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 This newsletter includes: The Power of Perspectives
 I. Herbie's Helpful Hint   
II. Who Said It?
III. Mishmash of Value:
1. Lessons from Italy
2. What You and The King Have in Common
3. Sotomayer and Bork
4. 69,000 Hot Dogs
5. The Shaq Attack
IV.  Hall of Fame- John McCain
V. Live and On TV 
VI. Answer
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I.  Herbie's Helpful Hint (named after my Dad)
My Dad graduated from The Ohio State University. While I was in college staying up late studying for finals, he would tell and re-tell me this story. My Dad did not believe in cramming. He would say, you either knew the material or you didn't. When my Dad was in college, he found a kindred spirit in a classmate nicknamed Heckie. She too did not believe in cramming. So the Sunday of each finals week, they would go to a movie. They did not date, that was the only time they went out as a protest to pulling an all-nighter.
Lesson Learned:  Eileen Heckart "Heckie" went on to become well known as a TV and movie character actress with a gravelly, distinctive voice. You would recognize the voice before the name. This exam week system worked for my Dad, as he did graduate. How do you best learn? Do you know what you need to be most effective?
II. Who Said It? 
"I don't know sports. I know politics."
III. Mishmash of Value


1. Lessons from Italy
The sign in the window said, 10% discount if you spend 10 minutes, 20% if you spend 20 minutes, 30% if you spend 30 minutes. It intrigued me and into the store I went, a store I had no intention of walking into 30 seconds earlier. As I entered I was handed a piece of paper with my time of entry. All I had to do was spend the time: I could use my Crackberry or try on clothes; it did not matter as long as I spent the time.
Lesson Learned:  The idea behind the offer was that the longer you spend in the store, the more you will buy. Most people and stores offer the least amount of time rather than the most amount of time as in a free half hour consultation. What can you learn? How can you entice a prospect or client to spend more time with you? For the article on all the client related Lessons I learned in Italy, http://electricimpulse.com/resources/from-italy-with-love.php 
2. What You and The King Have in Common
I admit I am obsessed with the Michael Jackson saga. I was also mesmerized by Mark Sanford, the Sarah Palin press conference, and Steve McNair.  I decided my excuse for the fascination with pop culture is that I believe there are so many lessons to be learned from our current culture.
Lesson Learned: Lessons from MJ: 1. Protect your value. When his weirdness surpassed his genius he was not protecting his value. 2. Know NO people. When people said NO to him he outed them from his inner circle. Everyone needs people who hold up the mirror of reality and give them an honest reflection. 3. Identify your core value. In the end of his life, MJ went back to music, his core value. He looked pretty happy to me at that last rehearsal.
3. Sotomayer and Bork
Supreme Court Nominee Sotomayer has been practicing answering questions to replicate the Senate hearings. Years ago Robert Bork refused the help, saying and believing that his years on the bench had prepared him for the rigors of the interview process.
Lesson Learned: We can't say for sure if the lack of practice caused the rejection of his nomination. But we do know that a candidate for any job in this land, would be advised to do everything in their power to be the best in the process as well as at the job. It probably has not hurt that she has personally contacted all but 11 Senators. Are you doling everything you can to prepare for you moment in the spotlight?
4. 69,000 Hot Dogs
I conducted an interview with Dan Smith, Indians Vice President of Food and Beverage, when we taped at Progressive Field. We talked about many different aspects of their concessions from their new healthy food concession stand to dollar dog day. He told me that 69,000 hot dogs are sold on dollar dog day.
Lesson Learned: This was a mantra I can easily repeat. From three separate half hour interviews, this is the one piece of info I remember. Why? Because it was a simple repeatable mantra. Are you communicating in a way that people can remember and repeat your value?
5. The Shaq Attack
In 1960 those that heard the first Nixon-Kennedy debate on the radio thought that Nixon had won. Those that watched it on their new black and white TV thought that JFK had won. The more things change, the more they stay the same. I first heard Shaq's press conference on the radio and thought he hit a home run. I then watched it on TV and thought; maybe he made it to second base.
Lesson Learned: You have to be effective in all ways that you use communication. He held the microphone too low. Radio stations made up for it with their acoustics. His non-verbal took away from his strong verbal message. While his words made his message about the Cav's and LeBron, his non-verbal made it about him, in a very pink way. When non-verbal and verbal don't match, the audience believes what the speaker looks like saying the message rather than the message itself.
IV. Hall of Fame- John McCain
Situation: During the election, candidate McCain said he did not know or use email.
Regardless of your politics, can the president of anything be effective without knowledge of technology?
Process: Sometime since then, he has put himself on Facebook and he Tweets!
Result: If a 72 year old can stay current, what can you do to stay current in whatever ways will help you promote your value?

IV. On TV and Live
TV--Forum 360 with Leslie as host on Time/Warner
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VI. Answer 
Anderson Cooper, CNN'S AC360, said this in response to one too many sports analogies that Sarah Palin's spokeswoman used.

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