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This newsletter includes: 5 Lessons You Can Learn from the Oscars

Hollywood is a billion dollar a year industry. Yes, billion. So what happens in Hollywood affects all of us whether or not we pay attention to glam and gossip. The Oscars are televised in almost every country in the world. What happens at the Oscars will eventually be happening at your local theatre and in your closet.

Disclaimer: At two hours I was bored to tears at three hours it was a struggle to stay up

5 Oscar Lessons

  1. The Academy Goes Young . . . and So Should You Hosts this year were Anne Hathaway and James Franco, both proud members of Gen Y. Think about it, the Oscar ceremony is entrusted to two people too young to have seen most of the movies that made Oscar history. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts is trying to do the very same thing that you try to do every day, or should: Leverage young talent and appeal to the younger market. If the Oscars with an audience of one billion people can try it, so can you.
  2. Postscript: Just because u r Gen Y does not mean you have personality i.e. Franco

  3. Get to the Cutting Edge Not Over It The challenge is to go right up to the cutting edge but not over it. Gwyneth Paltrow's dress walked right up to that line, introduced itself, and rode that line. Helena Bonham Carter crosses right over that line, then wonders why her clothes and not her talent are the topic of conversation. Same with your cutting edge.
  4. Postscript: When you live too safe from that line you may be beautiful but boring and no one talks about just beautiful in a land of beautiful.

  5. Edit the Program Whether it is SMEI or the Oscars, LESS is more. Music, costumes, documentary awards and then some should be done another time. All of the lesser awards take away from the awards that, let's be honest, are the only ones we care about. Just like you prune your flowers so that they will blossom more, edit your words and agenda so that they blossom and you protect their value. The audience always drives content and we all have multiple audiences. In this case, billions trumps the audience in the venue.
  6. Postscript: Even the most creative minds in the world need to listen to what their market wants to hear and see, not what they want to televise.

  7. Preparation Pays Off Aaron Sorkin was prepared. From his opening remarks in his acceptance speech, it was obvious he was prepared. He thanked the same usual suspects that others make boring. He did not bore us because he prepared being articulate. It does not just happen. Even if you did write an Oscar winning screenplay you still have to be prepared in order to soar.
  8. Postscript: When you don't prepare you may be boring and blipped.

  9. Boring is the Enemy Boring should be a crime in Hollywood. Here's a news flash: it is a crime in your profession too. You can be irritating and more expensive, but you can't be boring. There is a saying that perfection is the enemy of progress. Watching this Oscar show, I would amend the saying to be, boring is the enemy of progress. The only small ray was the way in which Jeff Bridges and Sandra Bullock told a story as they introduced each nominee.
  10. Postscript: Finally Hollywood remembered that what they are good at is telling a story.

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