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 I. Herbie's Helpful Hint   
II. Who Said It?
III. Mishmash of Value:
1.      Fill the Space
2.      Censoring the Class Valedictorian
3.      Do You Need to Wear Blinkers?
4.      Are You Affluent?       
5.      Build It and They Will Come . . . Even in a Recession
IV. Case Study - General Patton and Communication
V. Live and On TV 
VI. Answer
VII. Frugal Fridays
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I.  Herbie's Helpful Hint (named after my Dad)
There was one common occurrence the week of June 1. Everyone who came to my office, sat down and asked the same question: what did I think of LeBron not talking to the media after Game 6? I'm thrilled my clients know me well enough to know to ask me about sports or the Cavaliers. My Dad always said, as long as they spell your name right, it doesn't matter what they say.
Lesson Learned:  I thought it was much ado about nothing. If LeBron did not want to talk, fine. It was OK with the NBA commissioner too, for a few days. We don't know the NBA written policies, BUT a few days later, Commissioner David Stern did an about face and fined the Cavaliers. (I think less of his leadership inconsistency than I do of LeBron's silence) I'm betting LeBron got more than $25,000 work of publicity. Like my Dad said, they spelled his name right.
II. Who Said It?
"It's not hard to die when you know you have lived".
III. Mishmash of Value
1. Fill the Space
I must be going back to my roots, my equine roots. While watching Dancing With the Stars, a guilty pleasure, I was reminded of showing horses, which I connected to presence and presentations. In the horse show ring, horses have to make themselves  as big as possible, and so do you when you speak.
Lesson Learned:  Do you physically fill the as much space as you can fill? When you are speaking are you as big as you can be? Bigness gives validity to big ideas. Click here for my latest article on the value of communicating bigness and how to do it. What an Arabian stallion and a French dancing contestant have in common
2. Censoring the Class Valedictorian
Jem  Lugo is her class valedictorian with a 3.98 GPA in her Florida high school. Smart enough to be on her way to Harvard in the fall. Her principal, Susan Duval, refused to allow her to give the commencement speech she wrote. I read it word for word. I'm stunned that in 2009 high school speeches are still censored.
Lesson Learned: Could it be that the more opportunities we have for uncensored speech, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, the less free the speech is?
3. Do You Need to Wear Blinkers?
Summer Bird was a good horse who ran a disappointed sixth in the Kentucky Derby. So the trainer Tim Ice, an unknown, untested and young head trainer, made two changes. One a fairly small change, and one a big change. He put blinkers (to focus the horses eyes ahead) on the horse so that the horse would pay less attention to the other horses and more attention to his running and his own jockey. The bigger change was in the jockey: a jockey with more experience in big races and more experience with this particular racetrack.
Lesson Learned: Do you need to figuratively wear blinkers? Are you losing acceleration because you are looking behind you or to the side to see who is your competition? Could you benefit from someone new to your team with specific experience?
4. Are You Affluent?       
I write monthly for Affluent magazine in Florida. I like to say my writing gets more sun than do I. Affluent is a full color magazine with really good articles and alluring ads! In each month's newsletter I supply a link to my monthly article. Affluent is now online and you can go directly to its site http://www.affluentmagazine.com (Coaches Corner)
Lesson Learned:  Whatever your profession, are you creating a web of viability? You too can write, speak, blog, and anything else you can think of to create a web of interest and credibility. Are you a person of interest?
5. Build It and They Will Come . . . Even in a Recession
Over the winter Akron's Hilton Hotel built an outside patio for dining. Imagine, building, renovating, improving in a recession. When asked, owner Rennick Andreoli said he has always invested in his business during a recession.
Lesson Learned: On a recent weeknight the patio was full with six reservations on a waiting list. This "patio" is bedecked with flat screen TV's and outside heaters. Here is an example of a company who chose to invest in themselves during a recession. Early reviews, (the patio opened a month ago) prove its success. What have you done to invest in yourself, your business? Are you positioned for the payoff?
IV. Case Study: General Patton and Communication
Situation: I was drawn to watch Patton the movie once again on Memorial Day.General Patton, Old Blood and Guts, was often at odds with those in higher command. While he was the father of armored vehicles, the savior of the Lipizzan horses, and recipient of enlistees loyalty who preferred to serve under him, he found himself on the sidelines several times during WWII.
Process: He slapped a soldier in a hospital bed (the Germans could not believe a great general would be relieved of his duties for such a trivial act), he publicly said Eisenhower cared more about a political career than his military duties (after which they never spoke again), and was known for his dislike of our ally the Russians, calling them Mongolian savages. Even in wartime, a 4 star general can be sidelined due to communication faux pas.
Result: His style of communication consistently compromised his military career and his relationships. He had more problems with humor, his image, and the press than he did moving the Third Army 100 miles in 48 hours. My second rule of communication is that you can break the rules, as long as you are willing to live with the consequences. Patton lived with the consequences. Can you?
IV. On TV and Live
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VI. Answer     
The character Edie, on Desperate Housewives.
VII. Frugal Fridays
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