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This newsletter includes: The Power of Perspectives
I. Herbie's Helpful Hint   
II. Who Said It?
III. Mishmash of Value:
1.      What Horses Teaches Us About Leadership
2.      Bellagio and Great Customer Service
3.      TripRes.com and Horrible Customer Service
4.      LeBron and the Extra Bar Mitzvah Mile
5.      What do James Taylor, the NFL, and DeDe Myers have in common?
IV.  Case Study:
V. Live and On TV 
VI. Answer
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IHerbie's Helpful Hint (named after my Dad)
My Dad used to watch and video my rides . . . ad nauseum. Only a father could
watch a horse go around a ring as many times as my Dad watched. He video'd me
at home practicing and in the ring at horse shows. Sometimes he would tell me that
I was "riding for a fall". 
Lesson Learned:  Riding for a fall means that you are riding to not fall off, rather than riding to win. Riding out of fear or weakness rather than riding out of strength and empowerment. Are you "riding for a fall"?
Read the entire article that was featured in Affluent magazine 
II. Who Said It?
"Wagner is a great, great composer," she said, "but he needed a good editor."
III. Mishmash of Value
1. What Horses Teaches Us About Leadership?
Here's a secret: A horse does not care what degrees you have, your title, or the
bonus you receive at the end of the year. A horse is not impressed with your position, and will not cooperate with you because of the alphabet soup of letters after your name.
What does that mean for you? Horse guided learning is a unique way for you to uncover and rediscover how to communicate your value in your company and in your market.  
Lesson Learned
:  I once "drove" a horse (pulling a buggy) right into a wall. My hands kind of said go right, my gut kind of said go left, andtherefore the horse went in the middle . . . into a wall. You can learn six lessons from a horse about being a successful 21st century leader,mmmmmmmmmmmm:_______________  
2. Bellagio and Great Customer Service
Recently I attended a professional conference in Las Vegas. The conference was at two locations. I stayed at one and attended the conference at The Bellagio. Walking out at the conclusion of one session, I caught my heel in a sidewalk crack and shredded the leather that covered the heel of my favorite pair of "speaking" shoes.
Lesson Learned: A week after I arrived home I was still heartsick over my favorite pair of shoes. I found an email address for their customer service. I wrote them an email late one night. The next day a gentleman from their risk management department called for more information, a fax followed, then a fed ex form for me to sign and then a check.
They made the process of a legitimate complaint, a not painful process. Do you?
3. TripRes.com and Horrible Customer Service
I thought I would join the 21st century and use an online service to make my hotel reservations. The problem occurred when the hosting conference changed the location of the meeting. I wanted to stay at the same venue so I attempted to change my room reservations: Not Possible. Speak to a superior: Not Possible. Any recourse: Not Possible.
Lesson Learned: Know what you need to be effective on a daily basis. I need flexibility from my partners and I need access. Working with a vendor that says simply, there is no one else you can talk to, is unsatisfactory to me. And I would offer that it should be unsatisfactory to you, too. Do you offer flexibility and access?

4. LeBron and the Extra Bar Mitzvah Mile
Eli had his Bar Mitzvah, the Jewish rite of passage from boy to young man. Eli is a huge basketball fan and of course a huge Cavalier and LeBron fan. Someone who knows both Eli and LeBron asked the King a favor. He responded with an email from Atlanta to Eli wishes him best wishes for his momentous occasion. Hence he created magic off the court as well as on the court.
Lesson Learned
: We all have the ability to make "magical moments". Those who  actually commit the acts of kindness and those that make the calls. Who can you create a magical moment for and what would it look like?
5. What do James Taylor, the NFL, and DeDe Myers have in common?
At first glance you might think nothing! Look again for the communication lessons you can learn. When James Taylor is talking to his audience his eye contact is horrendous.
In their recent draft, the NFL reduced the length of time of each round by five minutes.
Your audience too has less of an attention span than it used to have. DeDe Myers, the first woman press secretary and the youngest when she worked in the first Clinton administration missed her mark as a keynote speaker for the Knight foundation.
Lesson Learned:  If you're an adult, act like it and look your audience in the eye. Acting like a shy kindergarten student is charming for only so long. Your audience, like the NFL's audience, has less of an attention span than it used to have so speed things up to get to the results. If your claim to fame is one thing, like press secretary to a president, then know that is what your audience came to hear, give hem what they want and then you give them what you think they need to hear.
IV. Case Study: What One Speech Can Do
Situation: CEO was asked to give a keynote at a major event with an audience of 650.
CEO was known to be an expert, but a stiff and academic speaker. He engaged my services.
Process: Speaker was willing to get out of his own box of what was accepted both in content and delivery. Way out of his box. He practiced and practiced including twice at the venue to make the best of less than cutting edge technology and he listened to my suggestions.
Result: The standing ovation was heartfelt and long. One speech can change a room and a community's entire perception of a person from distant to "he really showed everyone that he is a wonderful person and probably one of the best friends a person could have". The ability to connect is needed by everyone from a salesperson to a business owner to a CEO in order to get the buy-in everyone needs to succeed.
IV. On TV and Live
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VI. Answer     
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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