February 2021
HERBIE'S HINTS (named after my dad!)

On the subject of Executive Presence Herbie would have been of two minds.
My dad had a quiet presence, not wanting to bring any attention to himself. At the same time he supported any attempt for me to stand out in the horse show ring. He also lived with my blue finger nails as a college freshman.

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Join us for a conversation about Executive Presence.

• What is it?
• Why is it important?
• How can you develop it?

You don't have to be an executive or aspire to be an executive to benefit from an increased Presence. Everyone can develop Executive Presence.

Presence is a valuable skill to have in business and life.

Your "Presence" is a Present you give others and a gift you give yourself.

Join this Zoom session to re-imagine your Executive Presence and how to leverage it for future success.
Stay on Your Cutting Edge
Last month my mini zoom session centered on Storytelling as a Business Tool.
Everyone has great stories to tell but they don't always tell them well. Storytelling is a strong business skill because a story told well speaks to us in ways that numbers, data, and presentation slides simply can't.

Above is the recording to the session and you can see what take-away you may get.
Since the end of my horse showing days, I have stored thousands of my ribbons in the basement. Recently, looking through them I discovered some different perspectives than when I won the ribbons decades ago.
1. What is First Place?
First place in the USA is blue, it’s always blue. In Canada a blue ribbon means second place and first place is red. A championship ribbon is often tri-colored: red, white, and blue. Winning isn’t always the same. A win at one horse show was not always the same as a win at another horse show.
Lesson Learned:  At the time I was showing: to qualify was not enough, you want to place. To place was not enough you want to place high. To place high was not enough, you want to win. To win once was not enough, you want to repeat. Looking back at a win or a ribbon years later offers a different perspective; you appreciate that you got to compete. Do you appreciate the opportunity?
2. How Heavy is Your Resume?
I have thousands of ribbons boxed up in the basement. Boxes and boxes whose group mass adds up to a lot of bulk. Funny thing when I look through them I look at them differently decades later than I did at the time I won them. A 3rd place in one class may have meant more than a blue ribbon in another class.
Lesson Learned: Now when I look at them they all mean something. Something remembered, something from the past, something of value. One doesn’t mean more than another. It’s more the width and depth of them that has meaning. Is it the width and depth of your life and career that has more meaning that one entry on your resume?
3. More Valuable Than the Color
After each class, when I got back to my stalls and dismounted from my horse, the first thing my dad would do is take my ribbon. Then he would take out his always present pen and write on the back of each ribbon the date, location of each horse show and which horse won the ribbon.
Lesson Learned: Years and decades later those scribblings of my dad mean more to me than the ribbons themselves. At the time a blue ribbon meant so much and now it is not the color of the ribbon but the handwriting on the back of the ribbon. How have your perspectives changed?
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A recent trip to the veterinarian brought mostly good news. First, a trip to the vet is for the human, a trip to the parking lot of the vet. Your dog goes inside, you do not. Benji is healthy, even his heart murmur is stable, but his weight is not.
Even with walking A MINIMUM of 2 ½ miles a day, every day rain or shine, he gained 3 pounds. If I walk 3 miles, he actually walks more because he is in front of me, behind me, in front of me, the whole walk.
When my vet, Chris, gave me the news she said, “I wish I had only gained 3 pounds during COVID”. Let’s face it, Benji is significantly smaller than a human being. Three pounds is a lot of weight.
I am relatively sure that Benji gets more exercise than most dogs, and even most humans for that matter. The bottom line, for humans and for dogs, is that you pretty much can never exercise more than you eat.
The answer for Benji will be in less treats, Moshe, not in more walking. Since in communication and in life we control only three things, ourselves, our message, and our environment to a degree, I can control what I feed him and feed him less. What can you control?
Sunday, August 15 from 9am - 3pm 
Camp Next
We are looking forward to this being our first in-person event in 18 months. Two of our favorite experts have already said YES.

Rachel Day, our Confidence and Self-Esteem Expert and Paul Cincotta, our etiquette and restaurant expert.
Please think about what 14-26 year olds you know or are related to that could benefit from this Boot Camp.
HorseTalk: Lessons in Leadership
Come join us for our signature event.
Prior experience with horses not necessary or even helpful!
Spring June 11 Friday, 9 -1pm
Summer July 30 Friday 9 -1pm
Fall September 10 Friday 9 – 5pm

Email us at [email protected] for further information or to RSVP to one of our events.

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