Electric Impulse Communications, Inc. Newsletter

November 2005

  1. Question
  2. Lessons Learned with Campy Russell
  3. Mishmash of Value:
    1. Martha's Apprentice
    2. New NBA Dress Code
    3. BOO-My favorite Holiday
  4. December Case Study
  5. Live and On TV
  6. Answer

I. Question

At the recent Docs that Roc, a benefit for United Way, power to the keyboard went out. What do you do when a piece of equipment stops and you are on stage?

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II. Campy Russell              

Dan Gilbert, Cavaliers owner, was nice enough to get me Campy Russell as my guest on the Time/Warner TV show that I host. What a nice man! Professional, approachable, knowledgeable. I learned a valuable lesson about not only basketball, LIFE. Campy said people thought of him as a shooter, when he thought of himself as a scorer. OK you basketball fans out there. What is the difference? Campy said a shooter is temperamental, can only score under the right conditions.
A scorer figures out some way to score, long game, short game, assist, something. Is LeBron a shooter or a scorer? LeBron is a scorer.  Are you a scorer or a shooter in your work and in life?


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III. Mishmash of Value:

1.Martha's Apprentice

What lessons can we learn from watching and holding a mirror up to
ourselves to see how those lessons apply to us.

1. The Dreaded V Word
Each team had to design a wedding cake. The team that then sold more cakes in a bridal store, won. One team's salesperson was a recent law
school grad. He knew nothing about sales. So he just asked the engaged couples questions. How did they meet, what does their  dream wedding
look like? He developed relationships, what a concept.

The other team saw themselves as vendors, selling a commodity,
and trying to do it for the lowest price.
Guess which team won. In fact, the VENDOR team sold ZERO.

How can you move from vendor to partner in whatever field you are in?


2.  Fake It Till You Make It
One of the apprentice's used this saying that I have used 1000 times.
Martha was appalled, and the apprentice was fired.
I use it to apply to confidence, fake it until you have the confidence to communicate with clarity, conviction, and confidence. Martha fires
someone for faking something? Where was her sense of humor?
Can you communicate confidence until you develop it?

3. Last Words Linger
We love the Donald's You're Fired.  Do you know why?
To replicate effective communication you have to know why.
In any public speaking, (which is any speaking outside of your front door), LAST WORDS LINGER. The last words you say are most important.
Martha's don't linger -- do yours?


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2. New NBA Dress Code

So where do you weigh in on this controversy?
The NBA hands down a dress code to its superstars!!
Tim Duncan says it is retarded, Jim Rome thinks it is a good idea.

What is the dress code trying to accomplish?
The idea is that when people upgrade their dress, they upgrade their
behavior and their language. I think it is a good start for a league
marked by strangle holds, fights with fans, and a murder charge here
and there. What do you think?


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3. My Favorite Holiday

Halloween is my favorite holiday. All the costumes get me to thinking about how we present ourselves to the world. Many people think the only time they wear a costume is to a Halloween party.
Don't we wear costumes everyday? Does your costume match your skills and the job you WANT, not the one you have?


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IV. December Case Study

A real life Electric Impulse, Inc. client. What can you learn?

Situation: A CEO who does public speaking within his company and for outside audiences. This CEO has a marketing department and an outside PR firm. However, he has found that my ability to write speeches in his voice and make the context come alive, have helped separate him from other executives.

Process: He gives me the date the speech is need and the topic. I have free rein to figure out what people involved can give me background information and talk to them. One time the only information
I received was that the speech would be given in the garden of a museum in another city. So I called that museum, and found out about an exhibit that would be on display at the time of the speech, and wove that into the topic of the speech.

Results: The people involved in the speeches that he gives are thrilled with how the speeches are customized for them and/or the occasion. The act of going the extra mile and having speeches created that are personal and event specific is noticed by the audience, and helps make the CEO an even more viable executive.


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V. Live and On TV

HBA University December 8  8:30-11:45
How to Communicate and Market in the 21st Century

HBA Headquarters at 799 White Pond
330-869-6800 Dianne to make a reservation

Time/Warner Civic Forum of the Air
A Conversation with Campy Russell
Week of November 15 - Channel 23
Airs: Monday at 7:30 pm
Saturday 6 pm, Sunday 9 am and 6 pm

Upcoming Guests:
Reggie Langhorne
Felix Wright

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VI. Answer:

Keep going . . . in some manner.
The lead singer, Dr. Terry Gordon, took control of the situation. He picked up his banjo and improvised with a solo song he had not planned on singing. By the end of the song, power was restored to the keyboard and his group could continue. Same principle applies to PowerPoint.
*Hint: Did you know that if your cell phone is permanently unable to turn on, your stored phone numbers are probably unable to be transferred?
You might want to check about back up.


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