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October 2011

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This newsletter includes: The Power of Perspectives

  1. Herbie's Helpful Hint
  2. New ASK LESLIE video
  3. Mishmash of Value:
    1. Develop the DIVA2 – 5 More Tips
    2. Why HP CEO Got Fired
    3. What a Puppy Can Teach You
    4. Money ball the Movie
    5. A Special October Wish
  4. Live and On TV
  5. Come and Be Apart of Our Community

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I. Herbie's Helpful Hint (named after my Dad)

My Dad used to say that my epitaph would read, “It’s the principle of the thing.” I was willing to die for any principle. So when a CEO was ready to give up a national speaking opportunity because his speech had been edited, my Dad’s words sprung into action.

Lesson Learned:

I heard my Dad on my shoulder telling me not to die on this hill. Coaxing the CEO to see the bigger picture more than the small “principle of the thing” was definitely guided by a Herbie Hint. Most of the time your vision is more than ‘the principle of the thing.

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II. New ASK LESLIE on My Homepage

Every other month ASK LESLIE alternates between the home page of my website and my you tube channel. ASK LESLIE is a short video that will help you be more effective. This month's featured segment on my homepage answers the ASK LESLIE question, what is your blind spot, your Achilles heel? Click to hear in just 2:15 the 5 blind spots or what I refer to as Achilles Heels of Today’s Leaders. Do you need an honest mirror to identify yours?

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III. Mishmash of Value:

1. Develop the DIVA2 – 5 More Tips

Develop the Diva2 is an article for women, those who work with women, and those who love women. The challenge is that women “get in their own way” differently than men” get in their way.”

Lesson Learned:

Men tend to be unreserved when they sit: sprawling, stretching and spreading out. Women tend to draw in, keeping arms and legs close to their bodies. Another example is that women create feelings of closeness by conversing. Men create closeness through activities. To read the whole article in Affluent magazine click here

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2. Why HP CEO Got Fired

In a recent corporate move, the Hewlett-Packard chief executive was replaced. The Board contends that the new strategy to transform its business was sound. Leo Apotheker was replaced because he bungled communicating the plans to HP employees and outsiders.

Lesson Learned:

Ouch! His less than a year term was terminated not because of a strategy to spin-off HP personal computer business, not because of a strategy to close a line of mobile devices, nor the 11.7 billion acquisition of a software maker. “It’s not about the strategy, it’s about the guy,” said one insider. Do you still think its all about your competency?

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3. What a Puppy Can Teach You

Guide dogs are bred and raised for a mission: to empower a visually impaired owner. Born at their own kennel, at 8 weeks most puppies are given to a “puppy raiser” until 18 months old. The dogs that make it will go on to be the ears and eyes of their sight impaired owners. The guide dog may have a moment to get its owner out of the way of a car or out of a burning building. Not all puppies make it to the first leg of this journey.

Lesson Learned:

What can a puppy, sleeping most of the time and chewing on everything the rest of the time, do to end a career before it begins? Not guide dog material is the verdict for some 8-week-old puppies. The reason is lack of confidence. Confidence can be identified as early as 8 weeks old. What role is confidence playing in your life?

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4. Moneyball the Movie

See this movie. I repeat, see this movie. When you see it, anytime you hear the word baseball, substitute the name of your business or profession. When you hear the word statistics, substitute “different way of doing things.” The movie is a statement on 21st century thinking versus 20th century thinking. It is about how you select who you put on your bus and what seat you give them. Your bus should not look the same as it did even a few years ago.

Lesson Learned:

The first challenge is to buy-in to a different way of thinking, a different way of problem solving, a different way of leading. The second challenge is having the confidence to stick to the plan, to be able to see the bigger vision even when everyone else can’t see what you see. How do you think differently?

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5. A Special October Wish

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. After every mammogram my doctor’s office calls. When I hear the message, I think about how one phone call changes people’s lives. The good news gives us a pass for a year. The bad news changes us forever.

Lesson Learned:

In addition to wishing and hoping, October is an appropriate month to do something more. Make a donation on line to Susan G. Komen. Or come to TGI Friday’s on October 19 for dinner and help our Heather raise the money to walk in her second 60 mile walk.

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IV. On TV and Live

Live: Come and Join Us Can we keynote an event for you?

October 21 – Sixth District Students
October 27 – Ohio Teachers Association
November 30 - Sixth District Teachers

TV--Forum 360 with Leslie as host on Time/Warner

Playing this Week: The Big C: What Can Each of Us Do About It?
Guests: Heather Maimone, Cheryl Carter, Cindy Ertel

Upcoming Shows:

Week of October 24 - Raising a Seeing Eye Dog
Guests: Luigi and his Puppy Walkers Kathy and Alex Piwowar, Leslie Stephens GEB

Week of November 7 - From Harvard Law to Law and Order
Guest: Peter Lawson Jones, esq.

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V. Come and Be A Part of our Community

October 20-VideoTape and You 11:30am – 1:30pm
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November 1 at 4 pm Teleseminar: Next Generation Leadership
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