May 2021
HERBIE'S HINTS (named after my dad!)

My dad had a green thumb. The reason I bring in my geraniums over the winter and put them back out every spring, is because that is what he did. That is where my green thumb begins and ends.
It is actually more of a black thumb since the act of my purchasing a plant means its days on earth are limited. I try. Years ago I took gardening classes one winter at a plant nursery, that was not heated I might add. I tried a Master Class to listen to their garden experts, to no avail.
Late last July a visitor, infrequent during the Covid – era, commented on how good my pots looked compared to her pots at home. I confessed that I had re-potted half of the plants that I had killed in the first month of summer.
Here I am again buying and planting, buying and planting. It is either an admirable quality of perseverance or a lack of looking in the honest mirror.
My sister has given up all live flowers. Anything she uses for decoration is fake. Maybe she has it right. She certainly saves money, her nails, and back aches!
When do you persevere and when do you give up and choose an alternate route, a different profession, or another grad school? I would go back to my word PURPOSEFUL. Whether you tough it out or pivot, make sure you do it on PURPOSE. Unless you were born with a green thumb.
Stay on Your Cutting Edge
In this video, I outline in under four minutes all the reasons why the Oscars need a host!
Post-Covid University: Re-Invent, Re-Vise and Re-Visit Skills You Perfected Before the World Changed 

When: June 17 @ 12pm EST
Duration: 30 minutes
Zoom Meeting ID: 899 2005 5095
Password: 123

Five minutes of FREE coaching time to every participant who answers a question.
Prepare yourself to wade back in to the in-person waters at work and in the community through learning how to:

  • Be purposeful in all decisions
  • Return of In-Person Networking
  • Business Meeting Etiquette Covid - style
  • How NetWORKing is different and how to DO IT 
  • Increase In-Person Confidence and Self-Esteem
  • When to be in person and when virtual will do
  • How work attire changes after working remote
  • Who picks up the check 
  • The difference between virtual and in-person presentations and PowerPoint
Oscar ratings were at an all-time low this year. Additionally the show was boring. The answer and the solution, as in most cases, is not one thing. But in this case one thing, a great host, has the ability to make a huge difference.
My solution is Bill Maher as host in 2022.
1. The Role of Host or Moderator
I miss Johnny Carson. I miss Billy Crystal. I even miss Whoopi Goldberg, Jack Lemmon, and Jimmy Kimmel. A good host is like Santa Claus. Even if we don’t really see him, we know he was there.
Less is more. In the case of Ricky Gervais at the Emmy’s, more was always more.
Lesson Learned:  An effective host is there, but realizes his/her role is to be invisible. Invisible except for those moments, the priceless ones. The moment a raised eye brow says so much, a grimace, or a shrug. It’s addition by subtraction. How is your math?
2. A Thread Woven Through-Out
Imagine you were invited to a friend’s house. You show up at the front door at the right time and ring the doorbell. No one answers. No one welcomes you. No one takes your coat. No one tells you where the food is located, the bar is located, or the birthday girl. There is no one to pick up your plate, no one to thank for the evening. That is what it is like when there is no host.

Lesson Learned: The host for an event is like the host at a dinner party. The host of any event ties everything together. No host is like a thread cut off with no place to go. A thread can be a theme running throughout a situation or piece of writing. A host can create that theme through-out an awards show. Are you ready to host in a post – Covid world?
3. A Clear Beginning and End
The first job of a host is to look the part. The second job is to welcome the guests. The final job is to say goodnight. Think of a host as a tour guide. They make sure that the members of their tour all return safely to the same place they started.
Lesson Learned: You can see the same sights by yourself without a guide. A tour guide should make the sights more interesting, make them come to life and ensure all guests stay until the end. What can you make come to life?
Leslie Live
Topic: Post-Covid University with Leslie Ungar
It’s time to plan our strategy for everything from a handshake to who pays for lunch.
Time: Jun 17, 2021 12:00 PM ET
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To continue the Benji weight saga. This morning we were at the vet. Covid style I waited in the car while Benji had his monthly weigh-in. Chris, our vet, brings him out to me and I am hoping for good news. The first month he lost one pound. This month, nothing. Nothing.

Starting in early March, already walking 2 ½ miles a day, I upped it to 3 miles.

I cut down his food maybe 25%. After each grooming appointment, I pray that maybe he will look alittle thinner due to less hair. 

Two months on this regime and he has lost one pound. ONE. I walk Benji 3 miles, pretty much every day regardless of the weather. If I walk 3 miles, really Benji walks more because he is in front of me behind, me and to the side of me.

The average American walks 1 ½ to 2 miles a day. Benji walks more than most humans and we have ONE, one pound to show for it.

Two out of 5 Americans gained 29 pounds during the pandemic. While 29 pounds is a lot, perhaps it is more understandable when we look at the effort it took to lose one dog pound. 

I don’t know what this lesson for the road is: eat less, exercise more, be born with better genes, or accept who you are!
HorseTalk: Lessons in Leadership
Come join us for our signature event.
Prior experience with horses not necessary or even helpful!

A horse does not care what degrees you have, your title, or the bonus you receive at the end of the year. A horse is not impressed with your position or the alphabet soup of letters after your name. A horse will follow you because the horse identifies you as a leader.

Spring June 11 Friday, 9 -1pm
Summer July 30 Friday 9 -1pm
Fall September 10 Friday 9 – 5pm

Sunday, August 15 from 9am - 3pm 
Camp Next
We are looking forward to this being our first in-person event in 18 months. Two of our favorite experts have already said YES.

Rachel Day, our Confidence and Self-Esteem Expert and Paul Cincotta, our etiquette and restaurant expert.
Please think about what 14-26 year olds you know or are related to that could benefit from this Boot Camp.

Email us at [email protected] for further information or to RSVP to one of our events.

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