June 2021
HERBIE'S HINTS (named after my dad!)

Picture this: a 50 some-year old horse-show dad, perennially baggy jeans, a towel always over one shoulder, a hair brush in a back pocket (for manes and tails), and a video camera slung over his right shoulder. That was Herbie when video cameras first became a thing. He was one of the first to purchase a video camera which he used to tape hundreds of my horse show classes.
I used the videos as my training method, pouring over them to see what I did right and not so right. One thing I learned was that no matter how many times I would re-wind the tape, when I won the class I still won, mistakes or no mistakes. When I had a bad ride, those results didn’t change either.
I ended up a show career with hundreds and hundreds of VHS tapes. All labeled as to which horse, what show and the year in my dad’s distinctive writing. Recently I decided to select 12 and send them to legacybox.com. They will send me back a thumb drive of all of the videos.
I have not watched these videos in decades. When I get the thumb drive, hopefully my dad’s videos will be a gift that will continue to be a gift to me for decades to come.
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My Schnauzer, Miss Natcha Vallarta, was diagnosed with diabetes. Some lessons learned in the first month of this journey.
1. What We Fear Most
“What you are afraid of is never as bad as what you imagine” is a quote from the author of Who Moved My Cheese. I have heard this sentiment, but learning to give an injection brought this quote to life. Before she was formally diagnosed I was sure I would not be able to give her the insulin injection. I feared most that I wouldn’t be able to do it.
Lesson Learned: As it turns out, the injection is the easier part of this dreadful disease. The uncertainty, the unpredictability, the inability to know the future, the day to day changes, the refusal to eat, are some of the challenges that are more challenging than the actual injection. The process has reminded me that what I built up in my mind was worse than reality. What have you built up in your mind that may be worse than reality?
2. Every Patient Needs an Advocate
When the original Electric Impulse, the horse, was at OSU Veterinary Hospital, his team of doctors talked to me every day. Because an animal can’t talk, not to tell the symptoms or hear the patient options or patient care, the human advocate becomes important. It is as true for human patients.
Lesson Learned: Natcha is being seen by two veterinarians: her regular vet and the specialist. They have tried to be transparent, open and accessible. Still, I hang up the phone and have a question that needs to be answered. I think like the patient and react like the family member. Natcha can’t ask her questions so I ask for me and for her. For whom can you advocate?
3. The Value of Relationships
I love Chewy.com. But I still get things from my vet that I could get from Chewy. I do it to support the practice. Even more so I do it for our relationship. When I need a medical answer, Chewy.com can’t help me at night or on a Saturday. But my vet can. She talks to me at all times of day or night as I need her on this journey through the unknown.
Lesson Learned: Remember that commercial for MasterCard that ended with the word PRICELESS? Relationships can’t always be judged only by price or proximity. Sometimes the intangibles not only count but need to be embraced and valued. Is there a relationship that you can nurture and appreciate? 
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Natcha’s journey with diabetes has become a family journey. It has affected all of us including Benji. Benji’s life has been changed too, with all of Natcha’s vet visits, injections, special food and different sleeping arrangements (baby play pen has worked wonders). He has had to go from the spoiled little brother to the patient, grown-up sibling. Mostly he has done well with the transition.
When working with a horse there is a simple 3 part strategy that is often implemented. You POINT to where you want the horse to go, you CLUCK- a sound to move the horse, and you hold up a whip or a rope or your arm, to create some momentum.
Some people may wonder if a horse understands pointing in a direction. I think they understand more than we realize. I think Benji has understood that Natcha’s body is under siege. He has stepped up and left much of his bratty-brother behavior behind.
HorseTalk: Lessons in Leadership
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A horse does not care what degrees you have, your title, or the bonus you receive at the end of the year. A horse is not impressed with your position or the alphabet soup of letters after your name. A horse will follow you because the horse identifies you as a leader.

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