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  1. Oscar Highlights
  2. State of the Union Update
  3. Happy Hour Club Update

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I.Oscar Highlights

  1. Oscar's New Strategy.Five former winners addressed, from just a few feet away, each nominee in the actor and actress categories. It was very powerful. And when you can figure out how to crash through that invisible fence between the audience and you the speaker, you too will be more effective.
  2. Aha Moments Mutual of Omaha ran a commercial during the Oscars about aha moments. Oprah calls them aha moments, you can call them light bulb moments. The important thing is that you create memorable moments.
  3. Kill the Stylists If we killed all the stylists, would we have fun again? I miss the days when Cher, Bette Midler and Bjork in her swan dress, arrived in totally inappropriate attire. Everyone is so over-styled and over careful that no one is memorable. Special memo to the stylist for Miley Cyrus-she's a kid, could you dress her like one? Lesson: appropriate and memorable.
  4. A Normal Person Delivers a Good Line When Slumdog's writer won, he said there were many places he never pictured himself . . . standing at the top of the world, Miss America contest, and here. It really is possible to speak well, create interest, do it concisely . . . and not thank everyone from your hairdresser to the valet.
  5. A Good Deed When the cinematographer from Slumdog won, he said he would try to thank people more on the set. What a simple concept whether in Hollywood or Bollywood.
  6. Great Line from the Heart. I know how hard I make it to appreciate me. Sean Penn, receiving the Best Actor Award.
  7. Marketing Marketing Marketing At the conclusion of the show, a collage of the upcoming 2009 movies was shown. Even Hollywood has to market, do you?

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II.State of the Union Update

President Obama gives his first State of the Union on Tuesday night. I will not send out an email about my thoughts on the content or delivery of this speech. If you want to know what I think about this speech, please go to my blog as soon as the speech is over http://electricimpulse.wordpress.com

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III. Happy Hour Update

Happy Hour Club 5:00-6:30 Open invitation-seating limited RSVP necessary

February 19 - exceeding capacity

March 19 -Gen-X/Gen-Y(you either are X/Y or work with them!)

April 23 - The Job Search

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