Electric Impulse Communications, Inc. Newsletter

November 2004

  1. The Debates: What We Can Apply
  2. 38 Times
  3. Sacrifice Marketing
  4. Live and On TV

I. The Debates: What We Can Apply

Most of us will not run for president-of the United States. So what can we learn from the debates that apply to our own lives?

* The role of visual.
We can argue about its merits, but not its presence. You know that you and the country talked as much about what each candidate looked like as you did the issues. There was even a website created solely to answer the burning question regarding the back of President Bush's jacket at the first debate.
      Why, on our daily basis, would it be any different for any of us?   What is your "visual" non-verbal saying about you before and during your verbal?
Do your non-verbal and verbal match?
What happens when they don't?
An audience-one or one hundred-will believe your non verbal over your verbal. Say something funny, your face needs to reflect humor. Say something tragic, same thing.

Look in the mirror and test your visuals-do you pass?

* Know your audience.
Many voters have weighed in on Bush's use of the English language. Many like his natural, non-prepared way of speaking. It's not about speaking correctly, it's about communicating your value effectively for your audience. If Bush wins, one important reason will be his correct assessment of what voters want in a President. Audiences are different: analysts have a different hierarchy of needs than buyers.    

You may or may not choose to fulfill their needs, but do you know how your audiences want you to look, sound, and reason?

*The art is in hiding the art.
Which candidate looked more natural? I'll let you decide.   

Keep in mind that most women know how hard it is to look "natural".   Candidates and anyone communicating in a stressful situation strive   to appear natural. The question I asked before the debates I ask again:

how do we practice our most important presentations and at the same time be light on our feet?
It it important internally for us to appear natural because when adrenaline is high, learning is low. We can't tap in to our  inner brilliance when we allow our nerves to rule.      
Do you have a plan for appearing light on your feet?

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II. 38 Times

That's the number of times an employee of a large company was "written up" before he was fired. 38 warnings! How many warnings do you receive in your profession before you hear the words "you're fired"? Often, it's not a boss that fires us, it's a client and we don't get 38 warnings! What do we get and what do we ignore? If you watch The Apprentice you will notice one constant:      
the fired apprentice. Different person each week with the same story. 
It's never their fault, regardless of the observable behavior.

Do you take responsibility?
Do you take responsibility with a fuzziness or with clarity?


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III. Sacrifice Marketing

The story of the Escalade. If you think the SUV market needed another SUV - stand up! Tomorrow, count how many Escalades you pass on your way to and from work or appointments. Just start looking for that very recognizable front grill.
The SUV market was already crowded, over crowded some might say. This Cadillac option is not on the cheap end, and by some accounts you could call it a gas guzzler. Cadillac followed sacrifice marketing and is enjoying the rewards! Just count 'em  on the road!
They are not trying to appeal to every one holding a driver's license.
Neither is Mercedes and Rolex does not expect to sell to everyone with a wrist!
Do you employ sacrifice marketing--CAN YOU?


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IV. Live and On TV

A.  Cable TV Time/Warner Civic Forum of the Air
     Channel 23

NorthCoast Community Homes
Week of Monday November 1-November 7
Sunday 6:00 pm, Sunday 9:00 am                                
Steven McPeake-Executive Director
Barbara Rosenthal-VP Business Development
Kip Reader-Chairman of the Board

Akron's Brain Gain
Week of Monday November 29 -December 5
Sunday 6:00 pm, Sunday 9:00 am

Jeff Satterfield- Co founder Torchbearers
Kurt Minson-The M Group, President Torchbearers
Heather Smith- Torchbearers

B.  In Person

HBA University -
Stand Out Service: Turn Defining Moments into Defining Value                     
Homebuilder's on White Pond
November 4      8:30-11:30
call 330-869-6800 to attend)     

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