Electric Impulse Communications, Inc. Newsletter

October 2007

  1. Herbie's Helpful Hint
  2. Who Said It?
  3. III. Mishmash of Value:
    1. The Rules of Communication
    2. Elephants Playing Soccer
    3. Chrissie Hynde and Me
    4. Why A Coach Got Hired
    5. Office Max-Store of 15 Frustrations
  4. Case Study: New Hall of Shame Member Rudy Guilliani
  5. Live and On TV
  6. Answer

I. Herbie's Helpful Hint (named after my Dad)

I spent 6 nights a week, 6 months of the year, in the barn, for 25 years. Each night when I dismounted from a workout on a horse, my Dad would magically appear to help, as if he had been conjured up out of thin air. He would help me unsaddle the horse, hold the horse while I bathed him, whatever two extra hands could do to help.

The other day my girl dog, Missy, the Michael Jordan of the canine world, went to jump up to the highest point of the couch, and slid off.

It was then I remembered my Dad's omni-present presence. And I said to my Missy girl, it's OK, we all need a spotter from time to time.

Herbie's Helpful Hint: My Dad knew, in gymnastics and in life, the benefit of a spotter. You could benefit from an omni-present presence. Who is a spotter in your world? Who is someone to catch you while not interfering?

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II. Who Said It?

"Good is the enemy of great. We don't have great schools, principally because we have good schools. We don't have great government, principally because we have good government." (Answer at end of newsletter)

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III. Mishmash of Value:

1. The Rules of Communication

We are a society of rules. We have rules for everything from how we drive to how an NFL team can spy on another team. So why would you think there are not rules for communicating? You didn't know, you claim. Try that defense the next time you are stopped for speeding!

Lesson Learned:

The more rules you know and the better you know the rules, the more you use communication to move your business or your career forward. (Preview the article that will be featured in next month's Affluent magazine) http://electricimpulsecommunications.com/artman/publish/article_36.shtml)

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2. Elephants Playing Soccer

While poised on the treadmill, I can channel surf faster than most any human being. On one unidentified channel, I watched as elephants played soccer, with each other. Untethered, they stayed in their positions, and scored points.

Lesson Learned:

If elephants can be taught to play soccer, how much can we teach our clients, customers, members, guests, or patients? How have we self limited our thinking and our actions?

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3. Chrissie Hynde and Me

Chrissie Hynde is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and an ardent PETA supporter. I had the opportunity to attend a private reception for our Akron High Priestess of Hard Rock. I knew she was a vegetarian, I knew she was a PETA supporter, I knew better. At the exact moment I met her, I had a borrowed cow skin jacket around my cold shoulders. Little did I know they would soon be turning to ice. I tried to save myself. I tried to save the moment. With an icy stare she simply said about her restaurant, "I did it to save animals".

Lesson Learned:

I re-learned a basic lesson. As a Communication Coach, I know there is one basic rule of communication: know your audience. I knew better than to be wearing an animal when I met the Chief Pretender. What do you need to know about your audience to get them on your side?

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4. Why A Coach Got Hired

Bill Cowher left the Pittsburgh Steelers after a successful ten-year stint. The search for a replacement was rather short. Art Rooney, president of the Steelers identified how new coach Mike Tomlin separated himself from other candidates, "His ability to command a room." Interesting to me that he did not cite his new coach's ability to understand the nuts and bolts of football.

Lesson Learned:

Regardless of the profession, in today's world you have to present your presence with Power, Influence, and the Ability to create buy-in. From above and below you: Do you communicate with a Confidence-Enhancing, Executive-Projecting, Business-Increasing Presence?

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5. Office Max-The Store of 15 Frustrations

Every August I need 150 brightly colored folders for one project. Every August, Office Max has an in-store, back to school special on brightly colored folders. With one glitch: you can only purchase 10 at a time. So each year, I go to my very local Office Max manager, and plead my case to purchase all 150 at one time for the discounted price. Understand that the entire price difference is all of $6.00. It becomes a challenge and an exercise in testing customer service. This year, I decided to try another tactic. I would follow the rules and buy 10 at a time. Two and three times a day. I would see if anyone would ask me about my frequent trips, would anyone notice, would anyone care?

Lesson Learned:

No one noticed, no one cared. Twice I asked for a special compensation from the Office Max pope, and was denied. What are your prospects and clients trying to get from you? Are you making it easy or difficult? Do you hear them when they ask?

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IV. Case Study: Hall of Shame Member Rudy Guilliani - Dishonorable Mention-John McCain


Rudy Guilliani is running for president. Rudy has had the label in the past, of being a take-no-prisoners, (inside and outside of his family) kind of guy.

What Happened:

While speaking to a large NRA audience from the podium, his cell phone rang. He answered it. He had a brief conversation with his wife.


Whether you are running for President of the United States or your company or chamber, one communication axiom does not change: the art is in hiding the art.

Lesson Learned:

Your challenge as a speaker is to make the job of communicating look easy and sincere. He did not. Did anyone believe the phone rang by accident? If the purpose was to soften his image, it failed. If it is rude for you to take a call, how rude of a speaker? Shame on you Rudy. We knew it was staged; you did not hide the art.
John McCain-when you hold a microphone in your hand, it makes you slump your shoulders, which makes you look less empowered and old

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V. Live and On TV

HBA University October 18
I'll Think About It and other Objections
8:30-11:45 HBA on White Pond

Executive Dialogue sponsored by Akron Chamber of Commerce
The Rules of Communication
October 16

Sixth District Educational Compact
Student Ambassadors
October 24

Civic Forum with Leslie as host on Time/Warner
Upcoming Shows:

Invigorating Education:
Part One- Week of September 30
Part Two- Week of October 21

Dr. Sylvester Small, Superintendent Akron Schools, Dr. Drumm McNaughton, The Change Leader

Upcoming Shows:
Preview of the Cavs-Guest Campy Russell
Fugitive Safe Surrender - Guests U.S. Marshall Peter Elliott, Judge Brenda Unruh
Keeping Israel Secure- Deputy Chief Lester Fultz

Summit/Stark/Cuyahoga Counties: M & W 9 pm, Sunday 9am
Channel 23 in former Adelphia areas Channel 15
TV Air DIGITAL tw1111: local on demand
Radio: WONE FM 97.5 Sunday 6 am, WAKR AM 1590 Sunday, 8:30

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VI. Answer

Jim Collins opens the bestseller Good to Great.

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