client who like many of us, struggles with clarity. Recently while in Munich, he was stopped by a German-speaking policeman. My client and the policeman struggled with the language barrier in addition to the traffic violation. It looked like a trip to the precinct was in his future. In a moment of brilliance, my client said with clarity the problem and the solution. The policeman responded by providing an escort to the destination.

Lesson Learned:

When you speak with clarity you move the process, any process forward. Even in a foreign land with a foreign speaking audience. When you don't speak with clarity, results are muddled and take much longer for a result of poor quality.

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5. McDonald's Going Feng Shui

The restaurant in Hacienda Heights, California is a quiet place where two indoor waterfalls flow silently. Not a new age café, it is a McDonalds renovated with the input of experts in Feng Shui, the Chinese practice of creating harmonious surroundings. The traditional McDonald's look was radically altered: curved walls, red accents, the number 4 absent in address or phone number.

Lesson Learned:

If McDonald's, as American as apple pie, is responding to outside influences, should we also? How does your business, figuratively or literally look different than it did a decade ago?

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IV. Summer Reading Suggestions!

Crazy Bosses by Stanley Bing
Fun Works: Creating Places Where People Love to Work by Berrett-Koehler)

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V. Case Study: Speaker Post Toast Masters


Executive came to me two weeks before delivering a State of the Organization speech, at a time of change and discontent within the organization.


Knowing this speech would be in June 2008, he started attending Toastmasters 18 months in advance.


Toastmasters got him further along the speaker continuum than before he started attending their meetings. In style and content these meetings and their input did not get him where he needed to be in polish and powerful content. We worked together over a two-week period, even on Father's Day! Individual coaching accelerated his progress. His receptivity and hard work, partnered with my coaching, got him target ready for his big day.

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VI. On TV and Live

Read Leslie's comments on this national website regarding first ladies to be Michelle Obama and Cindy McCain (http://demodirt.com/cindy_mccain_michelle_obama.html)

TV - Civic Forum with Leslie as host on Time/Warner

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VII. Answer

Garo Yepremian, place-kicker for the Miami Dolphins during their perfect 17-0 season
In the book "But We Were 17 and 0 by Francis J. and Raymond M. Lodato.

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