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 This newsletter includes: The Power of Perspectives
 I. Herbie's Helpful Hint   
II. Who Said It?
III. Mishmash of Value:
1. Leopard and Pink: The End of the Free World
2. Macaroni Grill and the World of DENIAL
3. The Rock n Roll CEO Who Rocked
4. The Bearded Woman
5. Taking the Hill in Peace Time
IV.  Live and On TV
V. Hall of Fame: The Podium and Purpose
VI. Answer
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I.  Herbie's Helpful Hint (named after my Dad)
My Dad was a huge Buckeye fan, huge. When he was in elementary school, he went to Ann Arbor the week-end of the OSU-UM game. His brother was in school there, and so he got to miss Sunday school for the event. Upon his return, teachers had a hard tine believing that a 12 year old attended this most famous rivalry.
Lesson Learned:  The Big Ten is talking about changing the date of the season ending confrontation. I wonder what my Dad would have thought. On one hand he believed in tradition. On the other hand, he truly believed in progress. When is change progress?
II. Who Said It? 
"I’m so insecure I actually seem open minded".
III. Mishmash of Value

1. Leopard and Pink: The End of the Free World
A regional magazine required a gathering of professional, accomplished women to each wear a black suit for their photo shoot. Men are not given dress requirements. When questioned, the publisher responded in writing, “We can't have someone show up in leopard print and another in pink”. That is true, it would be the end of the free world as we know it, and the terrorists would win!
Lesson Learned:  There are still two different business codes, dress codes, compensation codes, you-name-it-codes. While the playing field may be more level, it is not an equal playing field for men and women. The TV show Mad Men shows women as third class citizens. Perhaps today’s version should be called Mad Women. Second lesson; do not put anything in writing unless you would be comfortable with the words to live on forever. Have you tested the assumptions you make about men and women in the workplace?
2. Macaroni Grill and the World of DENIAL
In the beginning of the year, Macaroni Grill made a BIG change to their menu. They added the calorie count of every single item, except for their signature bread. A visit a few months later found the return of the old menus with no calories. Why? So many people complained about being faced with the calorie count of the items as they ordered that they returned to the calorie-less menu.
Lesson Learned: We all know that if we don’t know the calories, then there are no calories. What we consume with a diet drink or while the tires are moving, have no calories. And what we eat on Sundays has no calories! What are you in denial about?
3. The Rock n Roll CEO Rocked
Recently I was in attendance as the CEO of the Rock and Roll Hall addressed the Cleveland City Club. At 60 plus years, he did a phenomenal job of merging a cutting edge look with the look of a CEO. He talked to us, not at us. He shared information that was content driven and if anything, light on the stories that could have been his total script.
Lesson Learned: A speech, regardless of who gives it or the topic, has to be driven by substance. As an audience member I was better off for having heard him speak, I knew more and could share new information. How can your audience be better off by hearing you speak?
4. The Bearded Woman
I had only one opportunity to meet with this client in person. During this first and only meeting, I pointed out that she spoke with her hand in front of her mouth. This is a gesture that makes it difficult for audience members to see and hear where the message comes from. It is one example of a person getting in the way of their own message. You have something important to say; don’t make it more difficult for your message to be heard.
Lesson Learned: A few months later this client emailed me a funny story. She had gone out in the sun and failed to use sun block. The next day at work she knew she was peeling all day. At the end of the day she looked in the mirror. Imagine her surprise as she saw that this habit of putting her hands in front of her mouth AND her peeled skin, caused her to look like she had a beard! Putting your hands in front of your mouth devalues your message, and may give you a beard too! What are you doing that may get in the way of your message?
5. Taking the Hill in Peace Time
A group from the same company traveled together on business. On a free afternoon, two members went on a hike 600 feet up a local mountain. One was 6’4 and the other 5’4. The giant did not wait for his “teammate”. His 6’4 stride got him to the top of the mountain first. Team work does not take place only between the hours of 9-5.
Lesson Learned: Teamwork is a mindset as much as it can be a physical act. What mattered more: who got to the top first or if they got there together? On a daily basis, at work and at home, do you act as an individual or as a team member?

IV. On TV and Live
Live: Come and Join Us    Can we keynote an event for you?
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V. Hall of Fame: The Podium and Purpose 
What Happened: Client struggles with “owning: the stage, the podium, the message.
What He Did: I suggested that he begin his first two lines from the side of the podium, and then casually move behind the podium to begin the real substance of his remarks. This would give him the ability to connect with the audience before getting “behind the box”. It must be done with “purpose” so it does not look accidental. This rhetorical technique would also help him stand out from other speakers on the same program.
What We Learn: We have more options to connect with our audience and to stand out than we may think we have at first glance. Look for ways that help you connect with each audience member as a person and you will protect your message and your value. Look for ways to “own your message”. Few things feel comfortable at first, push yourself out of your comfort zone . . . or be pushed by me!
VI. Answer 
Matthew Winer, creator, writer and producer of Mad Men, and writer on the Soprano’s.
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