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November 2014

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This newsletter includes: The Power of Perspectives as Seen Through Treasures

  1. Herbie's Helpful Hint
  2. ASK LESLIE - Stay On Your Cutting Edge
  3. Mishmash of Value:
    1. The Treasure of a Reply
    2. When is a Hotel a Treasure?
    3. Cities Known for their Treasures
    4. Treasures or Orphaned Items?
    5. The Treasure of a Murano Experience
  4. Live and In Person
  5. Lessons from CoachSpeak
  6. Come and Be a Part of Our Community

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I. Herbie's Helpful Hint

My dad was a first generation Hungarian American. As with many immigrant families in the early part of the last century, they just wanted to be American and many of their customs were not passed on. I found this story of interest. The job of preparing Hungarian paprika was once considered too dangerous for mothers to do. The peppers were once considered so spicy that a mother who touched her child after touching the peppers would risk burning them. By the early 20th century, sweeter varieties were developed as well as a machine that extracted the hot paprika veins.

Lesson Learned: Paprika represents the best of the old and the new. My dad embraced what was new. I remember the first computer my parents company had was so big it filled a room. That Pitney Bowes never worked right. Do they still make Pitney Bowes? He embraced every new device on every new make of car. Yet he still loved his Oreos and his Hostess chocolate cupcakes. Do you know which habits to keep and which new customs or electronics to embrace?

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II. Ask Leslie - Stay On Your Cutting Edge

HorseTalk: Lessons in Leadership is a day long experience. We now have the ability to take one piece of it, the round pen, and make it available as a normal coaching session. You and me and a thousand pound horse to be your metaphor for your challenges in your professional life. You will learn how to move that horse at a trot and a canter without a lead of any kind. Here is a picture from the old round pen. We now have a fully covered round pen that can be used all year long. Meet you in the round pen!

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III. Mishmash of Value

1. The Treasure of a Reply

As some of you know, I am an unofficial member of Shark Tank Nation. I believe the entrepreneurs get funded or don't get funded largely on their ability to present their value and protect their value in the mine field known as questions. A couple of weeks ago I was horrified at one shark's belief that she does not fund "rich kids'. I found the comment beyond offensive as well as hypocritical. I have to assume her son at his Ivy League school is a rich kid. Would she want him to be discriminated against because he was raised in a rich kid's world? I found Barbara Corcoran's email address and I shared these comments and that I looked forward to an apology. Her comment was like saying you don't invest in short people or tall people. The brothers in question had no control over what family they were born into yet they have chosen to be productive, entrepreneurial members of society. I did receive a reply.

Lesson Learned:

Although I think my comments were much more thought out than her brief apology, I did receive an answer. I have no idea if she actually read or responded to my email, but someone did and that is important. I also wrote Mark Cuban who had a snarky not sharky attitude about the same two entrepreneurs. I did not receive an answer. Years ago when Tressel was fairly new at OSU I called his secretary and asked if he could call or write my dad, who was very sick at the time. Right before they won a national championship my dad received a note in the mail that is still hanging above what was his desk. There was a mechanism in place to respond to all. Do you have a mechanism in place to respond to all?

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2. When is a Hotel a Treasure?

A hotel at its basic must take care of our needs. But a treasure? Here is one take on when a hotel is a treasure. (from a travel writer) When it is small enough to feel like home, whimsical enough to convey the local culture, warm enough to anticipate needs and surprising enough to refresh one each day or night upon return. It helps to be value priced, where the return on investment feels as though it exceeds the financial investment.

Lesson Learned:

Years ago I attended a seminar on Heinz ketchup. To this day it is the most fascinating seminar I ever attended. I learned that in the marketplace all products from Nike to ketchup have a CHARISMA rating from 1-100. As you might expect, the higher the number the better selling the product. So should it come as any surprise that a hotel and you have something in common? Do you convey the local culture, warm enough, and anticipate the needs of your clients? Do your clients, customers, members, guests or patients feel that their return on investment exceeds their investment?

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3. Cities Known for their Treasures

Many cities in the world are known for only one thing: which gives them something in common with speakers or anyone that wants to be effective. We are lucky if people-tourists or audience members-remember one thing about us. That may seem depressing that out of all of your brilliant points, maybe one will be remembered. Until you realize that if an entire city can be condensed into one memorable product, how can we expect to be remembered for many? Berlin is known for its street art, Brussels for its chocolate, Istanbul for scents, Florence its silk-and leather I would add, London is known for hats, Lisbon for tiles, and Paris for umbrellas-who knew? Except that I still remember the umbrella I did not purchase that was amazing!

Lesson Learned:

In my world this begs the very blatant question, what are you remembered for? If you were a city, what one thing would you be remembered for? Most of us want to be remembered for more than one thing. Think of Paris. Known for its high fashion, food, and its tourist attractions. Yet all of this was condensed into one product: umbrellas. What do you want to be remembered for?

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4. Treasures or Orphaned Items

Have you ever looked down, anywhere in the city, the state, the country or the world, and picked up something from the ground? We have a piece of tile that I picked up on the street in Puerto Vallarta. Often these orphaned items become the most cherished souvenir. Maybe instead of us finding them, maybe they found us. Perhaps they are a wink from the universe, something the universe thinks we should have: a matchbook, a coin, a wine cork, or a leaf.

Lesson Learned:

Souvenir comes from the French word to remember. A souvenir whether it was purchased or stumbled upon serves to help us remember. Sometimes the most expensive souvenir is donated and the orphan moves with us throughout our lives. Have you thought about how you can give your clients a souvenir to remember the best about you?

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5. The Treasure of a Murano Experience

Several years ago we were in Venice when we had the Murano experience. Except that our Murano experience was probably alittle different than most. The glass factory's private boat picks you up to whisk you directly to the factory. You are toured and charmed through the showroom and factory. That the prices are a hundred times more than outside of the factory is of little interest inside the storied walls. We chose to purchase very little from the factory. When it came time to leave, the private yacht disappeared and we were given the equivalent of an aquatic city bus with standing room only and a hundred stops between the factory and our hotel.

Lesson Learned:

In sales and in a horse show, you learn that everything counts from the time you hit the parking lot or the show ring. We didn't purchase expensive Murano glass. Maybe we would have the next time. Now our treasured memory is of being dumped once it was assessed that we did not meet someone else's financial goals. Do you treat people differently depending on how much they spend? Do you think only of the first sale or do you think of the fourth sale??

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IV. Live and In Person

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V. Lessons from CoachSpeak

The long bomb is always thrilling as is the 3 point play with two seconds left on the clock. But according to my class on coaching, it is the routine plays that win. Teams that do the mundane WIN. What do we learn from that literal sports metaphor that we can figuratively apply to our lives? Regardless of your field of play or your superstars, the boring mundane still has to be done. Whether you're mundane is calling for referrals or cleaning out drawers, while not glamourous it has to be done in order to win.

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VI. Come and Be a Part of Our Community

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