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November 2007

  1. Herbie's Helpful Hint
  2. Who Said It?
  3. III. Mishmash of Value:
    1. What Are Your Midges?
    2. The Indians Demise
    3. Starbuck's Spends Money On?
    4. How Curious Are You?
    5. Want to Sell Your House-Get Real
    6. Bring Hollywood Boulevard to You
  4. Case Study
  5. Live and On TV
  6. Answer

I. Herbie's Helpful Hint (named after my Dad)

My Dad was big on handwritten notes . . . to everyone from his daughters to his congressmen and president. Recently Sally Field was interviewed about her current Emmy winning role. She attributed the ABC executive as the one who changed her mind about returning to weekly TV. He sent her the loveliest notes about how the network had changed and wrote of his support for her and the show. She even keeps the notes posted where she reads them often


Even though you have the ability to email, text, and voice mail, there is still magic in a handwritten note. My Dad said so.

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II. Who Said It?

"It's hard to catch lightening in the bottle twice." (Answer at end of newsletter)

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III. What Are Your Midges?

1. What to Look for in the Presidential Primary Season

The Yankees and the Midges both invaded Jacob's field. I happened to be in attendance that night. I was more fascinated by the force of the midges than Derek Jeter or A Rod. How could players possibly focus through the Job-like swarm that either G-d or LeBron had sent? Ryan Garko said, "The other guys were acting like bullets were flying at them. Hey, this is the big leagues."

Lesson Learned:

What are your midges? What do you have to concentrate through? One person's bug is another person's bullet. What help do you need to make your bugs benign?

(Preview the article that will be featured in next month's Affluent magazine)


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2. The Indians Demise

TThey say good pitching beats good hitting in the playoffs. Boston trotted out 100 year old pitcher Kurt Schilling and the Indians trotted out 100 year old hitter Trot Nixon. Was it the really the pitching? I contend what went wrong was above the shoulder, not at the end of the arm. The Indians woke up the morning of Game 5 and said, oh my G-d, we're almost in the World Series. And played as though they didn't deserve to be there.

Lesson Learned:

Our game too, is played from the neck up. Do you believe you can land the next sale, the life changing account? Does everything you say and everything you do drip with confidence and competence? Or do you question your ability to play in the big leagues?

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3. Starbuck's Spends Money On?

Starbuck's spends more money on training than on advertising. Think about it. That's huge. Starbuck's soars and the Big Three automakers struggle. Which one do you think spends more money on advertising? Training their own people, what a cutting edge concept. Amid all the new technology in the world, old fashioned spending time with and on employees helps Starbucks standout in a crowded field.

Lesson Learned:

Are your own employees advocates for your company, firm, or mission? Do people come to you or use you because of individuals? I know a Starbuck's regular who has been invited to the weddings of three baristas. How connected are your own people to your clients?

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4. How Curious Are You?.

Recently, I asked Campy Russell, former NBA All-Star, if the Cavaliers would make it back to the play-offs. He said it depended on their curiosity. Think about what a fascinating answer: not their basketball skills nor defensive strategies. Their success would depend on each player's curiosity to see how much better they can be.

Lesson Learned:

The value of improvement. The Stupid Zone is where we live when we don't question ourselves. How curious are you about your next level of excellence?

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5. Want to Sell Your House-Get Real

Get real, says Professor Christopher Mayer, Columbia Business School. If you want to sell your house then you list it at the market price and you sell it. If you really don't want to sell then don't put it on the market. But don't say you want to sell and then set the price so high that you spend the year cleaning up every morning, having people walk through your living room and reject you.

Lesson Learned:

How can you get real about your real value? Is your own value under priced or over valued?

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6. Bring Hollywood Boulevard to You

The New York Times wrote about a big story about a small theatre in Columbus, Ohio. They are masters of promotion at the Drexel, bringing Hollywood to their own Main Street. Some promotions have included free passes to those who wore red shoes to "The Red Shoes", and inviting people to dress up for Casablanca.

Lesson Learned:

"For a short time you take people someplace they've never been to before", says owner Jeff Frank. How can you literally or figuratively take clients, customers, patients, guests, or members someplace they have never been before?

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IV. Case Study


The editor of Forbes magazine, James Walker Michaels, recently died. Editor for almost 40 years, under him Forbes became a boot camp for business reporters.


Michaels wrote thousands of notes to his writers to improve their process as they were writing assigned articles.

What Happened:

Writers gained valuable wisdom through these brief directives. Examples from what is referred to as the Abuse File: "This is badly written and badly edited. It would be an insult to foist it on the reader. Too bloody complicated. That's not writing. Make it simple and interesting. That's writing."

Lesson Learned:

Even professionals need direction. Don Shula used to say, uncorrected errors multiply. Even award winning writers benefited from this literary taskmaster. Who is writing you directives?

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V. On TV and Live On TV


--Civic Forum with Leslie as host on Time/Warner

Upcoming Shows:

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VI. Answer

Senator John McCain.
(Although we have to create lightening everyday!)

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