Electric Impulse Communications, Inc. Newsletter

June 2006

  1. Question
  2. Mishmash of Value:
    1. Colors that Don't Commit
    2. Butterflies
    3. Saga of the Underwear
    4. Electric Impulse and Barbaro
  3. June Case Study
  4. Live and On TV
  5. Answer

I. Question

Who said, "From the very beginning, our focus has been the luxury consumer."  (answer at bottom of newsletter)          

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II. Mishmash of Value:

1.Colors That Can't Commit

My search for the perfect car has not gone well. In fact, my search for just my next car has not gone well. I drive a beloved Jeep. A model and color that Chrysler-Jeep no longer makes. So first, I thought I would look at my dream SUV, the Lexus. Except that when I went to look at my dream car, to my surprise it was no longer my dream. (If you drive a Lexus SUV, I love the car for you--just not for me!)

I saw all of them in a sad, colorless row. From my bright red Jeep to kind of beige, kind of gray, kind of a color. I call them colors that can't commit . . . to being a real color.

Lesson Learned:

Do you or your company, business, firm, service, or idea commit to make a clear statement? Or are you a company that can't commit clearly and firmly to what you do?

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Did you know that butterflies are in the last 20% of their lives? The first 80% was spent as a caterpillar. In the last stage, they become a butterfly. As a butterfly they don't sleep, they only slow
down at times during the day.

Lesson Learned:

How much of your life do you spend as a caterpillar and how much as the butterfly? How would your life be different if you morphed into the stand-out butterfly for more than 20% of your life? Maybe we wouldn't have to move so fast if we had spent more of our life as a butterfly?

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3.Saga of the Underwear

One night we go to the Mall in search of the perfect pair of men's underwear.  Like many things in life, once found it wasn't so perfect. So back we go the next night to exchange them for another size.
A fairly easy chore, as chores go. Except that the selection of underwear had been moved. Salesperson #1 did not know where they were moved. Salesperson #2 did not know where they were moved. Salesperson #3 did not know where they were moved. A five minute task took 25 minutes.                              

Lesson Learned:

Do you make it easy for people to do business with you? Does your market understand figuratively where your competitive edge is -- you can't sell what someone can't find.

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4.Electric Impulse and Barbaro (only read if you are sentimental)

Some of you know that my company was named after a horse. The original Electric Impulse was an Arabian stallion. What you may not know is that he had a leg injury, that led to a two month stay at Ohio State Veterinary Hospital, three surgeries, and that he died on the day he was supposed to come home. So you can understand that Barbaro's fate was of special interest to me. Following are thoughts about Barbaro and all of us:

1. After Barbaro won the Kentucky Derby the hope was that he would win the Triple Crown. Now the hope is that he will live. Sometimes in life and in business we have to adapt our expectations
2. A race horse is a fragile animal. 1200 pounds of weight pound down the track on four legs that are as fragile as toothpicks. Are any of us more than one accident away from tragedy?
3. Barbaro survived the surgery, but doctors still gave him 50/50 odds. Sometimes we are not out of the woods when we think we are.
4. There have been only 132 Kentucky Derby winners ever. Most people don't understand racing and don't really care except for maybe 3 Saturdays every spring. Hundreds lined up to wave at the mbulance transporting Barbaro and thousands sent cards and carrots. Everybody can recognize a winner.
5. Barbaro rebounded well the day after surgery. Seemed like good progress. But doctors cautioned that as a young stallion a challenge will be keeping him calm and still. That he feels frisky could mpede
his progress in the long run.

Sometimes we need an external source to correctly identify progress.

Sometimes it really isn't about money.

People have asked me if the owners were keeping him alive for the stud fees. The owners of Barbaro would probably make more money from his insurance policy than they would from stud fees. (FYI: In today's world they use only artificial insemination. A good thing because due to the injury, Barbaro would not be able to breed the old fashioned way)

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III. June Case Study

This Month's Case Study
A real life experience observed. What can you learn?

Situation: The Cav's went to the post season for the first time since the early 90's. In the series against the Wizards, LeBron walked a tight rope to the basket in the last seconds of a last second win.

Mental Process: He later said that he visualized the outcome. He wears size 16 shoes. He said if he was a 17 or 18 he could not have walked that tight rope (between the black line and out of bounds).
Results: They won and went on to take the Pistons to 7 games.

Lessons to be Learned:

LeBron knows his competitive edge- do you? When he had seconds to devise a play, he knew not only his shoe size; he knew how it applied to that scenario at that moment. Do you know your competitive details and how they can beat the competition? Do you visualize the outcome or get stuck in how to get there?


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IV. Live and On TV

Leslie's Upcoming Events: You are invited to attend:

June 7, 2006 at 4:00
Webinar:  Are You a Human Helicopter?
Are You Hovering or Do You Dare to Soar?

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June 13, 2006 morning session
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June 26, 2006
ABWA Annual Dinner

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Time/Warner Civic Forum TV Show
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Channel 23 May 28-June 3
Airs: Monday at 7:30 pm
Saturday 6 pm, Sunday 9 am and 6 pm

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V. Answer:

Brunello Cucinelli, maker of cashmere sweaters. What kind of consumer did you envision when you started your company or your day? Brunello dared to sacrifice the majority of the market for his ideal client. Do you?


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