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This newsletter includes: Oscar Perspectives

This year at the annual Oscar lunch, nominees were instructed that they had 45 seconds to say THANK YOU. They were told that the audience hated long speeches. That really is not true. The audience hates long speeches from people they don't know.

Yes, I do believe there are lessons we can learn from the Oscars about how we identify, communicate, and project your value.

5 Oscar Lessons

  1. It's Hard to Get it Right Hollywood celebs have the benefit of stylists, hair experts, make up artists, jewelers throwing real Bling at them to wear, and yet so many fall short. Which just goes to show how hard it is to get it all right. If they can't get it all right with all that help, how are we mere mortals supposed to do it? Kudos to Zoey Saldana for rockin' that Givenchy straight off the Paris runway. Kudos also to Kate Winslet, J. Lo and Robert Downey for the shoes.
  2. Thank You Ben Stiller Ben Stiller came out dressed like a blue Pandora person from Avatar to present the Oscar for Make Up. It was pretty funny, thanks for a light moment that worked. Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin worked as co-hosts, even when taking in a partner is not always a good idea. But Neil Patrick Harris- is this the best Hollywood has to offer as an opening act?
  3. This Should Be a No Chewing Gum Zone Even if you are SJP, Sarah Jessica Parker, and even if you have a movie coming out this summer, chewing gum on the red carpet and during the Oscar's is a NO-NO. Ditto to J. Lo at the after party, no gum. Same for Twitter. Did you see all of the people at the after-parties, on Twitter?
  4. No Surprise to Me Avatar won nothing. Some will be surprised that the first movie to reach 2 billion did not win. But that comes as no surprise to me. The Academy is the academy of actors. Avatar required almost no actors. Great technology, but not a great opportunity for any one to win an acting award. It's all about the fit. Always. Whether in your job, trying to get a new job, up for an award, it's about the fit.

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