Electric Impulse Communications, Inc. Newsletter

May 2004

  1. Carol- Unemployed Master Statistician to Corporate Executive
  2. Chuck- Machinist to Salesperson Extraordinaire
  3. Want to Speak? Will you speak like a pro
  4. Live and On TV

I. Carol- Unemployed Master Statistician to Corporate Executive

It was late one Friday in March, when the phone rang. Could I help? The voice on the other end sounded sad. Carol, as she identified herself, had been referred to me. She had a Masters in Statistics,  but was unable to articulate her value in a job interview. She had sent out 135 resumes, and had interviews with two companies. It was easy to assess her educational value. But she presented it  poorly from the visual to the verbal. We had two weeks to prepare. I gave Carol an overview of the work she would need to complete before interviews began. I formulated a game plan as if she was a salesperson selling a valuable product: herself. She had to identify  her value, learn to present her value not the processes in which she  toiled, identify her worst interview fears, learn how to take control  through questions, and discipline herself to pay attention to superficial  details in her visual presentation. The more I prodded the harder she  worked at presenting the value she could offer her potential employer.She is now employed, I am thrilled to report, for a Fortune 500 company. When we met for a victory lunch, I didn’t even recognize her!

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II. Chuck-From Machinist to Salesperson Extraordinaire

Chuck was sent to me by his company. After 18 years as a machinist  he answered an ad on the company bulletin board for a salesman. Who do you think was more surprised that he applied:  Chuck or the company? Chuck wanted to succeed at his new challenge. But he did not have the skills. Plus, whenever there was a problem with one of the machines, guess who they called? Even though Chuck was not a machinist anymore. Chuck, like so many employees with whom I work, was thrilled that his company was investing in him. Once he learned skills like using questions rather than telling, identifying the buyer, how to make his presence bigger, how not to get delegated down,  and how to position himself as the expert, he flourished. The company is now out one expert machinist, but up one accomplished salesperson.

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III. So You Think You Want to SPEAK?

I call them amateur speakers. Executives, business people, anyone with  a story to tell. People who are asked infrequently to speak to an audience  outside of their company. Like a professional athlete, anything we do more  often we do better! Following are ways to identify an amateur, who speaks infrequently,  from a professional who speaks often.

  • An amateur does not leave the security of the podium. (Obviously, there are lions and tigers out there)
  • An amateur rarely smiles or laughs.   (Breathing is enough of a challenge)
  • An amateur’s gestures are often minimal.   (Would require the white knuckles to leave their death grasp on the sides of the podium)
  • An amateur exhibits poor use of audio visuals.  (Walking between the laptop and screen is a dead give-away)
  • Amateurs often make poor selection and/or use of microphone. (An amateur often thinks they need no mike, and do not think of the benefits to each kind.
  • Often amateurs don’t know their value. (Amateurs speak to inform,  while pro’s speak to change you in some way)
  • Commanding Presence (An amateur thinks they are lucky to be speaking.  A professional thinks you are lucky to be listening to them!)

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IV. Live and On TV

I am thrilled to be speaking at Sales and Marketing Executives May Luncheon Event
"Every Client Encounter is a Selling Situation"
Tuesday, May 11 11:30 to 1:00. 
Sheraton Suites, Cuyahoga Falls
Contact Sue Warren @smeakron@ameritech.net

HBA UNIVERSITY“I’LL THINK ABOUT IT AND OTHER OBJECTIONS   MAY 20, 2004 8:30- 11:45 Credits for Realtors Open to the public and held at:
Homebuilders of America (HBA)
799 White Pond Dr. Email or call Dianne/HBA
330 869-6800 OR dianneb@akronhba.com

Civic Forum on the Air   - TIME WARNER CHANEL 23 Moderator Leslie G. Ungar
Lead, Follow, or Get Out of the Way: Leadership in Northeastern Ohio  

Guests: Dan Richards, Chemical Methods  

Don Taylor,WELTY Karen May, Akron Children’s Hospital
Building Trends
Moderator: Mort Stein

Guests: Ted Mallo, Attorney                                                                                                     Dwight Yoder, Builder 

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