January 2019
HERBIE'S HINTS (named after my dad!)
 As you may remember, my dad was a water boy for The Ohio State Football team before WW2. His allegiance to the Scarlet and Grey remained through-out his lifetime. A note from Jim Tressel remained taped to my dad’s computer long after his death.

I think he would have liked the way the head coach transition was handled in December. At the same time Urban Meyer’s retirement was announced, his successor was announced. No nationwide search, little fanfare and the deed was done: the 24 th Head Coach in the history of the program was in place.

A few days before Coach Meyer coached his final game, this is how he described the position he was vacating to the coach who was replacing him:               

“Here’s your job. You beat the rival. Every other game you have to win as well. Every player has to get drafted in the first two rounds. No off-the-field issues, and never lose to that rival. And, by the way, your classroom, you’re dealing with 31 ACTs on the average. And I looked at him and I said: Go get it, tiger.”

My dad would have loved that clarity. Can you talk about a job with that much clarity? Has a job ever been described to you with that much clarity?
Stay on Your Cutting Edge
Are you a step ahead of your team or step behind your team? Whether in the round pen or in life, it is always about the right message, at the right time, from the right place. Come to the round pen and experience one-on-one coaching from a horse!
Perspectives from
Puerta Vallarta
1. What Do You Do To Feel Joy?
This photo highlights a typical Sunday evening in the old town square in Puerto Vallarta. The gazebo is always there. On Sunday nights a band appears, lanterns and twinkling lights are strung and residents assemble looking like they came from central casting. The mood is joyful as people stay for a minute or an evening.

Lesson Learned:  In this old town square there is no immigration argument, no pro-life discussion, or talk about healthcare. Just a few lights and a good vibe. In its simplest terms, do you know what joy looks like?
2. Everyone Can Do Something
You can walk from the old square to what is referred to as the “romantic zone” along the Malaccan, great people watching along the way. One day I came upon this scene. It was so out of place: seeing people actually working in a vacation town. I stopped to take a closer view.

Lesson Learned:  These two people were sitting on the sidewalk, tiling a huge tree planter. Little tile by little tile they decorated a rather vast area of concrete. It was just one planter in a city of trees, art, and all kinds of sites to see. To those two people it was huge. I went back to town that night, and saw it finished. I thought what if we all did something to make our surroundings just a little bit better. Is there something you could do?
3. Chicken George
For me, part of the fun of Puerto Vallarta is that there is a treasure hunt atmosphere to each and every walk through town. You never know what jewel you will come across: in a store or on the street.

Lesson Learned:  One new store I stumbled upon was one of those jewels. Tucked away in a second floor corner was this ceiling fan. You may think all ceiling fans are created equal or they all look the same, but they don’t. If a ceiling fan can stand out, so can you and your profession. How can you differentiate yourself?
4. Technology Comes to Your Table
Several years ago we made a suggestion to the owner of a popular local restaurant. It was about the time the I-pad became a part of our lives. We suggested that an I-pad be placed on each restaurant table. Diners could then order directly from their I-pad. Servers would still be necessary to deliver the food and assist in other ways. This idea was not embraced. I also suggested “readers” be made available to diners who forgot their glasses, but that idea was also met with resistance.
Lesson Learned:  Walking through the Houston airport we came across this scene. Table after table, counter seat after counter seat had an I-pad. The home page for each I-pad said, PLAY, DRINK, EAT. Airport guests are invited to sit and play on the I-pad or order drinks or food, or all three. What caught my eye was the idea of ordering from the I-pad. The newest use of technology came to this corner of the Houston airport.  Can you upgrade your use of technology?
5. HorseTalk Coming to Amazon
My first book was 100 Tips – 100 ways you can improve your verbal vocal and visual communication style. My second book was Herbie’s Hints – hints compiled that Herbie shared with me over my lifetime.

I kinda thought that might be it for my author days. Never say never so I am working on my third book on HorseTalk. This book will show how participants can leverage the experience of HorseTalk: Lessons in Leadership to protect their value in everyday life at home and at work.

Lesson Learned:  At Electric Impulse we are all about looking in the honest mirror to correctly identify strengths and weaknesses. When I look in the honest mirror I know I am not a horse whisperer. I am really good with horses, I am not gifted. What I am gifted at is seeing the connection between what someone does at HorseTalk with a horse or another participant, or what they don’t do, and connecting that lesson to life at home or work. Stay tuned for the progress on this book, it will be available on Amazon . Will you come to my book party?
Leslie in Person
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This is Benji and his teddy bear. Every night Moshe and Benji have a ritual. Benji takes all the stuffing out of the bear and Moshe puts it back in. We believe it has become a game. Benji knows if he takes the stuffing out his dog daddy won’t throw it away. BTW his dog mom would have thrown it away after the fifh clean up.

Moshe and Benji have always had a different relationship than the relationship I have with Benji. You can and will have a different relationship with people you work and live with and that is OK.
Dead President’s+ Boot Camp
Tuesday, February 12 from 1pm -5pm

You read it correctly,  dead Presidents plus one! In honor of President's Day, MLK Day and Valentine's Day too, we bring you a unique program.
So much to learn from dead presidents:
·     Lincoln's very short Gettysburg address
·     Washington's visual as the Commander before there was even an army
·     How FDR used the Fireside Chat
·     MLK's handwritten index cards
·     and so much more

Half price to anyone  who gets to me (email, text, snail mail or bring to me in person) a photo of their favorite Dead President or  Dead Speaker.

Video and You
Thursday, February 28 from 5pm – 7pm
Come to this unique-one-of-a-kind event – see yourself as others see you. See the things you are doing RIGHT!
Learn by both doing and observing!

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