November 2018
Do you have the discipline to eat one a day or would you eat them all at once?
HERBIE'S HINTS (named after my dad!)

My mom and dad had very different make-ups. My dad was very disciplined. My mom not so much. My dad would eat two pretzel rods per night until the bag was empty. My mom would eat the whole bag in one sitting.
Growing up, my mom would give us one gift a night for the eight nights of Chanukah. One year it was the 8 th and last night of Chanukah. I opened up my gift and just looked at it. I didn’t know what to do: it was the same gift I had opened on the first night. In confusion I looked at my mom. She burst out laughing and said, “I ran out of gifts so I wrapped one of the first ones up and gave it to you again”. That was my mom. She gave them all at once instead of giving them one per night.
In the months following my mom’s funeral I have observed a change in mindset. I have never been a “Christmas shopper”. I always buy something when I see something I think a client or friend would like, I purchase it. I then put it in my gift closet at home or my gift drawer in my office and wait for the holiday to arrive.
Since July my philosophy has changed. I still purchase the item. I find that I don’t want to wait; I just give it right then and there. In the back of my mind I am prompted by a voice that says give it now – who knows the future.
Recently I found myself sitting next to a psychologist at a dinner party. I told him about this phenomenon. As an amateur psychologist I connected it to my mom. He agreed.
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1. Do It Headquarters
Nike has a flagship store on Michigan Ave. in Chicago. Over the doorway is a brass plaque that says Just Do It Headquarters. I loved that sign. The sign does not say NIKE. It says "Just Do It." That is how iconic the saying is that it does not need any additional words.
Lesson Learned:  Some of you know my “walk across the room” exercise. I ask a question and you have to answer in the time it takes to walk across a room. These four words take about as long as it takes to “walk across a closet”. How can you use your scalpel of clarity to get to your four words?
2. Until You Do It
The neon sign hanging on the front window of the flagship NIKE store says, It’s only a crazy dream until you do it. Every other second a tourist from Paris France or Paris Texas stops by the sign to take a selfie. What is it about a dream that speaks to us: us of all ages, nationalities, economic levels, political and religious persuasions.
Lesson Learned:  I was at the NIKE store one month after NIKE announced Colin Kaepernick as the new spokesperson. The NFL and the country were kneeling and reeling. But by this sign about crazy dreams, there was a continual parade of people taking selfies. Could NIKE have really known what they were doing?
3. Lining Up For a Dream
When you walked in the NIKE store, you were handed an orange post-it note and a Sharpie. The verbal instructions were to write down a dream and post-it on the wall. It was both an amazingly hard assignment and a simple one. But simple is not easy. People were sitting and writing a dream, finding a corner here and there to write their dream, hundreds of little orange soldiers milling around.
Lesson Learned:  Then you actually stood in line in-between roped off sections for the opportunity to post your dream. It was like standing in between velvet ropes to get into a posh nightclub or a concert. How could you get people to stand in line, what could you offer that people would stand in line for?
4. My Crazy Dream
There we were, standing in line, to post our dream. Even Moshe posted his dream. Dreams ranged from “Never give up, Stay loose, Run free”, “World Peace”, to “to be happy, make my family happy – Always” and “Meet MJ and finish Chicago Marathon”.
Lesson Learned:  What a great marketing strategy. Think about it, a great way to keep people in the store. First you are walking around the store while you are thinking, then walking and waiting and then reading. If someone handed you a post-it and a Sharpie, what would your dream be?
5. Specific Dreams
Post-it note by post-it note it doesn’t seem like they would add up to much. But they do. Put a bucket under a leaky faucet. It doesn’t seem like the drops of water would add up to much. But they do. Orange post it by post it they certainly added up.
Lesson Learned:  In some ways there is no such thing as little dreams and big dreams. When you look at this wall you know they all add up to big things. Perhaps we could refrain from labeling our own dreams as little or big. They are all big. It’s only a crazy dream until you DO IT. What dream can you write on a post-it note?
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Benji once had a blue bed. He tore it apart. He transformed the bed from a bed to a “blankie”- a favorite piece of material. Often he ended up parading around the office with the piece of blue material around his neck. Sometimes he would run to find the blue piece when he first came in in the morning. Sometimes he would run back to get it before he left at the end of the day.

One day last week he would not leave the office without it. So he took it home. Once home I noticed that he was chewing it into such small pieces that he could swallow them. I worried that swallowing then could lead to an obstruction.

I diverted his attention and hid the blue fragment in the trash. Closed up the trash and took it outside. His little blue piece of heaven is now gone.
I did it for “his own good”. How many parents have used that over the years? Sometimes the remedy hurts alittle.
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