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March 2015

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This newsletter includes: The Power of Perspectives

  1. Herbie's Helpful Hint
  2. ASK LESLIE - Stay On Your Cutting Edge
  3. Mishmash of Value:
    1. Humans are Less Rational
    2. Table of Six
    3. When Audience Does Not Want to Hear Your Message
    4. Problem with "Women Make Less"
    5. Speaking is Not about the Speech Itself
  4. Live and In Person
  5. Lessons from CoachSpeak
  6. Come and Be a Part of Our Community

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I. Herbie's Helpful Hint

My Dad loved anything new. We were the first in our neighborhood to have a color TV. Not because we were rich but because my Dad loved new things whether they were products like the newest razor blade or ideas. So when the opportunity arose to be a panelist in The Great Love Debate, I thought of my Dad. It is a new way to talk about my old subject, communication. Just as in the job interview process, I believe that the dating process is a communication exercise. He or she who communicates their value most effectively gets to proceed to the second date. I am going to be on a panel at this "debate" in Cleveland on April 8. I hope my Dad is smiling.

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II. Ask Leslie - Stay On Your Cutting Edge

Opportunities have a shelf life. Here is an opportunity that has a shelf life.

For anyone reading this newsletter,


for my

April 1 Innovate in Increments Master Class

. The cost of this Master Class is $500, but for this last remaining seat, I will extend a special offer of $150.

This teleseminar is held just days after the Oscars and at the end of the Golden Globes- Oscar season so it is relevant, current and applicable to your life. Each teleseminar is 50 minutes; you can call in on any phone.

To RSVP for This Year's Oscars: 9 Lessons You Can Apply to Your Life, email Leslie@electricimpulse.com or call the office at 330.668.6569. Remember - Opportunities have a shelf life!

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III. Mishmash of Value

1. Humans are Less Rational

Shoppers are more likely to buy French wine when French music is playing, and to purchase German wine when German music is playing. This is true even though only 14% of shoppers say they heard the music. Medical school candidates received higher ratings on sunny days than rainy days during the interview process. Being interviewed on a rainy day was a setback equivalent to an MCAT score 10% lower.

Lesson Learned:

Communication is audience driven not speaker driven. If the speaker is fact driven and the audience is not, you can see the accident just waiting to happen. In nonverbal communication there are high power poses and low power poses. The high power position is not always the most effective option. The speaker needs to consider on a non-rational level what position the audience requires of the speaker. Are you putting your audience needs ahead of what you want to do/be as a speaker?

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2. Table of Six

I always suggest to clients and audiences to read the Corner Office in the Sunday New York Times. It is always an interview with a CEO, and always the interview is about communication and/or leadership issues. A few weeks ago in the interview CEO Lew Cirne said he never attends a meeting with more than six people. He contends that anything more than six becomes about receiving information not sharing information.

Lesson Learned:

You can always control your environment more than you think you can control things whether the things are chairs or people or room set-up. This CEO has a table with six chairs in his office. If you want more people at the meeting, you can't have the meeting in his office. You can have the meeting without him and somewhere else. He is controlling his environment. His goal during meetings is to stay energized, focused and excited. He controls what he needs in order to achieve his goals. How do you control your environment to stay energized and focused?

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3. When Audience Does Not Want to Hear Your Message

Every speaker has to consider what the audience wants and needs to hear. And also what they don't want to hear. It doesn't mean you don't tell them, it means you have to figure out the most palatable way to craft your message to increase the odds it will be heard. Recently I attended a conference where Susan Rice, National Security Advisor, delivered a speech to 16,000 people who didn't really want to hear her message.

Lesson Learned:

This was a message the audience needed to hear even though they did not want to hear it. You may find yourself in this same position. She worked very hard to communicate in the spirit and words of her audience to connect, before she got to the meat of her message. Your #1 job as a speaker is to connect. She spent half of her speech attempting to do just that. When she got to her 5 main points, she said them clearly and her nonverbal stood there with authority and did not flinch. That is how you deliver a message your audience may not want to hear: with confidence and clarity.

