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October Debate 2008

A Special Newsletter to tell you the story of a dog. And life. And how it all changes so fast. www.electricimpulse.com

This newsletter includes:

  1. A Tribute to a Very Tough Little 4-legged Dog
  2. Last Night's Debate
  3. Project Runway

1. A Tribute to a Very Tough Little 4-legged Dog

This month I was going to skip my regular 15th of the month newsletter. You heard from me twice this month: about how to watch the VP debate and tips for watching the Town Hall debate. Then, one morning changed our lives and something like this may change yours. So here I am sharing this story and the lessons learned.

Missy is my blond cocker spaniel. She came to live with us when she was six years old. I wanted a second rescue and it is more difficult for an adult dog to find their forever home. As it turned out, we didn't rescue her, she rescued us. She quickly became Diva girl, her Daddy's girl, and girlie-girl.

She could wake you up in the middle of the night and drag you to the cookie jar, just to get a midnight snack. She insisted on going for every car ride she could maneuver, usually ending at Strickland's for a lick of ice cream. She is smart, and full of life, and perseverant, very perseverant.

And then came Friday morning. Missy could not use her back legs.

She had surgery, and now we have to wait six weeks and see how much use of her back legs will return. At best case, she will get some use of her back legs, but never again be able to walk up or down a step.

For now, we have to carry her to and from her walks. A walk consists of using a towel as a sling under her belly to hold her up. Physical therapy, acupuncture, hydra therapy are all apart of our future. She has to be in a crate, or in the little 2' x 4' jail we built for her in front of the couch. But we are hopeful because she is perseverant, very perseverant.

One day. One day she was vibrant and the next day she was an invalid. Will we realize the precious and fleeting nature of life? Will you?

Lessons Learned

  1. Talk directly to the doctors, bypass desk people, assistants, and technicians.
  2. Insist the doctor comes in even when they are on call.
  3. Get all the information you can prior to making a decision, know you can request info/tests whether they tell you about them or not.
  4. No matter what you think you know, you won't be prepared for the aftermath.
  5. In all surgeries and medical challenges, prayer and hope help.

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2. Last Night's Debate

While still a yawn, last night's debate did exhibit a few examples worthy of mention. You saw two completely different communication styles; now you can decide which style you think will be more effective as President.

Lessons Learned

a. Observe different styles around you and decide which style you want to emulate.

Obama exhibits a cool under pressure. Advantage: just that, a cool head, and a voice that is thoughtful and measured. Disadvantage: May come across as detached or professorial.

McCain exhibits a slow burning anger. Advantage: a passionate perspective
Disadvantage: He was straining to control his face and words.

b.Best Line - A Best Line is a line that has the potential to become a repeatable mantra
McCain: "I'm not President Bush. If you wanted to run against President Bush you should have run 4 years ago.

c.Line he might want to take back McCain: You have never been south of the border. Maybe you should go there and you would know.
(Odd line since Obama has lived in countries most of us can't pronounce)

d. Joe the Plumber
More than two dozen times the candidates mentioned Joe the plumber. I believe in speaker's telling stories as an effective rhetorical technique. But I have to wonder why and how did the candidates allow him to become the star of their debate?

Obama met him briefly, McCain never met him, and we heard his name over and over again. There is danger in giving someone else the spotlight when it is your moment of fame.

e. Visual Beats Vocal
In the first debate each candidate stood behind a podium. In the second debate, the Town Hall, each candidate walked around as they answered, unobstructed by a podium. This format showcased the age difference between the candidates more than the other formats. In this third and final debate, the candidates were seated.

Seated and behind a podium are greet equalizers. Height, age, weight, and other variables are less noticeable. Know which format plays to your own strengths.

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3. Project Runway Finale

Last night was Season Five's finale. The highpoint was reducing the three finalists to one winner. The show is worthy of a mention in my newsletter because each designer has the opportunity to verbally defend each week's creation.

Kenley "argued" each week with the judges rather than defend. Do we know the difference? Defend: explaining own decisions. Argue: telling judges why they are wrong.

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Unexpected twist: the "neutral" facilitator that she argued with the most, ended up a judge for the finale.

Lesson Learned: We never know whom we are going to meet again in life or in what position!

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