July 2021
HERBIE'S HINTS (named after my dad!)

My dad was fastidious about the care of our cars. When he owned Family Treats he was also fastidious about the care of the trucks the driver-salesman used on a daily basis. I am not as pro-active as my dad, but I think I am close.
I was driving down Market St. turning left on Miller when all of a sudden it was really hard to turn the steering wheel. I think my air conditioning stopped working or else I was sweating out of nerves. I thought I smelled an odd odor.
Somehow I made it home. I asked Mike at the garage that services my car if it was safe to drive it to him the next day. He said, yes as long as I drove directly there.
I strategized on the best route to take for those four miles. Finally I decided to have it towed. I was just too scared to drive it. It would have been easier and faster to drive it, but I could not get past the scary drive home I had the night before.
The tow went really well. Shout out to Mike at Lloyd’s Towing, the cleanest truck interior ever. A few days later Mike called with the news the car was ready to go. I asked him what would have happened if I had driven it to him. He said, “it would have blown up. You did good."
It’s hard to know when to follow our inner voice.
Stay on Your Cutting Edge
Camp Next: Next Generation Leadership Half-day Workshop

Our first event at our office since February 2020 will take place next month. We will use the atrium of our building so we can socially distance. “Build it and they will come” PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE prove this adage correct! We are building it now young people – please come.
Send someone you know, love, or to whom you are related - to CAMP NEXT.

Sunday, August 15, 12:30 – 4pm
If you are between 15-26 years, are related to someone, work with someone or live near someone in this age group, tell them about Camp Next. What if you knew at 15, 20 or 25 lessons it took you to 30 or 40 years of age to learn? It could be priceless to your career and your life.
1. What Was He Talking About
I was excited to receive the invitation to the Shoreby Club. A members-only yacht club in Bratenahl, events always tented-on-the-lawn affairs. It was my first foray back into “networking”: a tent full of people, a lunch, and a keynote speaker. The keynote lasted almost an hour. The 180 in attendance hung in amazingly well.
Lesson Learned: I was challenged to “get” the message conveyed by the speaker. Late in the presentation a question was asked. I thought, “now I will get something of value”. The speaker talked but did not answer the specific question. A week later when I talked to the host, he said “the speaker was on another planet wasn’t he?” The ability to laugh far surpassed a disappointing speaker. Can you laugh at yourself?
2. The Perimeter of the Room
Building on my first foray into networking, I attended a second event. Although vaccinated, I still needed a strategy for navigating an inside event. Part of my strategy was to wear a hat – the hat would at least keep people at a little bit of a distance.
Lesson Learned: Another strategy I observed were those that chose to stand around the perimeter of the room. They were officially in attendance yet they stayed seated or standing against a wall. At HorseTalk some have heard me say, “any strategy is better than no strategy”. Do you have a strategy to attend events in this post-covid world?
3. The Quality of a Conversation
The quality of a conversation depends on the quality of the questions. What will you ask as you begin to see more and more people? We have not seen many people outside of our orbit since February or March of 2020. Craft your questions remembering that the better the questions the better the quality of answers. As a result, the better the conversation.
Lesson Learned: You might want to put some time into creating your own questions. Here are a few examples: Was there a highlight from the last 15 months? Was there one experience that was painful? What did you miss the most? Surprised that you did not miss? Something you accomplished that surprised you? Was there a book, a Netflix, or conversation that affected your life? What do you want to ask? 
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Camp Next - Sunday August 15 12:30-4pm
HorseTalk - September 10 9am - 4pm
Media Boot Camp & Video - October 28 1-5:30pm

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Guests: Coach Dru Joyce III, Coach Dru Joyce II, and Cameron Joyce 

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We christened our new deck with a Fourth of July dinner. In a first time ever occurrence, Benji stood up on his hind legs and snatched a piece of meat off of the table. I yelled the command, “leave it’. He was so startled that he dropped the slice.
Natcha acting quickly, trotted over and grabbed the piece while Benji obediently stood there. Even with multiple teeth missing, Natcha managed to devour the piece of flank steak while all Benji could do was look on.
Benji actually did the right thing. And in some ways he was not rewarded for actually listening to me. So I wonder what will incentivize him to listen to me in the future?
It’s kind of like saying NO to that piece of chocolate cake. It doesn’t seem like there is a reward at the moment for passing up that creamy milk chocolate. The rewards are in the future not the present. As 2 out of 5 Americans gained an average of 29 pounds, maybe we all forgot that lesson!
Camp Next: Next Gen Leadership
Sunday, August 15 from 12:30pm to 4pm
HorseTalk: Lessons in Leadership
Friday, September 10 from 9AM – 4PM
Media Boot Camp & Video
Thursday, October 28 from 1 – 5:30pm

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