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A special edition newsletter to address the Vice Presidential Debate from a Communication Perspective. www.electricimpulse.com

This newsletter includes: 5 Tips to Watch the Vice Presidential debate and one comment on the first Presidential Debate

1.Don't Repeat Yourself

Media training teaches not to repeat yourself. Those who repeat themselves in a debate or interview sound rehearsed as though they only learned a few lines, and so they have to repeat them often. Look for lines that do not sound rehearsed and repeated.

2. Go Skinny - Give Specifics

Media trainer Kathy Kerchner advises clients the two best words you can say in an interview are for example. All options and multifaceted solutions are not effective ways of communicating leadership. You may have heard me refer to it as fat and skinny, the general and specific. Look for examples.

3. Soundbites are Overrated this Election Year

This is a tough year and the electorate is looking for more than trite soundbites. Whether the code word is change, which both candidates have adopted, maverick, or I'm ready, there needs to be meat underneath that bun. To be effective in this debate and this election it will take more than a catchphrase, see #2.

4. Chill-Be Your Authentic You

Most candidates say after their debate, that they tried too hard, practiced too much, were filled with too many facts and figures: they weren't themselves. They, like you, need to practice, They, like you, need to not over-practice. Both candidates practiced with fill-in opponents to scrimmage as real life as possible. Now it is game day.

5. Disagree with the Top of the Ticket

Disagreeing occasionally works because it shows the candidate is thinking for themselves, not just repeating stock answers to practiced questions.

* Obama is a great orator. McCain is great at connecting. You don't have to be good at all aspects of communication, you have to know what you are good at, and leverage it.

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