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November 2013

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This newsletter includes: The Power of Perspectives from

  1. Herbie's Helpful Hint
  2. Ask Leslie - Stay on Your Cutting Edge
  3. Mishmash of Value:
    1. Robert Redford ARF
    2. Seven Year Lapse
    3. Bullies Aren't Just on Playgrounds
    4. The Big Apple's New Core
    5. Postal Service Sundays
  4. Live and In the Person
  5. The Natcha Journals
    (temporarily The Tressel-Dennison Coaching Lessons)
  6. Come and Be a Part of Our Community

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I. Herbie's Helpful Hint

At a workout class, I pondered why one class was filled and another was not. Was it the time or the instructor? I thought back to my dad's revolutionary idea in the 80's about horse shows. When the horse show schedule was published, it told the exhibitors the names of the judges and what divisions they would be judging. Everyone had favorite judges and judges they avoided. My dad used to say that they should not publish this information. If you believe in your horse you should go to that horse show regardless of who was judging.

Lesson Learned: Which begs the question, should the website tell members who is teaching a particular class? Or should we attend regardless? One philosophy is that you get out of a class what you put into it regardless of the instructor. With the Internet we have so much more information available to us. When does information assist us to reach a goal and when might it get in the way?

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II. New Ask Leslie Video - Stay on Your Cutting Edge

You may think you have little in common with an NBA or NFL player. As a speaker you have more in common with them than you think. Click here to read about what Coach Dambrot calls instinct and I call your Inner Brilliance.

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III. Mishmash of Value

1. Robert Redford ARF

As a male in America, who wouldn't have wanted to be Robert Redford growing up? Always the perfect American golden boy, surfer Redford was always the perfect Hubbell. Actually he faced hostility in high school. Walking down the hall with a (beautiful) girl, jealous and vicious male classmates would walk by and chirp ARF-ARF. Girls walking with him thought they were barking to signify that the girl was a "dog". Redford would eventually find out that ARF stood for Anti-Redford Federation.

Lesson Learned:

Lesson Learned: Sometimes there is something to be said for those old clichés. The saying about walking in someone else's shoes is one of those true-isms. From the outside we think being Robert Redford would be nothing but GREAT. Who would think Redford would be a victim of a type of bullying? No matter how thin you make that crepe, it still has two sides.

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2. Seven Year Lapse

Recently Jen brought an old email to my attention. Seven years ago I had emailed her a lead for a non-profit "ask". As happens to all of us, sometimes things just fall through the crack . . . of life. So seven years later she finds the email and acts upon it. Fortunately the person whose name was contained in the referral was still alive at 100 years old! Jen sent him an email asking for him to see her and he agreed. The outcome is yet to be determined but she does have an appointment with the centenarian.

Lesson Learned:

We never know. Our job whether it is to protect our business, our career or our non-profit is to be as pro-active as possible. No one's crystal ball works, at least not all the time. It is our job to follow all leads, to create all marketing gravity because we can't know what works or when it will work. Others are not on our time table. A lead is not too fresh nor too old. Our job is to follow up, even if seven years do go by.

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3. Bullies Aren't Just on Playgrounds

This whole Jonathon Martin v Rich Incognito v the Rational World has unfolded before our eyes each day. The one thing that it proves is that playgrounds are not the only place bullying takes place in 2013. Even if you are a 6'5 tackle. No matter how big you are, there is always someone bigger. Just ask the 304 pound Martin who was bullied by a 320 pound Incognito.

Lesson Learned:

What has been really interesting, aside from the fact that Martin has nine relatives who graduated from Harvard, are the takes of former NFL players and coaches. It is as if the NFL resides in a different country with a different culture and a different set of rules. There are things in life that are grey. Then there are others that are black and white. This is black and white. Have you convinced yourself of an alternate reality or perspective that is just not valid?

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4. The Big Apple's New Core

Bill de Blasio, born Warren Wilhelm, is an interesting study in many ways. The new New York mayor won 73% of the vote, being in 4th place just a few months before the election. He won 96% of the African-American vote, more than the last African American mayor. As an adult he chose to take his mother's maiden name rather than the surname of the father who had left him. He married an African American woman who at the time claimed she was gay. His bi-racial family campaigned vigorously and was embraced by New Yorkers. He promised to fire the current police chief, the architect of Stop and Frisk. He was not shy about his plans to tax the rich more in order to provide universal pre K to ensure student success.

Lesson Learned:

Sometimes we wonder if progress is ever made, if things ever change. A few decades ago, in most of our lifetimes, would a bi-racial family have been an advantage to an elected official? De Blasio featured his 16 year old son Dante in a TV ad. Dante, known for his 60's Afro was embraced around the city. De Blasio and his wife, Chirlane McCray, agree that she will be an active part of his administration giving a voice to many rarely heard groups. Is your thinking evolving with your times whether you are in New York or New Philadelphia?

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5. Here Comes the Judge

The cash strapped United States Post Office has entered into an agreement to deliver on Sundays for on line retailer Amazon. Apparently delivering mail is a financially losing proposition while delivering packages is profitable. FedEx and UPS do not deliver on Sundays so this gives both the USPS and Amazon an advantage over their competitors. This service starts immediately in two geographic areas, LA and Greater New York.

Lesson Learned:

There is always another way. Often times we keep looking at the same picture in our etch-a-sketch and fail to move the knobs even a little. Truly if the post office, not known as a bastion of competitive fires, can work on Sundays, all of us can figure out new and successful ways to deliver; to find success. The USPS deficit was 16 billion, which does seem like a rather large number. The e-commerce market is 186 billion. How can you think differently about delivering your service, your product, your idea, than you did even a month ago?

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IV. Live and in the Person

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V. The Natcha's Journals

Each class of this 16 week course on Coaching Principles, we have a different guest coach. Last week it was Terry Bowden, UA Football Coach and son of legendary coach Bobby Bowden. Asked what was the hardest part about being a Head Coach, his answer was revealing. He said the hardest part was to keep your resolve amid frustration and disappointment. He said he could actually see the game unfold better from the press box, but his players needed to see him on the sidelines. And what they needed to see was resolve in the face of any adversity.

This is why I am taking this course. For the kernels of sports coaching that apply to my coaching. Your people need to see your resolve in the face of lay-offs, a failed levy, a client lost, a goal missed, whatever your challenges.

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