Electric Impulse Communications, Inc. Newsletter

September 2005

  1. Question
  2. Lessons Learned from 30 minutes with Charlie Frye
  3. Mishmash of Value:
    1. Websites with Value
    2. Tiger Wood's New Competitive Edge
  4. September Case Study
  5. Live and On TV
  6. Answer

I. Question

What are the origins of the word golf?
(Answer at bottom of newsletter)


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II. Why I Believe in Charlie Frye:
How 30 minutes influenced my thinking             

After Charlie was drafted in the third round of the NFL draft, I interviewed him and his University of Akron football coach, J.D. Brookhart for the TV show I host once a month. At the time, I was thrilled that Charlie would fit this interview into his busy post draft blitz. It wasn't until the preseason started that I realized the lessons I learned from listening and observing him during the interview.

1. He can turn it on at will
When I first met Charlie he was draped comfortably in and around a
soft chair. My first questions were met with a college kid's yes or no answers. His coach lightly prodded him that longer answers would be helpful on camera. Charlie said with a straight face, that when the cameras were on - he would be on. And he was absolutely right.

2. He sees himself as a peer not a rookie
Charlie talked about Trent Dilfer and Braylon Edwards as peers. Although he is a rookie from a school not commonly referred to as a football powerhouse, he clearly saw himself as an equal to anyone on the field. Anyone in sales or any aspect of management knows that it
is a great value to see yourself and to be seen as a peer.

3. He can create buy-in from his teammates
The dynamics and the basics of any sport or business remain the same on any level. Charlie has demonstrated and continued to demonstrate in the pre-season the observable and measurable proof that he creates buy-in from his teammates in his ability and his playmaking.

4. He can articulate his vision
I asked him on camera to explain what taking a team down the field meant. He answered with a clarity that CEO's do not always have in explaining their vision. He took a concept in this case a vision of where a quarterback wants to end up, and explained play-by-play how to get there.

5. He has the intangible
Some have said his hands aren't big enough, or his experience not top level enough. Scouts, coaches, team doctors and fans, have analyzed every aspect of his physical and mental game. I was impressed with this kid from Willard: with his ability to go through processes for which there is little preparation, to have the mental and physical toughness and belief in himself to see himself a peer to anyone in the NFL, to be named the media's top 30 draft darlings, to be able to articulate what he does.
I believe.

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III. Mishmash of Value:

1.Websites with Value

Communicating value is my mantra, so here are three websites that give value in their respective ways!

  1. www. GreatIdeas@CAVS.com   You can email any idea large or small that you have for the Cavs or the "Q" experience.
  2. www.shopgoodwill.com  You can shop Goodwill Internet stores from Beverly Hills to the Hamptons.
  3. www.SmarterTravel.com stands out for its ease of use--NYT


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2.Tiger Wood's New Competitive Edge

Much has been written about Tiger's focus. Not all positive.
Writers and fans complain that he doesn't acknowledge fan support.
He doesn't talk to fans as he journeys from hole to hole. If you listened to his post NEC press conference, he thanked the fans for their support. He said he appreciated their verbal support as they tried to help him get his game back on track. If verbal support is important to a Tiger Woods, how important is it to you and your team members?


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IV. September Case Study

This is real life Electric Impulse case study.

Situation: Beth is very capable in her position, but hesitated to assume a more visible role. Although she conducted herself well, any time she spoke in a group setting or with a member of the executive team, it took a mental toll on her. She would not be seen as the integral part of the team that she is, unless she took a more proactive visible role.

Process: Interactive coaching sessions, homework, accountability.

Results: Beth has been able to take her expertise to the next level (executive) and enjoy credibility, impact, and respect. Taking a more proactive, prepared approach causes her less negative energy, and enables her to be respected by her immediate peers as well as superiors.

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V. Live and On TV

I am pleased to be speaking on the following dates, come when you are in the area.

1.   Akron PRSA   Standout Presentations
September 15   Martin Center   noon 

2. Canton Chamber of Commerce  Step Up, Stand Out:    
Communicating Value in a Hyper-Competitive World
October 14, 7:15 am

3. The 3i Conference-www.3iConferences.com
October 17, 2005 at the IX Conference Center 
"Marketing - A Way of Life Not a Choice"   9:30 Session


Time/Warner Civic Forum of the Air
Marketing with a WOW
Host: Leslie Ungar
Week of September 12 Channel 23
Airs: Monday at 7:30 pm
Saturday 6 pm, Sunday 9 am and 6 pm

Guests: James R. Recupero, 1-800-DIVORCE
Mark Cheplowitz, www.wizardofahs.com
Richard F. Peterson, www.iambrilliant.com

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VI. Answer:

Gentleman Only Ladies Forbidden!
Truth or urban legend?


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