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4. Problem with "Women Make Less"

Women make 77 cents to every $1.00 their male counterpart makes. But it is not that simple. Communication plays a huge role in women's salary. Yes, you heard me right. Communication not competence plays a huge role in take home pay. A 2014 survey found that 43% of women asked for a raise versus 54% of men. Only 39% asked for the amount that they eventually received.

Lesson Learned:

Some people want to put communication in a box and say "I don't need speaking skills." Communication is not about standing at a podium. Communication is about being able to communicate YOUR value and take steps to protect that value financially, psychologically, physically, and every which way. And men, I am talking to you also. If you can't speak about your own value with clarity then how can you expect others to appreciate your value?

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5. Speaking is Not about the Speech Itself

A CEO type recently said to me that "speaking" was not his main challenge. As if we could put speaking in a box that had walls. That is an example of a person who does not get it. That failure to get it will hurt a career. Speaking well is not about one speech at one podium at one microphone. Speaking well, verbally, vocally, and visually is about protecting your value, period. The skills you learn in working on a speech transfer to the water cooler, small group or large group dynamics. You simply can't be an effective leader today if you can't communicate in all venues with the clarity and confidence to move things forward.

Lesson Learned:

There is a saying in speaking that the speaker is lucky if the audience remembers one thing that is said. We may remember one line from JFK's Inaugural Speech or one line from I Have a Dream. That is not the point. We remember strong men who were in control of their message, their audience and their world. When Michael Dukakis spoke he did not look or sound like the leader of the free world, and he was not elected. Not because of content or delivery of one speech. Speaking is about learning to grow and control any spotlight in life. Don't get hung up on the venue or your frequency to speak. Do you "get it" about speaking?

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IV. Live and In Person

Live: Come and Join Us Can we keynote an event for you?

I'm speaking for the following groups and professions in the next month. I would love to speak to one of your groups!

April 8 The Great Love Debate
April 16 Brecksville & Broadview Hts. Chamber
July 8 KNOW on the GO

Forum 360 with Leslie as Moderator

Upcoming Show: What's New in Akron - This show highlights the new Nightlife Indie Theater in Downtown Akron

PBS Fusion Channels 45/49 Forum 360 will be seen on Mondays at 8 pm and Saturdays at 5:30 pm.

WONE FM 97.5 Sunday 6:00 am. For online streaming go to http://wone.net/ and click Listen Live.

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**Past shows can be seen my Website.**

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V. Lessons from CoachSpeak

One of the lessons I learned from the Tressel class on coaching was that success is harder to handle than failure. This lesson came to mind when I read about Michael Oher of The Blind Side fame. He was the orphaned middle school student taken in by the Tuohy family played by Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw in the movie.

Last week for the second time in his 5 year career he has been released. This time one day before most of his guaranteed salary came due. He was ranked 50th out of 54 players at his position last season. He came into the league the 23rd pick in the first round, among the movie hoopla. Success is harder to handle than failure.

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VI. Come and Be a Part of Our Community

Come to the first Video Session of 2015. Our first video session is the only lunch time session of the year. Tuesday March 10 from 11:30am - 1:30pm

April 1 - Master Class: Innovate in Increments
The process is simple: total immersion in one 4-hour class. The goal is attainable: catapult 2 or 3 levels of excellence to a place of expertise you did not know you could get to so fast.

May 5 - Video and You Breakfast
Join us and see how other people see you. You will have the ability to learn by both doing and observing. Eat, meet and greet at our only Video Breakfast of the year.

June 5 - HorseTalk: Lessons in Leadership
A horse is the best mirror of your communication and leadership skills that you will ever have the opportunity to see your reflection. Join a unique group of people- no riding or horse experience necessary or even helpful.

Email us at Leslie@electricimpulse.com for further information or to RSVP to one of our events. For more information visit our website at www.electricimpulse.com

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