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 I. Herbie's Helpful Hint   
II. Who Said It?
III. Mishmash of Value:
1. The Job Search
2. Have a Take on Jim Rome
3. 12 Events in 12 Weeks
4. Are You a Sapling or an Oak?
5. Two Stabs and Youíre Out
IV.  Live and On TV
V. Answer
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I.  Herbie's Helpful Hint (named after my Dad)
I interviewed Campy Russell, Cavalier Legend, for the fifth time. Always a pleasure. We reviewed the past season, as he previewed 2009-2010. His comments on the Orlando play-offs were especially interesting. One of the reasons for the loss, Campy said, was that the Orlando team stepped up at the right time. Previously unknown and no-name players played as if each one was an NBA All-Star while Cleveland suffered from the long lay off.
Lesson Learned:  Dad used to pound into my head, Donít Peak Too Soon, Donít Peak Too Soon. As Campy said, the Cavalierís record-breaking season ended as a disappointment, in part, because Orlando peaked at the right time.
 Are you peaking too soon or at the right time?
II. Who Said It? 
"I am a football player".
III. Mishmash of Value

1. Change the Outcome of Your Job Search
The thank you note came in the weekend mail. The handwritten cursive conveyed the message that this was not a bill. Once opened, the thank you note began, ďas a result of our meeting, I have gotten my hair cut, a make-over, researched acrylic nails, played dress up in some clothing stores, and made your suggested changes to my resumeĒ.
Lesson Learned:  This woman, like millions of others, looking for a job, wrote this note. She had come to my office for a consultation. I refer to those of you who are engaged in the job search as warriors. Click here for five steps to make your search as short and successful as possible. http://electricimpulse.com/resources/change-the-outcome-of-your-job-search.php
2. Have a Take on Jim Rome
I looked forward to it for six weeks. Jim Rome was coming to Cleveland and I was going to be there. Just 99 of his other best friends and me. I listen to him everyday. Iíve learned his jargon and his philosophy: have a take and donít suck. As it turned out, out of a total of three hours there was only 20 minutes of Rome. Rome rightfully calls out athletes when they act like spoiled children. This was Rome acting like an athlete!
Lesson Learned: The lesson here is about our value. We put into our bank of credibility in pennies and nickels. We take out of our bank of credibility in hundred dollar bills. Romeís visit to Cleveland did not protect his credibility. The way his visit was organized hurt his value. Our job is to wake up every morning with the goal to protect our value. No one else has that goal. Not our PR people, not sponsors, not radio stations. Here is my take, it sucked. For my whole take go to http://electricimpulse.wordpress.com
3. 12 Events in 12 Weeks
My summer goal was to attend one event per week, of some kind. Preferably, something different, something I would not normally attend. I kept my eyes open, scoured newspapers and my email inbox. Just who responds to email blasts, anyway. Now I know, I do! Attended an event sponsored by the French American Chamber of Commerce. Who knew there was such an organization? Attended a NEO event, a couple of fundraisers, a ground breaking event, a young professionals event, a good-bye party to a wall and a birthday party for a dog.
Lesson Learned: Unless youíre LeBron, the world is not going to come knocking at your door. What will happen when you attend an event? Who knows? What you need to embrace is the concept that something good will happen as a result of being more visible. Do you buy into the belief that visibility equals viability?
4. Are You a Sapling or an Oak?
We decided to take the dogs to the park late on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. We were met by truly a picture of Americana, a pee-wee football game in progress. As we were returning to the car I saw a young boy, 8 or 10 years old, trying to see if he could bend a young sapling until it broke. He kept trying to break it, but the tree was young and bent but did not break. As I got within his hearing range, I yelled at him to stop. He looked at me with a mixture of terror and contempt, not sure whether I was someone to whom he had to listen.
Lesson Learned: What kept that tree alive was its ability to bend. I stood in awe at the abuse it could withstand. Are you flexible enough to withstand the forces that try to bend or break you?
5. Two Stabs and Youíre Out
The lab technician came to draw blood from my Mom. Having trouble finding a vein, she explained the hospitalís policy. Each lab tech or hematologist is allowed to try to draw blood from a patient only twice. If they fail, they call for a back up. The back up is allowed only one try.
Lesson Learned: This policy has been established for a reason. After the second try, the patient loses confidence in the tech. Once the patient loses confidence, the tech loses confidence in themselves. Thatís how important confidence is Ė once you lose it, youíre done. Do you communicate confidence to your clients and prospects?

IV. On TV and Live
TV--Forum 360 with Leslie as host on Time/Warner
Upcoming Shows: All Taped on Location
Week of September 1        Cleveland Indians as a Business and Their Charities
Week of September 15       Welcome New Rabbi to Akron
Dates to be announced for Campy Russell and the new Infocision Stadium
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Summit/Stark/Cuyahoga/Lake/Richland/Geauga/Mahoning Counties: Channel 23  Tuesday 9:30 pm, Thursday 9:30 pm, Saturday 5:30 pm
Radio: WONE  FM 97.5 Sunday 6 am, WAKR AM 1590 Sunday, 8:30
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Happy Hour Club #5 September 16 5:00-6:30 Keynote Boot Camp
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HorseTalk: November 10 Lessons in Leadership click here for info
December 4 Akron Bar Association (credits for attorneys)
VI. Answer 
Brittany Ryan. She is a kicker for the Lebanon Valley College football team. Going into her junior year she has 35 extra points and 3 field goals, the second highest total for any woman who ever kicked in college. Sometimes it is just that simple.

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