Electric Impulse Communications, Inc. Newsletter

October 2005

  1. Question
  2. Lessons Learned from this year's Apprentice
  3. Mishmash of Value:
    1. Akron Marathon
    2. Ohio's Most Visible People
    3. She's Back-The Return of Martha
  4. October Case Study
  5. Live and On TV
  6. Answer

I. Question

Do you want to be likable or credible?
(Answer at bottom of newsletter)


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II. Lessons Learned from this year's Apprentice                

Donald Trump's The Apprentice is back, and with it come the lessons that we can learn from watching and holding a mirror up to ourselves to see how those lessons apply to us. This year's class of sixteen is billed as the best. I don't see the measurable and observable proof . . . yet.

1. The Problem with Arrogance
This year the team's are divided into a men's team and a women's team. The project this week was designing a commercial and a campaign for the new model Ferrari. The men thought that as men, they had it made.
They celebrated their success long before their campaign was developed. The project manager guaranteed his team's success.
They lost. BIG.
Is your arrogance getting in your way of communicating your
competitive edge? So you are successful, how much more
successful could you be?

2. Get Real
As you may know, the Donald selects the members of the losing team that will return to the Boardroom. One of them will be fired. The project manager brought in a team member he disliked. The project manager ended up being fired because he couldn't Get Real. He couldn't look in the mirror and assign blame to those who earned it. He assigned blame to those he disliked and then tried to rationalize his decision. The Donald tried to act as his objective mentor and nudge him in the right direction. He failed and the project manager was fired.
Can you get real with yourself? If you can't, is it getting in your way?
Can you listen to others?

3. The Apprentice's Most Important Lesson
Each team presented their commercial and their campaign.
The women PRESENTED their campaign. They walked into the Boardroom, each dressed uniformly in a sleeveless black top, carrying a poster board. Each stood with their side facing their audience.
Slowly each one turned and said only the one word on their posterboard.
No others words were said. Their one word per person said it all.

It did not appear that the men's team prepared a presentation.
The leader talked his way through explaining their campaign.
If it has to be explained . . .
You could feel his desperation.
The more desperate he became the more he talked.
When the decision was announced by the advertising experts it was said with clarity:
Women feel it.
Men say it.
How effective are your presentations?
Are you taking advantage of everything you say and everything you do?
And everything you could have said and everything you could have done to communicate your value with clarity, conviction, and confidence?


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III. Mishmash of Value:

1.Cool Hand Luke-What We Have Here is a Lack of Communication

We are hosts to an international runner or running team during the Akron Marathon. This year we set out to pick up our runner Sergey, from Russia. Upon meeting him in the terminal I quickly realized that he spoke no English. NO English. Picture my Moshe, my Tunisian, Parisian, Israeli, American who speaks seven languages. And not one could he communicate with the Russki! French? Nyet! Spanish? Nyet! Japanese? Nyet!  Nyet! Nyet! As I listened to Moshe try in vain to find a way to communicate, I wondered how often we experience our own lack of communication?
Better ideas, products, and people don't win. Ideas, products, and people communicated more effectively do win: the account, the job, the connection. How often do you have a lack of communication even when you are seemingly speaking the same language?


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2.Observing Ohio's Finest

This month I was in the front row on three different occasions to hear three people that are very visible in Northeast Ohio. An owner of a sport's team, one of Ohio's highest ranked elected officials, and a former TV personality now in the business world. You can learn from their missteps. These observations got in the way of their communicating their competitive edge.

1. "And-umm" is neither a transition nor the beginning of a sentence.
2. Even if it is 7:30 in the morning, yes your audience will notice that you didn't press your suit.
3. If you are going to give the spotlight of attention to someone else, make sure that you shined in that spotlight before you give it away.
4. Saying something mean spirited followed by a smile does not erase the mean factor.
5. If you think you are loved, and the audience doesn't like you, you have a problem.


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3.From Muffins to Millions
  What You Can Learn From Martha About Doing Business

She's back.
Martha, of course. And with her return, her muffins to millions story
will surely be re-told. The housewife who started an empire from
her kitchen is an inspiring story.
The temptation is to look at Martha's story and say to yourself,
"If Martha could do it so can I." She took a talent and turned it into
a tsunami of wealth.

Here's the catch. Teachers used to tell us to beware of copying our neighbor's answer because the answer we copy may be incorrect. I worry about the same phenomenon in holding up Martha as an "I can do it too" heroine.

Martha is great at many things. But the one thing she is best at is marketing.

Don't underestimate the value of identifying your real competitive edge and then marketing, marketing, marketing.


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IV. October Case Study

A real life Electric Impulse, Inc. client. What can you learn?

Situation: CEO of own company had named a twelve year employee
to the position of President two years ago. A once functional employee was inept as President. I was hired to work with the President to help his communication and leadership skills, and to assess the situation and recommend a future course of action.

Process: I worked with the President over a two month period. Sessions were one-on-one, interactive and confidential. I met with and traveled with the CEO during this period.

Results: Neither the President nor the situation was going to flourish at this time under these conditions. Perhaps it was possible earlier in his tenure as President, too much ineffective leadership had been demonstrated. The President is now employed in a more suitable capacity in another company. My intervention was the catalyst which allowed both parties to move forward out of their present stalemate.


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V. Live and On TV

I am pleased to be speaking on the following dates,
come when you are in the area.

Speaking Dates

1. Canton Chamber of Commerce  Step Up, Stand Out:    
Communicating Value in a Hyper-Competitive World
October 14, 7:15 am

2. The 3i Conference-www.3iConferences.com 
October 17, 2005 at the IX Conference Center 
"Marketing - A Way of Life Not a Choice"   9:30 Session

3. HBA University: Open to the public
The Effect of Gen-X in the Marketplace:
and in Your Business    October 20, 2005 8:30-11:30
HBA on White Pond Dr.


Time/Warner Civic Forum of the Air
An Israeli Perspective
Host: Leslie Ungar
Week of October 10 Channel 23
Airs: Monday at 7:30 pm
Saturday 6 pm, Sunday 9 am and 6 pm

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VI. Answer:

It depends on you, your goals, your history.
The important thing is that you ask yourself which one is more important to you and act accordingly. In the Gladiator, Russell Crowe's adversary says, If they don't respect me, they don't love me.
Can you have both? Yes, but not at the same time.


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