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September 2013

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This newsletter includes: The Power of Perspectives from The Browns Training Camp

  1. Herbie's Helpful Hint
  2. Ask Leslie - Stay on Your Cutting Edge
  3. Mishmash of Value:
    1. What's In a Convocation?
    2. When Starlight Mints Say About You
    3. When Pork Is Not Pork
    4. All Shoemakers Are Not Created Equal
    5. Neighbors are Neighbors: Bad or Good
  4. Live and In the Person
  5. A Page from Natcha's Journals
  6. Come and Be a Part of Our Community

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I. Herbie's Helpful Hint

We were one of the first in our neighborhood to get a color TV. I still remember Bonanza was the first show I ever saw in color. We were one of the first not because we were the richest. My Dad believed that sometimes you just DO, and figure out the HOW later. My Dad went out, unbeknownst to my mom, and bought the TV because he believed in having and doing today rather than always waiting until you know how you will afford it. My mother's Internet dating sagas have accumulated a following of their own. Recently, she flew from Tucson to Sanibel for a new love of her life. People ask me all the time what my dad would have thought about her active social life. I think a half smile would have flickered across his face. He would have thought, Selma just DO.

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II. New Ask Leslie Video - Stay on Your Cutting Edge

You may think you have little in common with Mark Brooks. You probably don't even know who he is. Mark Brooks is a professional golfer who won 6 titles and 1 Major title. The problem is that after his win, he basically entered 391 tournaments without a win. Winning a Major would seemingly catapult someone to an elite level of golf.

The connection to you is that a promotion seemingly catapults someone to their next level of success. But it doesn't always happen that way. Sometimes they never regain the momentum that got them there. Click here to read my contribution on Annie Jennings Blog. Are you staying on your cutting edge?

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III. Mishmash of Value

1. What's In a Convocation?

College graduations must have hired a better PR firm than the one college convocations hired. Every spring we hear much about college graduations. We are inundated with pictures of robe clad students tossing their flat hats high in the air.

It's the college orientation, sometimes called convocation that is really the place to be for a front row seat to the future. When you think about it, a student's first days in college are the most hopeful time in their life. It's before they have gotten a professor they don't like, a roommate they don't like, or a tuition bill they don't like. They can see the future but only in doses as small as the next quarter or semester. Convocation is minus the great platitudes that we hear about unlimited potential and endless opportunities. Students are trying to find their way to class more than they are trying to find their potential.

Lesson Learned:

These were 4,000 incoming freshman that outwardly did not bear the scars of the last decade. They did not visibly bear the scars of the collapse of the economy. Perhaps in a better economy they would have selected a school further from home. The point is they are in school. It did not look like Obamacare or sequestration was high on their minds. They looked and sounded like freshmen from any generation, giddy with the anticipation of pizza and late night cramming. What can you do mentally or physically, figuratively or literally, to recapture being enthusiastic about something new?

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2. What Starlight Mints Say About You

Some of you have heard me wax poetic about my dislike of Starlight Mints. Having grown up in a family that owned a candy business, I know that Starlight Mints are the cheapest candy available. That's why even Chinese take-out can be generous with the handful they give you. The problem is who wants a handful?

Lesson Learned:

I have been especially hard on a company that made bowlfuls of these dreaded mints available in their conference rooms. The contradiction was that this cheap candy didn't jive with the cost of their billable hours. You are either the cheaper alternative or first class. You can't be both. The more congruent everything about you is, the faster you can advance your agenda. Is everything about you as congruent as possible?

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3. When Pork Is Not Pork

Often restaurants that are more cutting edge offer what they call Chef's Whim or Chef's Selection. You simply make them aware of any food allergies or dislikes and the chef makes a 5 course meal at his "whim". At one particular local restaurant, we specifically requested No Pork. The first course came out with bacon. Since when is bacon not pork? The second time we ordered No Pork, the first course came out with pancetta in the selection. Since when is pancetta not pork?

Lesson Learned:

Fortunately Moshe's banishment of Pork is not an allergy issue. But what if it had been? The results of our listening skills may seem less life and death than a food allergy. If we don't listen to what our market is saying, can the results lead to business life and death? Do we really listen to our internal and external clients?

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4. All Shoemakers Are Not Created Equal

I am a big believer in the magic of a shoemaker. A good shoemaker can extend the life of your shoes by years. Since I develop a relationship with my shoes, this is important. I have used the same shoemaker for my whole life with the exception of one very sad time I defected. Recently, he refused to take my shoes because he did not know how long he would remain open. Now I was charged with finding a new magician to make shoe magic.

Lesson Learned:

After allowing my bag of shoes to roll around in my car for weeks, I decided to buck up and try another shoemaker. When I went to retrieve my shoes I inspected only the new heels he put on. It was not until I got home that I realized while he repaired the heels he did not shine my boots. I assumed he would give me back a repaired and shiny pair of shoes. He did not. When we compare price or service or availability, we have to remember that we are not always paying the same for the same end product.

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5. Neighbors are Neighbors: Bad or Good

In Paris the homeless are very much a part of one's everyday life. No matter how expensive the real estate, the homeless have scratched out their territory in a doorway or section of an overhang. They stay in their "real estate" 24/7. One night as we walked by, two homeless men were having an argument. Makes you wonder what there is to argue over when you have almost nothing. Whether you live in a ten million dollar home or on a mattress, you can have bad neighbors and a reason to argue.

Lesson Learned:

The next morning, I was walking by another area and I noticed an empty mattress. Usually a homeless person rolls up their mattress when they are not using it. As I walked another 20 feet, I noticed that a homeless woman had joined a homeless man on his mattress for a bottle of water. I wondered if her neighbor was really a better neighbor. There is always something to argue about and a way to get along. Which one is your role model?

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IV. Live and in the Person

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V. The Natcha's Journals

In our recent Tricks class Natcha learned how to "crawl" in the first session. She learned it in minutes. I called it Creepy Crawl and she had it down pat. I have to admit that I looked with some disdain at the other dogs that were challenged to learn as quickly as she learned. Then about week 3 she regressed. She couldn't crawl, couldn't bow, and couldn't salute. Sometimes learning is not a straight line. It's what we do about the relapses and disappointments that really defines our success.

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